New site layout

I just tweaked the site into (hopefully) better shape. Had lots of comments that the site was "smearing" or generally not working. Usually these comments came from people using weird things like a Mac or Firefox or something weird like that. Real weirdos. Everything should still be easy to find - but if you can't find it, use the search box in the top left hand corner of the site. (Yeah, that blue thing up top that looks like it's part of the address bar thingy.) So, I think it looks pretty decent, except whenever I use an accent or Japanese characters it turns into things like this: ês or this: ドナルド - yeah, some pretty far out stuff. For some creepy irony-laden reason, now the site only comes out clean on a mac using Firefox. Even beyond weird, hardcore alternative browsers like Safari make it look like junk. I really have no idea what I'm doing as far as website design goes. I guess I just won't use accents anymore around here or something...if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the site, please feel free to drop me a line.

In other new website news, despite not using a single ounce of aliteration to entice viewers, it looks like is a rip-roaring success. More than 15 000 visitors in its first few days of existence. Nice. I guess it's true then: There ain't nothing funnier than people falling down.

Have fun - Kyle

Spinning my wheels

I just watched Office Space the other day. Great movie. Makes you wanna pick up a shovel or lift things. Whatever. As long as it's physical work. I've never really had a "desk job" before, and I'm sure it seems like my life involves prancing around the world doing things. (which it sometimes does, well sorta, but I'm not much of a 'prancer'.) The reality is that I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Too much really. I just calculated how much time I've spent inside over the last couple of years, eyes glued to a computer screen. It scared me. I was thinking of calling this post "Go play outside", but then I thought it might throw down too much of a unlikley-to-ever-get-used-for-the-purpose kayak-clad yellow Nissan Xterra vibe. And I definitely don't want to do that sort of thing.

I've received lots of emails/comments lately from people asking when the next trade's gonna happen or if there's a deadline or if I'm just trying to stretch this thing out etc... I can assure you that "stretching it out" is the farthest thing from my mind. But I am taking a bit of time 'away from the desk right' now. I'm at the point where one red paperclip is more than a project - it's an absolute obsession. And by obsession I mean the not-sleeping, not-eating, not going outside kind of thing. Caffeine is a dangerous substance when combined with an internet connection and a worldwide audience of people egging you on to trade a red paperclip for a house. A very dangerous substance. When I started this last July, I had no idea it was going to take off like it has, and I was/am more than ill prepared to deal with all the stuff that it takes to keep this thing going. I get to the point where it feels like I'm living in a bubble of cyber-reality.

Yesterday I walked out into the street and thought to myself how it's odd that some people don't spend 10+ hours a day online, every day.

The internet seriously scares me. The fact that the technology exists where we can never leave our home and still lead a somewhat normal existence is mind-blowingly weird. It's kinda like in The Matrix, where people just plug their brains into a computer and exist in a form of digital reality - sometimes I actually feel like that. Well, less of those needles in the brain, and less of the slo-mo bullets and kung fu and crazy camera angles, but pretty close. I also don't really hang out with Keanu Reeves either, but then again, that could always change. The internet is amazing, and I pretty much owe the entire success of this project to the good old www, but sometimes you just gotta force yourself away from the computer and go do some other stuff.

Despite not owning a flashy-colored all terain vehicle nor a light portable watercraft, I decided it was to unplug for a bit and go outside.

The end of June is always the best time of the year in Montreal - kinda like the official start of summer. There's always huge events around town: St. Jean Baptiste day, the F1 is in town, and World Cup's going on. Jazz fest is just about to start and then there's Canada day and Fourth of July next week, and Just for Laughs after that. But best of all, it's really, really hot. It's like the perfect storm of fun, and the worst possible time to hang out at home.

So I've been hanging out with friends and taking it easy. Sometimes you just gotta spin your wheels - take a holiday in your own town, you know. We went camping at our roommate Marie-Claude's mom's house just outside of Montreal. Well, we drank around a campfire all night then passed out in the back of our car. But as long as you don't sleep in a house or a hotel, and do wake up to sun in your eyes and a dry mouth, that's camping in my books.

This is one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile: CIMG7147 The guy takes scrap pieces of wood and then burns designs into them with sunlight and a magnifying glass. He was just sitting on the sidewalk downtown, but he says that his designs/paintings are all over the world in art galleries and some people from China flew him in to teach the art form to them. He doesn't have a website and I forget his name (and can't really be bothered to go into the next room to dig it out), but I do have his phone number, so email me if you wanna track him down and score one of his wood/magnifying glass/burny things.

Yesterday on rue Ste Catherine (the main drag of Montreal) there were about 30 Dodge Vipers all lined up two by two at a stop light waiting for the light to go green, Grand Prix starting grid style. Some guys were doing huge burnouts. Others were just revving their engines. Everyone was loving it. There were literally hundreds of people standing on the sidewalks cheering on the scene. It was rad. People were actually punching the air in excitement. Seeing an opportunity for fun, I ran out into the middle of the street, between the two rows of cars and snapped this picture. As soon as the pic was taken the light went green and I dropped my arms in one of those classic "drag race start" gestures. The cars took of and I found myself in between two rows of approaching horsepower. It felt like a scene out of Grease or something. I'm sure everybody would've been much more stoked if I was a scantily clad "racing girl", but I did my best - at least my sleeves were cut off my shirt. Then a guy in a greeen Cavalier pulled into the Viper parade and got boo'd by about 300 people. That was the best - he got boo'd for driving a green Cavalier. Finally.

Anyhow, I can assure you that I'm not spinning my wheels or dragging things out. The offers for the movie role continue to roll in, and I haven't made up my mind who i'm going to trade with or when the trade's going to happen - let's just say it could happen at any moment, so if you're thinking of making an offer, the sooner the better. (I'm a bit behind in updating the current offers page too...) I'm just here in Montreal hanging out and getting a much needed breath of fresh air. The next month or so is going to be crazy. I can feel it. Besides, it's summer, get out there and do some stuff! You don't want to be a weirdo, do you?


PS - I set this up too - because we all know it needed to be done:

Forty Media

I just realized that I've done dozens of email interviews and never really talked about them on the site. Most are linked from the press section of this website. They're usually fun because I have a chance to write about different things than the run-of-the-mill stuff I usually get asked. Just did another email interview today with Forty Media. You can scope it out here.

If you want to interview me about one red paperclip, or anything else for that matter, I'll be more than happy to oblige and can probably score you an interview with Corbin Bernsen or any other people related to the project. My contact info is here. I'm in Montreal at the moment, so the best way to get me is on my 514 cell phone.

And in case you were wondering, Alice Cooper still isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we still don't know who these guys are.

have fun - Kyle

Whooooa Bayside!

My mom said she didn't like that last post about Screech, and I'm sure she's not alone in that department. I guess to fully get the absurdity/genius of the "dilmena" Mr. Diamond "faces", it helps to have been weaned on years of Saved by the Bell and know the truth behind things like the time Jerry the King Lawler "fought" Andy Kaufman on Letterman. Did you know Dustin Diamond was a comedian before today? Me neither. Genius publicity stunt. Unless he came up with the "save Dustin Diamond's house" angle, I'm pretty sure Howard Stern would've never had him on the show.

If it's for real, then the amount of free publicity he just scored to re-brand himself as a "comedian" far outweighs whatever (if any) equity he owns in the house, thus giving us every reason to cheer when he goes down in flames.

But who's to say what's real and what's not? I think we should ask Tony Clifton and Neil Hamburger what they think on the matter.

Getting back to the one red paperclip madness, which I can assure you is 100% real and continues to blow my mind, I have a few conversations going on with various parties concerning the offers for the movie role. I actually just got off the phone with a DJ from ABC Radio in Toowoomba Australia who wanted the contact info for person who offered me the cows. (near the bottom of the offers page) So maybe I'll go to Australia and trade the movie role with some cows. You never know. I can assure you that progress is happening on many other fronts as well and I'm trying my darndest to trade up to the house by July 12th. The house has to transpire this summer so we can throw a housewarming party that will re-define the term "housewarming party".

Sorry to be evasive and to hint and to generally talk about things in mysterious ways, but that's all I can really do right now, because behind the scenes that's all there is - a lot of talk. Everything could change on a dime, like for instance, Mr. Belding might call me up in five minutes and offer up a house. You never know, he could probably use the work, and I know for a fact that stranger things have happened before.


Rock Bottom

This is one of those things that we should either loathe or love - there's no middle ground on something like this:

Vital news clippings here and here - (read the comments on that last one. Epic.)

Half of me wants to watch Screech go down in flames, the other half wants to see a storytale miraculous "It Could Happen to You" type ending to the saga. I'm sitting on the fence right now. Big time.

But personally, I think Screech screwed up by going the negative route with his idea. He's all about "sticking it to the man" and wants to prove somebody wrong. He blames everybody else. There's no fun involved. Sorry bro, but a $15 shirt with your unshaven mug on it ain't gonna cut the mustard - what's in it for us?

And that's where I think where the fine line is drawn between a "getting a house project" like mine and Screech's. He's using his celeb status to ask people to bail him out for his own personal mistakes, while I'm trying to build something from scratch. (Or as close to scratch as possible - hence the red paperclip.)

I personally guarantee I will never ask for anything or use whatever psuedo celeb status I might/might not have to try and get something for free. I've worked my ass off to get this far and I won't let any of you down in the "trading up to a house" department.

A lot of reporters have asked me if they can do an interview about one red paperclip for their story about 'cyber begging' - you know those websites where people screw up and max out their credit cards on clothes then realize they're screwed and ask the public at large to bail them out for free? I said yes to all of the interviews on the condition that the one red paperclip project is not cyber begging - it's a trading project. Cyber begging, in my mind, is a pitiful example of trying to get something for free. It's the online equivalent of panhandling instead of busking. It's what seperates uninspired greed-driven sites like this from magical sky-is-the-limit sites like this.

Now, I don't have a guitar in my hand and my music aptitude starts and stops with the keyboard bassline to My Perogative by Bobby Brown, but I truly feel like I'm busking around here instead of begging.

I really think Screech should set up a "Buy Screech a Guitar Fund", or better still, the "Buy Screech a Keytar fund." Now's that's something I'd toss a buck into.

Rock on - Kyle

Hats Off

I'd like to personally say a big, public, juicy, blogified "hats off" to Colin Pearson, who just won the Prince George Folkquest Competition. Colin landed the opening slot for Matthew Good at Prince George Folkfest as well as some studio time, which he's already used to record his latest single, Jimmy the Hat, a more-than-catchy tune with raised lighters written all over it. Download it for free here. (right click - save as)

Keep it up man! Nice to see a creative writer/performer/guy tearing it up.


Watch My Loss

I'm constantly being bombarded with requests to link to other people's websites, but because of the mass-asking, it's something I've ruled out entirely for people I don't actually meet in person. No offence, it's never anything personal - I'd love to shoot all your links up here, and spread the good cheer, but once the flood gate is opened, I think I'll spend my entire day adding links and not giving you the action you really want, namely, trading one red paperclip for a house.

That said, I've come across something amazing I simply have to tell you about.

Sean Perkey lives in Sacramento California.
Sean Perkey weighs 527 pounds.
Sean perkey is trying to lose half his body weight.
Sean Perkey is an amazing dude.
This is his website:

That's right, he's trying to lose half his body weight, or about 250 pounds. I'm about 5'10" and weigh 162 pounds soaking wet. I simply cannot even begin to understand what it must be like to lose 250 pounds. That's almost twice my blody weight. This isn't some tacky publicity stunt inspired by "Jarod the Subway guy" or quest for vanity - this is the real deal. If you're in a situation where you can lose half your body weight and arrive at a healthier place, it's going to take more than getting roped into a fad lo-carb diet or a switch to Diet Coke. To lose half your body weight you need to change the way you think and the way you live your life. Sean Perkey is doing exactly that. He is openly baring his soul and daily life to the entire world on his ultra well-written blog, in not only an attempt to lose half his body weight, but also educate people what it's like to weigh 500+ pounds. He openly talks about what caused him to get where he is now and what potential solutions will be. Above all that, he's trying to raise $50 000 for diebetes research. I think this is an amazing look into a situation most of us will never find ourselves in, but one that has major crossovers to other psychological and physical addictions that effect many people. This is an amazing story and a totally inspiring undertaking.

Now I'm a pretty positive blue-sky kinda guy who says words like "fun" or "why not?" whenever possible and I just love it when somebody openly admits to a problem they have and then goes out and fixes it. You'll see right away when you read his blog, that it's not really about his weight, but his attitude. My mom always says "Attitude is everything", and as far as Sean Perkey goes, he's proving her very right indeed. Way to go Sean! We'll be watching you.



I probably answer this question more than any other, so I'll just state it again for the record. My girlfriend and I will move ANYWHERE for a house. That's right, anywhere. That means anywhere you can imagine. We're not expecting the house to be in Montreal, or Canada, or anywhere in particular for that matter, and we're certainly not holding out for a place in Beverly Hills or something like that. I don't particularly expect somebody to trade a house for the role in the movie, but if you're interested in trading a house for whatever my current item is, just keep it in mind that we will re-locate anywhere for the right offer. As far as the house goes, there's pretty much only one criteria: it has to be a house. Any size/shape/dimension/style is fair game. As long as it's in decent condition, there's a place to sleep and no mortgage, we'll probably be up for the trade. The whole goal of the one red paperclip project is to see if it's possible to trade from one red paperclip to a house, and then move on in! We have no idea where we're going to live and actually can't wait to find out!


Sign the petition: Induct Alice Cooper into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alice Cooper is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


We need to get him in. He's so worthy.



BECOME FRIENDS with the myspace:

LISTEN to Nights with Alice Cooper on these stations.

CALL 1-888-99-ALICE

CALL your local classic rock radio station.

CALL or WRITE highly-influential Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation members Jann Wenner and David Marsh. ***(If anyone can get phone numbers/email for these guys, send it to me - I'll publish it here.)**

PLAY Alice Cooper songs at high volume. (at least 11)

EAT at Alice Cooper'stown!

Be sure to tell all your friends and pass those links around! We gotta get him in. He's worthy - Kyle

カイル マクドナルド

According to Japanese Wikipedia, that's how you spell my name in Japanese: カイル マクドナルド - Actually it works out to "Kairu" Makudonarudo, but that's as close as you're going to get Kyle MacDonald in the Japanese alphabet - or whatever one of the three types of Japanese alphabets that happens to be. I have no idea which one of the three types of Japanese alphabets that is, just that it's one of the three. I'm not being ignorant, or making fun of Japanese alphabets, I'm just being lazy. Far too lazy to search for the name of that sort of Japanese lettering. Also, instead of asking good old Google, I wanted to provide an opportunity for a smartypants to give us all a far-too-in-depth insight about Japanese alphabetization and get all the credit. Google gets far too much credit as far as I'm concerned. It's time to fight back against Google getting all the credit. You know, stand up for the little guy. Starting me being lazy. VERY lazy.

In other international fun, my mom, dad and brother are in Shanghai right now. Why, you ask? Why, to take pictures of Chinese KFC storefront banners and email them to me with hopes of them appearing on this blog of course:
KFC Chinese knockoff.JPG
Yes, that's right. China has their own version of Colonel Sanders. That's pretty much the second coolest thing I've ever seen. Not the coolest thing I've ever seen, but the second coolest thing I've ever seen. I bet that before this exact instant you never cared what the coolest thing I ever saw was, did you? But you probably can't wait to find out, right? Okay, I'll tell you: the coolest thing I ever saw, wait. Hold your horses. I can't tell you - it's a secret.

Abruptly changing the subject (but not really), does anybody have any ideas what Chinese Colonel Sanders's name is?

I've got an amazing name idea for Chinese Colonel Sanders, but I'll tell you later - after all, it's a secret too.

Have fun - Kyle

A Typical Boring Third Person Magazine Entry

[ed. note] *Since Kyle MacDonald is not currently feeling creative or funny, this blog post was written by an anonymous and generic writer. The post will be written in the third person, in a style suitable for a very boring, typical magazine aimed at middle of the road readers who enjoy neither too much sugar, not too much spice. Kyle apparently says that he hopes his regular blog readers are not upset by this change and hopes to return in the near future when he regains whatever sense of originality he may have once had.

In this picture (below) Corbin Bernsen (left) and Kyle MacDonald (right) celebrate the latest trade in the one red paperclip project. CIMG6590.JPG
Be careful Corbin! Don't drop that snow globe!

Dom, Kyle, Corbin, Jody, and 6000 snow globes. (below)
[ed. note] *picture does not actually show Corbin Bernsen's entire 6000 snow globe collection. 6000 figure is just for illustrative purposes.

Corbin has a fish that looks like Nemo from the hit animated feature length film, Finding Nemo. Can you find Nemo in the picture?! (below).
[ed. note] *Not actually Nemo in the picture. Corbin Bernson, Kyle MacDonald and one red paperclip LLC are not associated with Pixar Animation and associated parties. Picture blurred intentionally to protect fish's identity. Fish not actually named Nemo.

CTV Television from Canada tracked down Kyle MacDonald to the non-descript Van Nuys warehouse district where he made the trade with Corbin Bernsen. (below)
Word on the street says that Kyle MacDonald was confused by the somewhat sudden materialization of CTV Canadian television in a non-descript warehouse district in Van Nuys California. Apparently CTV Canadian Television does not only film news events in Canada, but also in non-descript warehouse districts in Van Nuys California. On one hand, Kyle MacDonald is now somewhat afraid that a national TV network is stalking his every move, but on the other hand he is over the moon that he has now completed the Canadian National TV Network Chief Corespondent Triple Crown: Kevin Newman (Global), Peter Mansbridge (CBC), and last but not least, CTV's own, and without a doubt the closest any living news anchor resembles Kent Brockman from the Simpsons, the man himself, Lloyd Robertson. If you're in Canada or have some sort of crazy international Satellite TV thingy, you can tune in to CTV National News on Saturday June 10th to catch all the action.

[ed. note] Unless Kyle MacDonald secures one of his dream jobs: (a) writing boring magazine articles in the third person or (b) brushing Lloyd Robertson's beautiful hair, he will return for the next blog post as scheduled.

News Updates

Lots of action around our apartment in Montreal the last couple of days. Did an interview with 20/20 here today. Yep, 20/20 was in our apartment. Hard to beat - but wait, it gets even better. Let me back up a sec first...

Last fall I bought a really ultra-random funny poster of a horse rearing up on it's hind legs. Like, the tackiest, cheesiest thing since Subway introduced that parmesan oregano bun, then sliced it. I mean, this is the kind of poster you see from half a mile away and immediately double over laughing because of its awesomeness. Anyhow, the poster is a major fixture upon the wall of our apartment, pretty much the centerpiece of the whole place. Today I eyed the masterpiece on the wall and realized it might be in the background in one of the camera shots. I jokingly suggested we should move it into a better, more prominent position behind myself or Don Daylor, the 20/20 segment host. Wihtout missing a beat, a crew member named Larry Carey (yep, a rhyming name) moved the horse into a position exactly over the left shoulder of the interviewer, Don Daylor. Larry Carey then upped the ante considerably when he found a light and shone it upon the horse, bringing the magnificent beast to life.


And to the attention of the millions of people who will watch the segment on 20/20 when it airs sometime in July.

Probably the best dollar I ever spent on a Mexican poster with a horse on it.


The guys from 20/20 have been great. They were in Fargo too, so it looks like the footage of Alice Cooper and I on stage with the giant red paperclip will be seen by a nationwide audience on broadcast TV. Along with the illuminated horse poster, of course.

This is Jeff Diamond. He's producing the segment. Best of all, he gets to carry around stuff in these special bags.


Don Daylor and I in-between some post-interview small talk. Don is probably the only person who's ever arrived at our apartment in a Cadillac Escalade Limousine. But then again, I haven't invited Colonel Sanders over to dinner yet, so that may change in the near future. CIMG6544

In other news, Patrick Lagacé came through huge with another article about the project in Le Journal de Montreal today as well. Merci Pat!

And if that wasn't enough, I just wrapped a super great radio interview with the Brad Bregani of 94X in Prince George BC. The interview also featured special guest personality, Colin Pearson, who added to the on-air fun by telling the entire metro Prince George area how his parents have known my parents for a few decades and how he and I were pretty much conceived either during or immediatley after party thrown by his parents or my parents. I'm pretty sure that passes as news - seeing how it's more than likely a fact, after all.

Moving right along, (I've always wanted to say that) I'm pretty stoked about the next couple of days - heading out to L.A. to meet up with Corbin Bernson to make the big trade, and best of all, scope out his 6000-strong snowglobe collection.

talk to ya soon - Kyle

Beat the Censors

You're probably not in China if you're reading this blog because China censors all blogspot blogs. If you have any friends in China who want to follow along or get in on the trading action, send 'em over - the whole site is mirrored there and sneaks past those pesky censors. Big thanks to Ken from the USA for setting that up.

If that one doesn't work, you cacn check out - it's a bit out of date, but it'll give you the gist and all my current contact info is there. I think that's what it's all about really, the gist. Nothing like a good gist.

Have fun - Kyle

Ten days without a cell phone

If you're trying to reach me on my phone, well, the battery's dead and I lost the charger. I'll get a new one soon-ish, but until then, all communication's gonna be thru email or my somewhat-but-not really secretive home number. I had a little bit of Sunday evening ramble about it, and was going to post it here, but figured it was too long and, well, rambly, for this site. It's currently being housed on my rant-ish personal not-one-red-paperclip-related blog over at

Feel free read all about it if you want - but it's really only all about how I'm too lazy and cheap to buy a new cell phone charger.

Till then - Kyle

Ten Days without a Cell Phone

In a somewhat serendipitous parallel universe of self-initiated vice avoidance akin to Mr. Colin Pearson's situationally-legendary ten day anti-bender, I've been without my good ol' trusty cellular telephone for the last ten days. It started when I left the charger in the Downtown Chicago Hampton Inn on about May 24th or something like that. I then went with the Table Shox posse down to Cincinnati where we made the trade with Mark Herrmann, then we went to the Indy 500 for some well-earned fun. My phone was dead the whole time and it didn't really matter, but on my way back to Montreal from Indy, via the Hampton Inn in Chicago, I found out that the Hampton Inn did infact not possess my trusty little phone charger aka my contact to the world of one red paperclip. It probably fell out of my backpack at a gas station when I switched out my shoes for flip-flops for all I know - I really don't know where I left it really, I just felt like tagging the Hampton Inn with the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye on my charger. That's my motto, when in doubt, blame the Hampton Inn. Well, one of my mottos, anyhow.
I went to a store yesterday to buy a new charger and they quoted me $50 for a new one. Now, $50 is the kind of cash that you'll drop at the bar without blinking, but on a little cord for a phone? uh uh. Nope. I'm not having any of that. Sure, this is really nothing to talk about, and it's not like I'm complaining, but when your public fate and reputation rests upon the ability to communicate with potential traders, it's somewhat of a big deal. I guess.

Maybe I forgot it in Chicago by accident, and maybe the housekeepers "misplaced" it by accident or maybe I'm just too lazy to admit that I'm too lazy to buy a new charger. It doesn't really matter - I honestly think that I needed a little breather for what promises to be a strong finish to this project. Translation: potentially absolutely overwhelming amount of cell phone communication plus early morning radio interviews if/when I actually trade up to the house.

Now I love talking to people about really anything at all and the radio interviews are nothing short of an absolute riot - even the calls I get from radio staions in Quebec who call me up at 4am when I'm on the West Coast totally oblivious to the fact that it's the middle of the night and expect me to be perky on the radio, in French. Once again, no complaints, they're fun too. But if I can let you in on a little secret, it's kind of nice not to have a cell phone. But let's just keep that our secret - between you and me.

I guarantee my dad cringes when he reads this. If my phone wasn't juiceless I'd call him up and read everything up to here verbatim. I guarantee this is what he'd say: "Hey big guy, just go out and buy yourself a new charger. You need your phone. It's your business. Your livelihood. Your honor." Well, I probably over-did it on the honor part, and he's Canadian so it'd be spelled honour anyhow, but that's my dad for ya. My dad loves his new bluetooth headset-equipped Motorola RAZR. His reaction is invariably a mixture of confusion/personal offense when he can't reach someone on their cell: "What is it with mom? She never takes her cell phone with her anywhere?" with his head hung low and one hand in the air as a show of utter disbelief. And while I'm on this tangent of giving my dad the well-earned gears, what is it with middle-aged men and those bluetooth earpiece things? Always in public. Always loud. Always middle-aged. Always a man. I told Dom that if she ever turns into a middle-aged man and she gets into any sort of that nonsense I'm packing my bags. She looked at me with a blank expression on her face, then blinked. Twice.

Anyhow, I have no idea what this has to do with one red paperclip or my quest to trade up to a house, this is just a bit of a Sunday evening ramble. My dad is a great guy, I'm just having a little fun here. So, if you tried to call me at 310-689-8867 or 514-833-3980 since May 24th-ish and I didn't pick up, that's why. It's not as if I'm screening calls or avoiding you - its just that I'm too lazy to go buy a new charger and way too lazy to do that not-on-the-actual phone message check thingy and double way too lazy to then call you back. I'm sure this'll be the sort of thing that just sorts itself out, one way or another.

Hey, here's a thought: If you have a wall-charger for a Samsung X426 I'll trade you one red paperclip for it! Infact, if you have a car charger as well, I'll throw in another red paperclip.

Or, I'll just go buy one. Tomorrow.

Currently set on battery-out-of-the-phone - Kyle

**UPDATE**: Bruno read this and scored me a car charger...that he just happened to have laying around the house. And just happened to fit my phone. So that ruled.

one movie role

Yes, that's right, I traded one KISS snow globe with Corbin Bernsen for one role in a movie.


Now, I'm sure the first question on your mind is "Why would Corbin Bernsen trade a role in a film for a snow globe? A KISS snow globe." Well, Corbin happens to have arguably one of the largest snow globe collections on the planet. Arguably. I came up with an idea to help settle that argument. More on that after I run down what's up for grabs here.

Included in "one movie role":
-one paid, credited, speaking role in a film by Public Media Works.
-room and board during filming.
-return airfare from anywhere in the world.
-a high five from me, and if you're lucky and he's in a good mood, Corbin Bernsen.

I can't stress how much of an awesome opportunity this is to pretty much every aspiring actor on the planet. This is going to be tons of fun for everybody involved.

Okay, now back to the snow globes and the settling of arguments. I've got a plan on how we can make Corbin Bernsen not arguably the greatest snowglobe collector on earth, but THE greatest snow globe collector the world has ever know. Bar none. Yes, you read that correctly, Bar none.

Here's how we're going to do it:

I will take a picture that includes Corbin Bernsen, myself, and the KISS snowglobe. I will then make hundreds of copies of this picture. Those pictures will be individually autographed by myself, Corbin Bernsen, and the KISS snowglobe. I'm not sure how the KISS snowglobe is going to autograph the picture, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

There is only one way you can get your hands on one of these autographed photographs - you must send a snow globe (along with a return address) to this address:

The Corbin Bernsen KISS Snow Globe Army
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Studio City, California
Box 328

** As of Nov 4, 2010, this DEAL IS STILL ACTIVE!  **

For every snow globe that Corbin receives, he will mail one proof of membership to the Corbin Bernsen KISS Snow Globe Army (the autographed picture) to the address you provide him with. The more snow globes you send, the more highly collectible copies of the identical autographed picture you'll get in return. There's no limit to the number of snow globes you can send to Corbin, and no limit to the number of autographed pictures you can get in return. These autographed pictures will never be for sale. Ever. The only way you can get one is if you send in a snow globe to the address above. This offer is opened ended and will never expire! If Corbin and I have to autograph and mail out one million pictures, well, that's the price we'll pay to settle the argument that Corbin Bernsen is infact the greatest snow globe collector the world has ever known. Once again, bar none.

So that's it - what are you waiting for? Join the Corbin Bernsen KISS Snow Globe Army (CBKISSSGA for short) and get a FREE autographed picture. We've got an argument to settle!

Okay!  Back on track.  
What could possibly be next?

offers for one movie role

These offers are for one movie role. If you want to make a trade for any of these items listed below, PLEASE MAKE ME AN OFFER FOR THE ONE YOU WANT! It will be very easy for me to choose which of the below items to take if my next trade is already lined up! Thanks - Kyle. BE CREATIVE! I'm not holding out for any offer in particular


kyle-i have a school girl internet crush on you. not in a creepy internet stalker kind of way... just thought you'd like to know. i have a collection of knives that i have uhh... borrowed from restaurants over the years. each one is labeled with the restaurant's name and date borrowed. i'd trade those for a movie role. i have 17 knives. most from the summer of 2001 when i suppose i was particularly bored or particularly fond of dining out... i could double that number if i can convince my partner in crime who was also stealing knives that summer to let me have the other half. each is your standard low-grade stainless steel commericial dinner knife. however, some are cooler than others... like, for example, the wooden handle hooter's knife, the friday the 13th applebee's knife, and the fancy flower panera bread co. knife. this collection represents a summer of irresponsible youthful bliss and the crappy, deep-fried food that fueled me for those unforgetable 3 months. i will part with it for one role in a movie. - katie


hi kyle, I have to say that my twin's teacher Mr Coté got them to look at your site. He found the idea very inspirational and a great learning lesson as well. So, to show the twins miracles can happen, I am making you an offer on this old oil lamp. It was placed in the gallery of this old house we live in the eastern townships here in Quebec. It was there for about 80 years and we discovered it while renovating. The previous owner told me it was her grandmothers. Her mother didn't like it and hid it away, and one day many years later we found it. It is 14" high. Please don't ask me what it is made out of, but the base is metal. I wish you luck in getting your house!



Hi My name is Ray Im from New York------------I have an original "Dawn of the Dead" movie poster autographed by George Romero and the cast.


I would love to trade for your movie role with 20 laps around the track! I am a race car driver and will offer my car for the trade. Driver must be 16 years of age. The car is a four -cylinder (also called a hornet or lil'enjun) The track is a quarter mile to half-mile dirt track in Iowa (actual track to be determined). Winner can use my helmet, suit, gloves. Supper will be at the casino or other local establishment of their choice. I will put them up at the local hotel for one night and provide transportation to and from the track. Tracy


i will trade u the movie role for a silver quarter n if u find the right collector it is very vpriceless because they are not around anymore,


Hola Kyle quizas sea muy poco pero contribuyo a tu causa xD. Yo te ofrezco 1 Computadora con Procesador a 2.8 Ghz y 256 de Memoria + una consola Xbox por tu Papel en una Pelicula, soy de México - México, tengo 20 años. Puedes ver la computadora en - Saludos!!!


Hey Kyle. I think my wife could be a great actress and would steal the show in any big screen role (even though she is 8 months pregnant!). That being said, I would be willing to trade ten pieces of tile from one of Sadam Hussien's destroyed castles. They are not full pieces of tile, but are broken pieces of fancy tile and marble from a bathroom that Sadam himself showered in. Let me know. Matt


Kyle, I'll trade the movie role for one year front page advertisment to my social network website: It currently has 15,000 users and growing every day. It's a deal you can't turn down. Check the website. It's new and growing. It's got a theme: Would you beat? LOL. -Blak


Hello Kyle. You had a dream, and you're doing what it takes to make it come true. I have been a Corbin Bersen fan since the LA Law days up to his recent role in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. (great movie) To work with Corbin would be a once in a lifetime experience. I too have a dream, and to get this movie role I am prepared to offer the following: I recently started a small business of my own, manufacturing a product for horses called EZFlex Cookies. They are not just a cookie. This is a unique product, not availible by other manufacturer in the country. They provide joint care for horses, as the cookies contain Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin. Joint care that feeds like a treat. Up for trade for the movie role is EZFlex Cookies for the LIFE of someones very special horse, to help keep it in great condition. This has a value of potentially thousands of dollars, but I am willing to make this happen for this once in a lifetime opportunity. You may have more "elaborate" offers right now, but I can assure you that no one wants this role more than I do. If I had the money to trade you a house for the role, I'd do it. - Thanks Kyle!


First of all, I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Me and my family lived there until the war which separated the whole Yugoslavia. Then, we moved to Canada, where we live now. My offer isn't much but I'll give it a try. Since the war, we returned twice to our land. We went to see where our house was before it was burned down. We don't thing we'll going to use that land anymore, but it's ours. So my offer is: more then 10 hectares of land in Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Who knows what you can do with that? Maybe there are millions hidden under it :P Anyways, good luck in getting a house.


Hey Kyle!! I just want to say what your doing is amazing. I dont have much to offer as i'm only 12 but I would love to contribute (and get a movie role). I am willing to give up ALL of my soft toys and believe you me I have a hell of alot of them. Along with that I will give you all of my toys, EVEN CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAY presents. I have a loft on the top of my bedroom that is fill to the brim with soft toys. I mean who doesn't love soft toys and just plain games. You could get more than a movie role for my collection of soft toys etc... I know i'm not offering gold teeth or anything. But I am offering my life's worth of games and soft toys, EVERYTHING!! So please consider my offer. It would mean alot to me to be part of this!!


My bandmate Donny, does mural work. He will mural 1 full room in someone's house or do 1 custom Harley paint job for the movie role. Just look at the attached pictures and link to see his work. - Scott Blackwell Nashville, TN


Hi Kyle! Your website is one of the best out there. I wish I came up with something like that! About that available role. I wanna have it. I'm an actor and relocated from Amsterdam to LA a few years ago. I got a lot of experience. What can I offer. I'm a personal trainer on the side and work in one of LA's most exclusive gyms (Spectrum Santa Monica). I can offer 20 sessions of private training. At home or at the beach, doesn't matter. Should be in Los Angeles though. These sessions are usually between 50 and 80 dollars an hour. Let me know if that interests you. All the best, Ferenc Somogyi


I have a Full Blooded Black Female Pug.. She is about 4 months old. I would be willing to trade her for a role in the movie. Here is a picture of her:



Hi Kyle , I’ve followed your progress and feel its an amazing demonstration of human spirit. I’d like to offer $200,000 (Canadian) worth of our post production services for film or television for the movie part. We are a well equipped facility that can deliver a world class product. We have won awards for our work on tv series and films. We are also working on the Trailer Park Boys movie right now so you’ll soon have a chance to judge our feature film work. We have done some of the most popular tv shows in Canada so you can feel comfortable that we deliver at the highest level. Your saga is part of history and I’d like to be part of it as well. Rob Power - Halifax, Nova Scotia -


Hi Kyle, I'm the Director of Marketing for and would be willing to trade you a set of 6, 14kt removable gold teeth/grillz in exchange for a role in the movie. These teeth would be custom-made to fit the mouth of whoever traded for them. You can view examples of the gold teeth at Thanks, Scott


I will trade the following for the movie role!:Live performance at a major music festival - King Biscuit Music Festival (now Blues and Heritage Festival) - Your band plays onstage at a major music festival - ranked as one of the top events to see in the South by Southern Living Magazine, was named one of the top 100 events in the country by Travelocity.
Draws 100,000 fans annually
Your band will be recorded live on stage
One song will appear on the annual Live Cd from the festival
Your band will recieve a % of the sale from the cd
Your band will be listed on the offical festival t-shirt - yes you get t-shirts for your band
media story about how your band received it's official invitation
You introduce headline act
Your band will be in the offical autograph tent to sign and sell cd's
plus some free beer while you play!


Hi, I would like to make you an offer for your Movie Role. I have about 300 Red Bricks. They have been in my driveway for about three weeks from an old patio I had. Just think of all the things you can do with the bricks. You can stack them in a pyramid. You can make another patio, or you can build a little fortress. The possibilities are endless. I hope you consider my offer. Thanks. Joe


Tom Servo…picture attached. Tom Servo was a character on the t.v. show Mystery Science Theater 3000…on the tube for 10 years in the United States. It’s still got a huge cult following and I’m sure that someone out there would love to have their very own working Tom Servo. I made him myself to almost exact specifications and I have had him for 7 years. He’s fully working with a head that is moveable and a mouth that works. Heath Schneider
Tom Servo with a flash.JPG


I have a 1987 gta in really good shape that i would trade for the movie role for my wife who is the star of our Show she is so beautiful but feels like she might have done a little more if she had not given birth to kids so young 17. She is now 27,a house wife with the world and two kids on her shoulders but stills asks if I need anything. Please consider me and this bad ass mullet ride.


I’ll trade you deeded title to two different First Class Vacation Weeks each and every year, valued at more than $30,000. These are Gold & Silver Crown Vacation Weeks registered with RCI International. RCI is the largest vacation exchange company in the world, with more than 3,700 resorts in nearly 100 countries. ( By selecting from thousands of resorts, you have access to a broad range of destinations and experiences. As an RCI Member you can enjoy your Exchange Vacation at a time and location different from the Vacation Week you own. You can have 14 days of luxury vacations every year in beachfront suites in Hawaii, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and other places worldwide. You can enjoy the sporting life at Golf Resorts and Ski Chalets, take historic trips to Europe, and go on all sorts of exotic Cruises. Please let me know very soon if this is of interest to you. Yours truly, Brian Strom


Hey man, So basically I talked to the owner of this sporting goods store and he wants to give away this 3-foot shark (pet) worth approx $1,000 (or so he says). I'd love to have it myself, but I don't have an 8 foot aquarium but I bet a lot of rich folk do. This could definitely help you out. What do you think?? The Owner is giving it away because he has two in this 7 foot tank and they are getting too big for both of them. -Sagar


Hi, my name is Emmanuel and I am from Greece. I live in Canada now with my girlfriend who wants to be an actress and ofcourse would love to be in a movie. Unfortunately, we are not very rich so she has to work and I don't even have a work visa yet. I just revieved my phD in Astronomy from Edinburgh (where I met her) and moved to Edmonton last January. I do not have much to offer but here it goes. Two weeks housing in Greece in the island of Antiparos. I can provide you with a house (2 bedrooms, one kitchen , living room, bathroom) and arrange if you want/need for tours around the island of Antiparos and Paros. You have to get yourself to the island and off it though! Sorry. Hope you like it! Best regards Emmanuel Detsis


Dear Kyle, I know you said anywhere in the world but Japan in a Japanese TV show... but, I am making my offer from Japan. I am Kiyoshi Delp, have American father and Japanese mother... now you know why I am writing to you in English from Japan. I do not have much to offer in possession... but there was one thing that you or someone else may be interested. It is a Buddhism Tapestry given to me from the highest ranked Monk from Horyu Temple in Nara, Japan. I know it is still not a matching offer, but please... I see this as a sign, as a last chance for normal person to feel the American Dream for a bit second. Thank you for your time for reading. Best Regards, Kiyoshi N. Delp
photo 1.jpg


Hey there, I heard you on the radio in Kansas City the other morning and figured I'd toss you a couple of crazy offers...believe me they are crazy how about a dozen quarts of homemade sauerkraut. The cabbage was grown in my garden right out back and aged and canned by moi. or maybe...a hockey stick autographed by Brett Hull or a hockey stick signed by Stan Makita (or both) or maybe... a timelapse photo signed by Wayne Gretzky or maybe... a used lawn tractor (17hp Law Machine - 42" cut") Let me of luck!


I just heard about this and thought that the Corbin Bernsen trade would be great. So here is what I have to offer. My entire sports cards/memorabilia and comic book collection. Key interests:

Autographed Reggie Jackson 1977 World Series Program Autographed Baseball by Hank Aaron and Eddie Matthews Autographed Baseball by Don Mattingly on a NL Baseball. (he was strictly AL and shouldn't sign the NL)

Rookie cards of Barry Bonds, Cal Ripken, Mark McGwire, Deon Sanders, Steve Young, Larry Bird, David Robinson. Every big name star in cards (1000's). Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Barry Sanders, Wayne Gretzky, etc.

As for comics, mostly Spiderman, Batman, Fantastic Four, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have the death of the Green Goblin, the death of Superman, many number 1's (Web of Spiderman, Spiderman, V for Vendetta and others)

There is my offer. Oh, I also have an old 1970's promotion cup from yankee stadium, promoted by Brut, with the yankees on the cup. Has Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson, Yogi Berra on the cup.


Hello, I felt like i missed the boat when I started following your story, and I desperately wanted to be a part of it. You renewed my faith when you traded a snow globe for a day with allice cooper. Well now on to the movie role. I will give you one autographed picture of Shaq for the contract. hey man this could go good b/c they just won it all....let me know bro. Later, Jason


Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jordan Bouray. I am a history and theatre double major at Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and I am interested in getting my hands on the movie role you have available for trade. To be honest, I'd give anything to get my hands on this, but what I have available doesn't quite qualify as 'anything'. It does, however, qualify as 'something'. I actually have four different things I'd be willing to trade, if any of them are of interest to you. They are: One (1) basketball, signed by the entire 1991 Western Conference-winning Portland Trail Blazers NBA basketball team, or, One (1) black couch, near-mint condition, or one (1) Sony Playstation 2 video game system, complete with one (1) controller and three (3) games, namely Atelier Iris 2, Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends, and Final Fantasy X-2, or, (and this is my personal favourite), one (1) battle sail voyage aboard the Lady Washington, the ship which played the role of the HMS Interceptor in the original Pirates of the Carribean movie. (I have served as crew aboard her, and would be willing to pay anyone's fee to sail aboard here for a battle sail voyage.) I am willing to meet to trade at either my apartment at school in Nanaimo, or at my father's house in Gresham, Oregon, which is a suburb of Portland. I look forward to doing business with you, if you're willing! Sincerely, Jordan


Kyle, I love this, you’re a genius. My name is Emiliano Bara and I am looking for any way and every way to let the world know who I am and what I’m all about. I have been a performer from day one and would love a shot at this acting gig. I offer in trade my most valuable asset: ME. I am currently working on my first album with my hip hop group Still Tactics. You can check out our music here: My group and I will come perform anywhere in the continental US at no charge. We just want to get our names out there and I know that we can put on a show worthy of the acting role trade. Acting is my biggest passion and I really just need one real shot. So check out our music and give me a call so we can work out the details. Cheers, Emiliano Bara


hi kyle. my name is jimmy byrne and i'd like to trade my entire comic book collection for the movie role. i have 70 comics in mint to near mint condition. i started collecting comics in mid 2005 and buy them whenever i get the chance. it'll be difficult to part with them, but i've wanted to be in a movie for my entire life. so if it means giving up something i've been busting my ass doing for a year, i'll do it. if you want to reach me for more information about me or my comics, email me or call me. thanks, jimmy byrne ps. i dont know if this matters, but i'm from plymouth, massachusetts and i'm 18


Hey my name is Andrew Gelb. I am stationed here at Whiteman AFB in Missouri. It is about an hour away from Kansas City. ive been hearing from you on the Johnny Dare show (i gotta give him credit). I am willing to trade a set of BDUs (that is the camouflage that we wear) and an ammo can for just about anything.


Hi Kyle, Wow! What a great concept! My sister told me about your site and I was just checking it out. Okay, here's my offer. I can trade you one, nearly new, Magic 8 Ball for that movie role. According to the Magic 8 Ball, it's looks like I'm the hands-down winner. (Sorry folks) Magic 8 also tells me that Keanu Reeves and I are going to hook up sometime this year and have a wonderful relationship! On that note, hey, Keanu, contact me the next time you come to Vancouver, BC. I'm sure that Kyle won't mind giving you my email addy. :) Thanks and take care. Linda


Cast and Crew baseball cap worn by Pierce Brosnan in "The World is Not Enough" - My dad got the hat as a gift from the people who own the James Bond movies--apparently he was friends with them. Then the hat lay in the back of my dad's car for a few years until I saw it, and now I own it. I liked the movie when I saw it, but I never thought I would own a hat that touched the head of the star -Andrew DSCN0119


I wish I could offer the whole house but not yet. What I do offer is this: A One year contract to any Film/Music producer to the exclusive use at NO CHARGE of this 3700 square ft home, 18 foot vaulted ceilings, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and best of all Privacy with acres of space around the property! Value of property is in excess of $500,000 . Fully furnished and all furnishings and contents of the home can be used for any Movie or Video shoot. Located in central BC - Home of Hollywood North. I have as well a 200 acre Farm with barns, waterwheel house,etc that could be included with the contract.- Located in Northwest BC. All I want is to show my little guy that Dad can get into show biz. SANY2334 snake pic


Hi Kyle, I'm a "real" actor (well I used to tread the boards professionally here in the UK and in New Zealand before I found out that it doesn’t pay "real" wages!) , and I'd like to trade ownership of my treasured website, with the movie role. Now, is a great website that receives a quarter of a million page downloads each year, - especially for the downloadable belly dancers and break dance video clips for reasons best known to the devotees of those minority arts - and I'll hand over not only the URL but also the entire content and copyright to anyone who will care for it properly - reflecting five years of hard work. Yours aye from Scotland, Rob


Hi Kyle, I would like to trade one slightly used engagement ring for the movie role. it is a 1ct diamond solitaire, worn during a 5-year tumultous marriage. Now that I have my self-esteem and self-confidence back, I was thinking of selling it or pawning it but was never sure that I would receive an acceptable monetary value for the life experience I had while I wore it. The value of the movie role seems just about right. Look out world, here I come!!! :) I have the certificate for the ring to whoe it's quality and appraised value, I can provide pics or any other information that you may need. Jen in Halifax


I would like to offer my bedroom in exchange for your movie role. This includes my carpet (which is 12 by 18 feet), two nightstands, a dresser with mirror, bed and mattress, table, short bookcase, tall bookcase, laundry basket, tall mirror, fun lamp with 5 lights on it, two director-type chairs, and anything else that happens to be in the room on the day you come to pick it up. This also includes the decorations that are still on the ceiling from my sisters birthday. However, I will be emptying my dresser, as I will be needing the clothes inside the drawers. If you would like, I can stock it with clothes that no longer fit me, but are still in good condition. Thank you for considering this offer. Just imagine- you need a house, and you can now offer to trade everything needed for a bedroom in a house! This will be a great bartering tool for your next trade!


Hey, Me name's Megan and I'm a college student at Hocking College... and I'm not going to give a sob story or anything. I do have some things to offer you though.... 1. For the entire school year, I will be your own personal living billboard. Promote whatever you want on me (as long as it doesn't get me kicked out of class). I will wear shirts, pants, shoes, temporary tattoos, anything you can think of. And I'll promote it at parties. For example, if you're promoting your website, and someone at a party I'm at get's drunk and passes out, I will cover him with the URL written on him in permanent marker, so as people laugh at him and take pictures, they will subconciously remember seeing the URL and visit your site. I do a lot of dance and talent shows, and it would be like you were my sponsor. 2. My charished Brian Vickers Mountain Dew cardboard standup I "borrowed" from the local pizza shop. I'll even include an autographed car with it. You can wake up every morning with Brian Vickers smiling down on you holding an ice cold Mt. Dew. 3. A pair of my CLEAN underwear. This things are amazing, one of a few that doesn't have a string that goes up the behind. These are great for when you are pretending to be Spider Man and you pull them ontop of your head so you're looking through the leg holes, as my friends have demonstrated many times at school. I'll even make it the expensive Playboy pair that have never been worn because they don't seem comfortable that when you are done playing Spider man, you can give them to your girl as a present whenever you may happen to forget the date and come short a gift. 4. And last but not least, I offer you the most amazing item of all... a charished gold paper clip. You thought the red one was amazing, well this one has the pants beat off of it... not that it would wear pants... it's a paper clip. It has survived a trip in my pant's pocket through the washer and dryer and magically clipped itself to some money that was also in the pocket. I was told it could have some mystical healing powers... but the guy who told me that was stoned at the time and thought the tuna on the can was talking to him. But who knows...maybe he knows something we all do not. If you are interested in any of these fine items, feel free to mail me back...Best of Wishes-Megan


Hi my name is james Iam 23 years old from McAuley mb canada and ill like to make u an offer on the movie role. To trade i have one 2000 Kawasaki KX 125 motor cross bike. Its ready to race, runs and looks great and always stored inside. The reason iam doin this is not for me to be in the movie but for my wife. This is my most cherised item after her and our son and she has been at me for a while to get rid of it because iam getin to old for it and have more important responsibilitys . I love my wife dearly and its our 3rd aniversory on aug 16 and i would love to make this my anniversary to her. What other husband can give this to his wife as a gift. This is a good trade on your behafe and hope to hear from u soon. My wife has no idae iam doin this so ill like to make it a suprise. Thanks James Judd - P.S attached is a pick of me and my son on the bike. Picture 219


For the movie role, I am making the offer of a lifetime! I have in my posession a winning lottery ticket. The fun part is, I will not reveal the value of the ticket. I WILL guarantee that it is a winner! It is an Indiana scratch-off ticket. I will send it in a securtiy envelope, so as not to reveal the value. This can be fun, and add a little mystery to your quest. Good Luck, Alexisycho


Hi, My trade offer is a white polo shirt that says "GOOGLE" and "CEO" right underneath of it. This shirt was worn by me for halloween, where a friend and I dressed up as Google Workers. Best of luck, Tom Vendetta -


Hi again, Fritz Wyssen from Beautiful BC I am going to up the ante as being in a real movie has been a lifelong dream. I will offer not a home but an original paddle wheel house that was used for milling grain 100 years ago. It may be left in the present location or the new owner may move it to anywhere they want. Only been warned of the old curse that is on the is a pic of a similar mill.Ashland_Pine_Run_03_01_Exterior


Ok, now you have my attention. I have been following your travels since the beginning, but now i have to put what i have out there. I have numerous items to exchange, what is interesting to you? The Scooter that was featured in my favourite movie "The Legend of Billie Jean" ridden by Christian Slater let me know !


ok here it is, look no further: awesome trade - How about a job at one of the best bars i've ever worked at. Its called VIBE Bar, its on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London. The area its in is cool as fcuk. Shoreditch and brick lane are part of the most trendy, vibrant happening scenes in London right now. Recent artists that have played include; The Slits, Shiva Soundsystem, Lazy Gramophone, Moe Fo and a massive variety of new bands, winning DJs playing to an insatiable crowd of sun happy creative types. I kid you not, to work here is a dream. Chilled out staff who work hard when is needed and party harder any day you choose. I should mention the beautiful people that work here equally reflect the people we meet here. if you want to live london for any amount of time, this is the best way to do it. Come down, have a Caiparinia or a pint of San Miguel, but check it out for sure. Eric and Abbi x


How about 10 x $100 limited edition Gold Coins? Currently about a $3600.00 value, and growing with time. Fast & easy to trade, lots of collectors out there. These coins depict the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) and the United States Military Academy (West Point) lacing up their skates for the 75th game in the ongoing competition between their two institutions. How cool is that? -Wayne gold


My wife and I are expecting a child in January of next year. We don't yet know if its a boy or girl, but we are willing to let you name the kid in exchange for the movie role. He/she will still have to have our last name, but other than that you can name them. You can name them after yourself, after you favorite movie star, whatever you want. I will probably shoot down any graphic or explicit names, but other than that its up to you! - Thanks! - Matt and Hannah Lowrance


Hi Kyle, In return for the part in Corbin’s film we’ll trade you a ‘Get-Kyle-a-House’ Golf Tournament for 72 players at ‘The Falls’ Championship Golf Course near Vancouver ( This offer also includes complimentary power carts for all guests. A golf tournament like this typically costs about $10,000, and we’ve seen similar size tournaments raise over $30,000 for charities and other special interests. You can trade the golf tournament as a single item to anyone you chose, or you can use it to ‘multiply your inventory’ by exchanging tournament play tickets for an assortment of new barter items. So that you can attend the tournament, we’ll throw in a return flight from anywhere in North America, a limo from the airport, 2 nights in a deluxe two-bedroom golf course Fairway Suite, and all your meals in the Eagles Clubhouse. We’ll also pay the insurance premium for you and 9 people you choose to each have a shot at a hole-in-one, with the payout being your own $500,000 golf course home, plus another $500,000 house for the shot-maker. Although the insurance company won’t allow you to use professional golfers, there are many excellent players that would love a chance to win a new home, and especially one on a golf course. Working together, you get 10 new chances to win $1 million in real estate. And although any hole-in-one may be a long shot, this time you can use a golf club instead of a paperclip! Best Regards, Michael & Roxanne Thornton


Hello, my name is Claude Daniel. I live in Halifax, NS. I want the role in the movie!! Here is what I have to offer: 1991 Jaguar XJ6 Black exterior on tan leather interior. Loaded. One problem…I do not have a key! I did order one when I read about your Hollywood offer. The dealership said I should have the key by Friday, June 16th. Title is clear. I don’t know if anybody famous has ever driven the car…but it looks like something out of a James Bond movie!! Perhaps it could be ‘Pimped’ on that show ‘Pimp My Ride’ and in turn get you closer to the house. I’ll include a full tank of gas. If this sounds appealing to you, please let me know. Like…really soon!!! Halifax is an awesome place…I’m no Alice Cooper…and it’s been raining for 12 days. I have no chance in hell of being in any movie with my current assets/talents. YOU can make it happen…do the right thing! - Claude


Kyle, I'm a starving college student in southern California. I attend Harvey Mudd College ( It's one of the bigger and better schools in the country. This summer I found out that I don't actually have enough money to pay for college, even after taking out student loans. Although I lack a few tens of thousands of dollars, I do have a number of possibly worthwhile items that I could trade. I figure that if I trade you an item for the acting role, I in turn could trade an acting role for a scholarship of sorts in order to go to college next year! What I have to trade:

- As many boxes of citrus fruit as I can pick. I live at a college that has tons of citrus fruit trees. We have beautiful oranges, giant grapefruits, juicy tangerines, and tart kumquats. I can pick all of these for free, but other people would give a lot to have these wonderful fruits. I could trade boxes of these to you. The oranges make amazing orange juice.

If you are interested in this, and want to help out the stereotypical starving college student, send me back a message! I'm living at college right now (researching Computer Science over the summer on campus). We're in Claremont, CA, just outside of LA. - Thanks, Morgan Conbere


Kyle, my name is Pat Jackson and I am the Mayor of the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada. Kipling is an incredible small town in South Eastern Saskatchewan located in the Moose Mountains. (see website ) Our community has an offer for you that you will not pass up. Here is our offer:

I. One serviced residential lot conveniently located near our commercial district. The lot is yours, no strings.
II. A Community Welcome Package containing local information and promotions from local businesses. All new residents to our town receive this package.
III. You will become Honorary Mayor of Kipling for One Day. In this role you will be the Guest of Honor at a Community Meeting in our Community Centre.
IV. You will be given a Key to the Town of Kipling
V. You will receive a certificate making you an Honorary Lifelong Citizen of the Town of Kipling
VI. The day we make the trade will be decreed One Red Paperclip Day by our Town Council and everyone will be encouraged to wear a red paperclip in honor of your achievements.
VII. Will build the world’s largest Red Paperclip. In dedication to you and your “One Red Paperclip Project”
VIII Our local Chamber of Commerce will also include $200 CDN in Kipling Cash which you can spend at any local Chamber of Commerce business.

In addition to all of this, the Mayor and Council of Kipling would like your input as to what to do with the movie role. We have several suggestions and to recognize your achievements so far and allow you to make a deal in your best interest we want you to decide on one of the following options.

A. We will hold a raffle for the movie role. Ticket cost is to be determined. Proceeds from the raffle would be split towards two worthy causes: Kipling and District Parks and Recreation and a charity of your choice. Kipling and District Parks and Recreation is a non-profit organization which controls the management of our local parks and recreation facilities and which promotes sportsmanship, teamwork and active living.


B. We would hold auditions in Kipling at our local Community Centre. Auditions would be American/Canadian Idol style with you being the lead judge on the panel. We would also invite Corbin Bernsen and the Producers of the movie to be on the panel. Anyone wanting to audition would have to make a donation of some kind, either money or an item of their choice. These items would then be split between the Kipling and District Parks and Recreation and the charity of your choice..

That’s the offer! We are confident you will say YES! Now we want to let you know why we are making this offer to you.

As you have been told many times by your bloggers, you are an amazing individual. You have started a real phenomena. The exercise that you have undertaken shows to us your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to see people making decisions in their best interests. There is no doubt that you recognize value in people, in objects and we hope you recognize the value in becoming an honorary (or actual) member of our community. Our Mayor and Town Council and the residents of Kipling and area know the value of entrepreneurship. There can be no doubt that you are an entrepreneur of the best kind. You are the kind of person we want associated with our community. You are a modern representation of the values and actions of our forefathers. We recognize also that we exist as a community today because we are willing to work together for the interests of the community. Co-operation, Volunteerism and of course trading and bartering still play an important part in our local economy today. We admire you and your one red paperclip idea. We thank you for reminding us of these values. - Gail Dakue - Administrator - Town of Kipling


My name is Sam Bacsa. I am a network administrator and programmer living in LA county, and do my work under my company netMercs Group ( I am an associate at Garage Games (, founded by the developers responsible for the Tribes and Tribes 2 phenomenon. Garage Games provides the Torque game engine -- an inexpensive solution for game developers. For the Torque engine I programmed an Integrated Development Environment called Codeweaver (, which assists developers in programming the engine. It's currently freeware and under active development. I've also done numerous projects for small to medium-sized businesses, including iEntertainment Network ( -- a provider of numerous online games, Multacom Corporation ( -- a tier-2 ISP located in downtown LA, Mushoo Inc ( -- an e-marketing firm, and dozens more (ranging from schools to property management companies) I would like to offer one of two packages which would assist any business in streamlining the services they provide to their clients.
PACKAGE #1 -- A complete turn-key solution or an update to an existing system. That is to say, a custom application (whether a website or an actual software program) for any purpose to fulfill any need. I do not limit myself to any specific type application. I can even upgrade an existing system (even reverse-engineer it) in order to further tailor the system to the requirements set forth. This package is for a FREE 600 hours worth of programming, debugging, and deployment, valued between $30,000 and $45,000. All my work is fully supported with a one year guarantee, and free bug fixes for life.
PACKAGE #2 -- A complete network management solution. I am offering one year of free network and system management for *NIX and Windows networks. This package includes anything and everything you would need for your network, including maintaining the systems and the infrastructure, to patching up security vulnerabilities, to logging and auditing, and much more.
I also have access to a staff of programmers, so no project is too big for me and my team to handle. Thanks for considering the offer. Do let me know if you need any more information. Sincerely, Sam Bacsa


Kyle, I'd like to make an offer on the movie role for my wife, Jennifer who I always thought looked too much like a movie star to be with me. For this movie role I am offering to part with my cherished beer bottle collection. This is not your normal stick a bottle on the shelf beer bottle collection. This collection is comprised of roughly 700 bottles of limited production craft and micro brews. These bottles come from all over the world and several of these bottles are likely the only ones in existance as some of them were not for retail Symposium beers brewed for special brewing conferences. Currently the bottles live in the in-laws sweet where they are safe from small children and scampering pets. I LOVE these bottles. I love watching peoples jaws drop when they see them and especially when it is a fellow beer geek that recognizes the rarity of some of them. So understand that I do not make this offer lightly. I will also throw in my bottle cap collection which currently stands at 4 liter sized mugs full of bottle caps. I will pay to ship these bottles and caps (it will cost me hundreds in shipping at a minimum) to anywhere in the contiguous United States. I will continue to send all the NEW beer bottles and caps I collect, once a month, for the course of one year. This will be a minimum of 300 bottles and likely more. And finally I will hand deliver the last batch of bottles and bring along a minimum of 12 unopened rare beers and specialty beer glasses to sample with the winner. To recap my offer: My bottle and bottle cap collection delivered, free of charge, anywhere in the US 12 Months of receiveing ALL new beer bottles I acquire. Delivered monthly. A minimum of 12 rare beers and specialty beer glasses personally delivered for a beer tasting at the winner's location of choice. I imagine that someone with a pub or bar or even a home bar might like these for decoration. I do know that a few of these bottles are next to unatainable so the bottles themselves have value and would fetch big bucks on e-bay not to mention the raw cost of shipping. Thanks for reading my offer, Kyle. Cheers, Joe p.s. Here are some older pics of the bottles. There are 3X as many now. I am guessing conservatively that there are 700. My gut says there are more like 900.


Okay. I will trade you the part in Corbin Bernsiten's movie for the opportunity to come to Kalamazoo, MI, shave my head, and do what you will with the hair. Trust me, there are at least 5 people willing to smack me for even thinking about it. Katherine Pitcher


Hi Kyle, I am the Chief Audio Officer for an Spoken Word Audio content creation company in New Delhi, India. For your movie role, we can offer you 1 (one) free conversion of text to audio for any content up to 25,000 words. We will use the latest TTS (text-to-speech) engine of Male or Female English voice (buyers choice) and produce the audio version of it in MP3 format. Visit for voice samples. Thanks.


Offer #1
I would be happy to trade a week's worth of Chauffer service in the LA area for a one line role in a movie. No more arduous struggle through the concrete jungle to work / play for an entire week. This service would provide the winner a relaxed daily commute in the comfort of a fine luxury sedan, or a heart stopping thrill ride in an S2000 convertible. All gas would be included as well as a generous 1500 mile allowance for the week. No limit on the number or frequency of trips.

Offer #2
I would be happy to trade a week's worth of my time as a consultant / nerd to any individual desiring knowledge in engineering or the sciences. I hold a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and am quite knowledgeable in robotics, mechanical / electrical engineering, software development and entrepreneurship. My services would be extremely beneficial to someone that is looking to start a business, as I have done successfully, and would like a week's worth of advisory time on a technical / business level concerning their idea. Alternatively, I would also be extremely helpful to someone that is interested in looking into remodeling their home, rebuilding a vintage car or building a home theatre.

Thanks for your consideration, and best of luck. Rob


First things first: Brilliant man. That is an absolutely amazing (not to mention extemely lunky) trade that was pulled. A Movie Role!! If anything, it is a great experience. Not to mention the oppotunity to gets someones mug on screen with the possibility of being 'discovered'. Anything that must be offered must be huge! Which brings me to the offer.... What do you want? Arm and leg? Kidney? Dude, I want this! I am currently staying in South Africa and I want this!! BAD!!! OK, maybe not a kidney, but how about this... I can get a full, primary school (K7) Computer Training Course (home schooling set) from Computers 4 Kids ( ). The beauty of this, is that a school can then have a structured, yet partially dynamic, computer course. The reason this is good is that in many schools, teachers get employed to teach children to use a computer, but then do not know where to start to teach them. This package is a set structure that techers can follow. For more info you can go to their website - . Not only that, this offer is possible in many and, if I can work my stuff, any country, WORLDWIDE. Available in many different languages and best of all, once you have it, you have it. It does not expire!! Please say yes to this. If you need a shot of my ugly mug, just let me know....Until then, I shall wait patiently til you email me asap. Thanks Daren


Hello Kyle, Well - I have just seen your role of being the worlds most amazing trader being played out after I visited the radio talk show web site (very cool paranormal, UFO, government conspiracy, ancient forbidden archeology website among many other cool stories like your red paperclip adventure. Here is a link to my web site which I think you may enjoy visiting.. I run an entertainment business providing rental equipment to special events and promotions in several states. Some of the items I own are identical to items that have been in movies in the past. For example, David Letterman did the Velcro Wall Jumping, the movie "Richie Rich" had the "Sumo Wrestling Suits and the Orbitron".. We have a portable 35x35ft Laser tag complete with fog, lights, dj music, and real laser beams shooting from the guns! We also have obstacle course, inflatable mountain climbing etc etc.. Currently I own quite a few of these amazing toys which are constantly being rented for large University parties, Company Picnics, Conventions and promotions at package deal prices (estimated approximately 4-5 units on four hour party playtime price of $2000-$3000 with all travel, staff, hotel, meals, setup, licensing fees, insurance included) I will trade one complete 4-5 item party package to be setup anywhere in either OHIO, MICHIGAN, KENTUCKY, INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA, WEST VIRGINA, for the role in the movie.


Hi, and good luck with achieving your goals. It's just a matter of time..... Up for trade is an autographed Zildjian Crash Cymbal by Rick Allen of Def Leppard! He even drew a small picture of himself on it! Great shape and awesome item for the huge amount of Def Leppard fanatics out there!!!

I'm also upping the ante with my prized possession: My nice, shiny, red Miata MX-5 Convertible, complete with roll bar and spoiler. Great shape, and runs perfectly. Am I crazy? Maybe. 'Hate to do it, but this kind of opportunity only comes up once. Thanks, and again, good luck!



Kyle! Looks like I missed my window of opportunity with the snow globe. But a movie role isn't bad in exchange for what I'm offering... I'm a photographer who takes really, really, really big photos. In fact, my cameras are made out of old delivery trucks (like the one you traded for earlier). My negatives are eight feet wide... about 3,000 times bigger than the typical camera. I recently returned from Spain, where I did a series of shots for PHotoEspana, the country's premier photo exhibition. We trudged 7,800 km (4,800 miles) through the country, taking shots from Barcelona to Sevilla and everywhere in between. I'd like to offer you a series of three giant prints taken with the camera--the finest shots of our entire month's tour. These are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind images taken with the world's largest mobile camera... about 84 square feet of photo goodness! I've attached a few samples of some of my earlier work to give you an idea of what giant camera truck photos look like. If you'd like to learn more, check out my website at - Thanks for your consideration, and best of luck with your trading! Shaun Irving



I can offer you a scenic helicopter flight in the South Island, of NEW ZEALAND. Wake up on a glorious day, bundled into the Chopper and go and see first hand where the Lord of The Rings trilogy was filmed, you may even get to fly with the pilot that did a lot of aerial filming for those three great movies. Check out the Misty Mountains, the outskirts of Lothlorien and much much more!


Dear Kyle: I am the webmaster for a whitewater rafting company in West Virginia. I have two trade options for you.
First is a 5-day 6 night all-inclusive vacation at the 1,400- acre resort where I work. Included in this week long adventure vacation is deluxe lodging in the New River Gorge, the “ Grand Canyon of the East”, and a weeks worth of activities. We will take you Whitewater Rafting on the New River, Rock Climbing on the famous cliffs in the gorge, Moun Biking, and Kayaking. Check out our web site
Choice two: a life altering experience. We will train you to become a certified Whitewater rafting guide! After your successful completion of the guide training, we offer a season’s worth of work and lodging at our resort (in a tent). Imagine the feeling of guiding others through a 1,000-foot canyon carved over a millennium with rocks the size of houses. Learn to read water, tackle giant wave trains, and class V+ whitewater. Be the master of your own ship, take total control of your life… ok, ok, that is a bit dramatic. Check out the cool Whitewater rafting and the guide Cribs at This is the chance of a lifetime to work and live in the pristine wilderness of West Virginia. And knowing that you’re from the great white north, West Virginia will feel like Florida! A bonus! Kyle… buddy… I need to be in the movies…. Hook a brother up! PS. We could film your year as a guide and make a reality series out of it. With the money you could buy a house. - Gene Starcher




Two Prom dates! Stuck for a date?Want to find a gorgeous girl to go with your nerdy son? boost someones self-esteem? Surprise somebody? Or want to plan ahead and already have a date lined up for next year?Or the year after?... Offer Includes...
-Me and one of my best friends to be your date for your highschool prom. ( one on each arm, or give one to a friend)
-We will fly to your prom ( must be in Canada or the US)
-Me and my friends are the funnyest and funnest people you will ever meet.

P.S. Im also willing to trade my old nintendo ( you know those reallllyy old ones the 1st ones ever made i think)

Gorgeous Me.jpg


Hi my name is Kelly (male!) I live in Monterey, California. This is my offer to you for the movie role, I will let you come to the beautiful Monterey Bay and kick my ass. I won't fight back, I'll just take it like a man. Just you alone (a crowd of on-lookers is ok) but only you can do the ass-kicking. I realize it's not the house that your hoping for, but maybe you can trade up from here. Thank you for your time & hopefully you'll be kicking my ass in the future ! Sincerely, Kelly Orr


Hey Kyle, I am an architectural designer/general contractor in California. I bought this lot to build and vacation at. I am now the contractor for HGTV's "the house detective" and would lov to expand my scope of work to include Corbin's new film. -- Here is the trade to get you back on track. One 1/4 acre lot in Hardy, Arkansas across the street from the lake. I will include building plans for a home I designed for the lot. A beautiful 2438 square foot, 4 or 5 bedroom 3 bath home. The value of this package is around 12-15k. The lot is owned free and clear and all taxes are paid current. It is a great deal for the right person. With this you are one step closer to owning your house free and clear in exchange for one red paper clip. let me know. Thanks - Brian Gar



I will trade you my mint condition, 1968 Raggedy Ann and Andy doll originals


Hi Kyle, Congratulations on all your success thus far. I admire the fact that you’re not only trying to change your own life both the lives of others as well. I am an aspiring actress in Nanaimo (near Vancouver) and I would like to offer you 1 new beachcomber hottub w/ twin tiered step in exchange for the movie role. The tub has a seating capacity of 6-8 persons and has a colbalt blue interior w/ ebony enviroskirt. Hottubs are known to have great therapeutic qualities and I’m sure it would be extremely beneficial to anyone dealing with physical aliments. The movie role with Corbin Bernsen would be a great chance for me to meet people in the industry and to learn from a movie and television veteran. I have moved across the country from Newfoundland to British Columbia just to pursue my dream of being a working actor. I’ve been lucky enough to have the support of my wonderful boyfriend who has helped me realize my dreams. I am constantly training and doing as much as I can to achieve my goals and of increasing my chances of getting an audition or role. I have volunteered for many local productions and am always looking for new experiences and opportunities. Please let me know if you would like to trade. You can get more information about the hottub on - Thank you, Stephanie


I will trade an authentic 1865 Civil war revolver used on the Union side of the war. This is a family heirloom that was passed down to me from my late grandfather. I know what your thinking a gun for a movie role, but its all I have to offer its kinda cool if you could find a Civil War buff. Thanks for your time a PLEASE consider me. - Tony G. Salt Lake City


Hi Kyle! You've received some amazing offers, and I'd like to throw mine into the ring -- I hope you find it to be a worthy trade for a role in a movie! I am an author who has written two novels and a multitude of short stories, and my offer is this: I will write a novel. Any idea, any genre, anything at all. Want to see yourself as the main character in a Western? I'll write it. Would you rather be a evil warlord in a space opera? I'll write it. Perhaps you'd prefer to record a story from your family history? I'll write it. After an initial discussion about plot and characterization, I'll start typing, and present you with a manuscript of at least 75,000 words based on your ideas. From there, we will publish the novel, either with the help of a traditional publishing house or through an online POD publisher like Lulu. Either way, you get a novel with your ideas to hold in your hand, to show to your friends, and to impress complete strangers at parties. Of course, we won't be able to write a fan-fic novel containing characters from any current form of entertainment, as that would infringe on copyright, but you will be immortalized forever in literary form, just like Moby Dick and Frankenstein! For a list of my past publications and selections of my writing, you can pop over to - I hope my offer can help you on your way to becoming a home-owner! - Best wishes, Kim Bannerman


I will trade you an old go-cart for your movie role.
-neena and neela pack
ps. and a date with twins


Hello Kyle, THE OFFER: One fossilized slice of pizza.
A remnant artifact from the Crustaceous Period... apparently, no Crustaceans wanted the last slice, and now I offer it to you... the only piece in existence... the only proof that:
a.) real pizza is supposed to be like microwave pizza (soggy crust)
b.) Europe and North America were linked by land bridge (How else did it get to western Canada from prehistoric Italy?)
c.) Rock radio rules! (Heard the 94X interview with Brad Bregani) ;)


Kyle, kudos on an ingenious venture… and way kewl on the explosive viral marketing this has developed! What has been just as enjoyable, is reading the stories of the other far flung adventures you've been on; things that office dwellers daydream about, while staring out of the corporate window. Now allow me to digress (I've always wanted to say that). I gave a little thought last night into what I could offer, of greater value and marketability. With more time perhaps I could come up with something better, but am afraid that 'he who snoozes, loses!' For the movie opportunity, I would like offer a full week of indentured servitude of both mind & body. More specifically, you can trade my skill in the business world and hard work pertaining to domestication. Not only do I have the ability to assist someone in business consulting or simple personal finance matters, I am also willing to handle all of their cleaning, cooking and chauffeuring. A two second line in a movie in exchange for 156 hours of helping someone get caught up and over the hump. Ideal candidates to accept this offer may include: Established businesses, small business startups, those with problems balancing their personal checkbooks, the elderly, those too busy to dust their favorite collection of David Hasselhoff records, someone who needs their car cleaned and then wants to sit in the backseat while I drive them around town, an individual or entity that needs to a wiz to help them with their marketing & public relations campaign during the day – then scrub the floors, cook the meals, and accompany them to a high school reunion at night, etc., etc., etc. Heck, we can even throw in washing the dog, shoulder massages, and comedy routines at home, weddings and/or bar mitzvahs! I wonder how much it would cost to hire a Chief Operations Officer, MBA graduate, Butler, Chauffeur, and Entertainer for one full week? Well, for the next trade – someone can have it all wrapped into one person! AND, as an extra awesome bonus (in the voice of a late night infomercial), I am will donate the "return flight anywhere in the world" that comes with the movie deal!! THAT'S RIGHT… a flight anywhere!!! "Anywhere in the world" is a whole lot of places that someone else can go. Thank you for your consideration and best wishes on your journey! -- JP


I'm 21, living in the UK, London to be precise, well Bishops Stortford to be entirely correct, but London is just down the road. First off, immense achievements so far pal. I heard about this I thought from a work colleague but he says he never told me. So some how I've dreamt that some guy swapped a paperclip for a house. Weird stuff. I wanna be in a movie. I don't know why, but I just do. I'm not even good at acting but I want some excitement in my life. Now, what do I have to trade? Well I don't own a house unfortunately! I would offer to trade my girlfriend, she is very good looking, but I don't think she'd be willing, plus it's illegal to trade people. The only thing I can really offer is my services. If you give me a role in a movie, I will offer myself to work doing anything. I'm skilled in sales and personal skills. I'm quite big so could also be useful manual labouring and stuff. So my offer is myself to work over in the States for 1 year (negotiable to more) doing anything in exchange for a role in the movie. Let me know what you think. I'm a hard worker! Kind Regards, Olie


Kyle, give me the opportunity to be a successful actor and in return I will offer you everything in 5’s. I call it the “5-5” deal: 5% of my earnings as an actor over a period of 5 years (guaranteed $5,000 USD with potentially unlimited upside), 5 nights in Vancouver (“Hollywood North”), British Columbia, and 5 meals at restaurants unique to Vancouver. The reason for traveling to Vancouver is not only to see the city, but also to meet me – the person that could potentially earn you a lot of money. In the interest of our mutual success, this is the win-win opportunity that I’m offering:

* 5% of my earnings as an actor over a period of 5 years with a guaranteed minimum of $5,000 USD and a potentially infinite upside based on my success over that period of time.
* Roundtrip airfare from anywhere in the contiguous United States or Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia.
* 5 nights at the Sheraton Wall Center – right in the heart of downtown Vancouver and in walking distance of Stanley Park.
*I’ll show you around town actor style (that means we’re walking and bussing) and take you out for a minimum of 5 meals at restaurants that are unique to Vancouver – no international chains!
* BONUS: 5 red paperclips attached to 1 signed headshot from yours truly – the actor that traded his way into Donna on Demand.

My name is Nelson Kyle, and I am an actor.


Dude my life's dream is to be in a movie. All I have is a brand new Craftsman Table Saw that I got for my birthday last month. It's a 10 inch 15 amp Table Saw model number 921805. I will trade this to you for the movie role. Here's the descrption:
10 in. Craftsman table saw with a folding collapsible stand for easy portability and storage. Right and left telescoping wings for 30 in. right and 18 in. left rip capacity. Toolless assembly to legset and blade guard for quick and easy setup. Dustbag mounts onto stand for fast setup and clean work area. Rear outfeed to help support workpiece when ripping.
# Sears Exclusive
# On-board storage for stand, blade, rip fence, miter gauge, and wrenches
# Leveling foot on stand for easy setup on a variety of surfaces
# Powerful 15-amp motor for most cutting applications
# Durable cast-aluminum tabletop for smooth cuts
# 10 in. 36-tooth carbide blade for fast, smooth cuts
# 1/32 in. scale on rails for precise measurements
Let me know dude - Brian


Hi Kyle, My name is Garrett Johnson and I have been following your trading for awhile now and you have something I'd like to trade for. I know you are wanting a house and I'm sorry to say I don't have that to offer but I do have some land that you could build on. Before I give you the details I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I'm interested in trading. I am a fifty year old auto worker with 32years on the job and I am close to retiring. I have always been interested in acting but it was an unfilled dream. My senior year in High School I received the Drama award and had the male lead in our senior play. I also appeared in several public plays back then to raise money for our towns centennial. I never got the chance to follow up on acting. I moved to Kansas City in 1973 and started working for General Motors and have been there ever since.I have a daughter who is 12 and has been taking acting lessons for a few years so I get to relive a little through her. This is what I have to offer for trade. I own a lot near Warsaw, Missouri at a place called Bent Tree Harbor. It is near Truman Lake but not on the water. I purchased the property in 1984 for about $4100. I am not sure of it's current value. The lot is undeveloped and pie shaped. The deed is clear with no back taxes. The dimensions are approx. 66ft across the front, 150ft deep, and 274 feet across the back. I had to ask the count to send me a copy of the survey and don't have it on hand but will let you know the exact dimensions when I receive it. What ever you decide to trade for I want to thank you for the opportunity to chase an old dream I thought had died.


Kyle, Love your blog. I am offering one condo (coop) in Minneapolis, MN with $10,000 in equity. You or whoever you traded again with would be assuming the rest of the mortgage of $125,000. But that's not all. I am selling my house so I can circumnavigate the earth in a sailboat. I am also offering one crew slot (room and board) on my sailboat for the entire length of the trip. That is 2 year vacation seeing the most exotic places on earth. The real estate listing is here:



Hi Kyle, My name is Jean Hupperets (I'm a male - don't be fooled by my french name) and my girlfriend and I own a renovated old farmhouse in Belgium where we accommodate guests in luxury Bed&Breakfast-style rooms and in a small cottage. Visit for an impression of our place. Unfortunately our main website is only in dutch and french, but you can find a very small english version here or you can try Google Translate for a horrible translation (entertaining in a somewhat awkward way).

I would love to trade the movie role, as a present for my girlfriend's 33rd birthday on June 25th, for the following:

- a week's stay for 10-15 people people in 'la Bushaye' (that's the name of our place) in our luxury B&B rooms and our charming cottage.
- breakfast, lunch and diner included (I used to be a restaurant-chef so I'll put all my efforts and creativity in it).
- visit to the neighbouring abbey (one of the oldest in Belgium) with guided tour and of locally brewed abbey beers.
- a fully catered party with music, flashing lights and plenty of food and drinks
- an classic oil-painting made of the group, posing round our XVII-th century fireplace.

This might be an ideal offer for someone who wants to celebrate something special (wedding, birthday) in a very romantic and exclusive setting with a small circle of friends or for a group of friends who want to explore the beautifull area we're in. The area has a lot to offer: besides the nice scenery there are also lots of things to do: walking, (mountain)biking, karting/visit to Francorchamps racecircuit, horseback riding, fishing, golf, rockclimbing, kayaking/rafting, visits to abbeys/castles etc., visits to nice cities (Maastricht, Liege, Aachen), etc.).

With kind regards, Jean Hupperets - La Bushaye

Bushaye Cottage medium.jpg
Bushaye Salon medium.jpg

Hi Kyle, What about a movie role in exchange for a whole movie… Let me explain.. I am an independent film maker in Montreal, Canada. I would offer you to produce some one original idea in return for that role. My last project was Domino, the trailer is available on

**********'s Brad Bregani from 94X - Namesake of Colin Pearson's hit song "Oh Bradley" here. I would personally like to make you an offer in trade for the Movie Role package. My offer is a choice between either of the following 2 packages:

Package #1 titled: "Crash A wedding & Score a Geo:
It includes:
-A one-way flight from a major North American Airport to Vancouver BC in August. Hotel accomodations for 3 nights at quality lodging in Vancouver.
-And to get back home to wherever they're from: They get a 1995 Geo Metro car.


Package #2, titled: "Be a DJ... and also score a Geo"
-One way flight from a major North American Airport to Prince George BC. - BC's Northern Capital. A quaint logging town of 100,000 about 8 hours by car North of Vancouver.
-3 Nights Hotel Accomodation at quality loding in Prince George
-Free Dinners...and use of a vehicle while staying in Prince George (which may or may not be a 1995 Geo Metro)
To get home: A 1995 Geo Metro - theirs to keep.

The Geo Metro is my fiancee Carla's car...and she wants to get something bigger. SO...that leaves her car as an un-wanted yet very reliable piece of machinery. It has 165,000 kilometres, it's automatic...gets killer gas mileage... and is named Larry. Whatta ya think Kyle? Send me to Hollywood. I beg of you. Cheers,
Brad Bregani

Geo Metro 001


hy kyle ilike the thing that you do im following it from montreal so my offer for you is for the movie role i will exchange a lifesize replica of a cart nosewing that was used in the movie driven and is signed by most of the cast and crew and sylvester stallone photo upon demand and im a fully licenced carpenter so if ever you get your house give me a sing if you need some help or contact for info. cris jutras

driven  prop


Hi Kyle, I would like to introduce myself…my name is Freya Bletsoe and I’m one of the directors of Homefinder UK Ltd. Our company finds homes for people and this is what I’d like to offer as a trade for your role in the film… I’d like to offer you a years free home finding service for investment property in the UK. OK this doesn’t sound the most inspiring but…here’s my plan. A years worth of home finding service for investment property in the UK would be very attractive to a UK based property investor, who may in turn wish to trade you one of their investment properties out of their portfolio in exchange for our homefinder service for a year… Looking like a better deal now? Yup we thought so too!! Have a look at our website to see exactly what our service is: and don’t forget with our offer potentially your house could be but a mere 2 more trades away!! All the best of luck in your adventure Kyle!! What a great experience for you! Kindest regards - Mrs Freya Bletsoe


Hi Im from Ireland, and I will do you a deal!! I cannot quite give you the house that you so desperately desire, but I can let you stay in my Ireland!!! For the movie can stay in my house while I am filming!!


Hi! I would like to be in your movie ;) I would like to trade a movie role for a antiques of Iosif Stalin. Do you know who is it? This thing was made in 1933 year, has a long story. It is very old, important and seldom thing. I'm Kate, from Russia, now i live in Ussuriisk, near Vladivostok, may be you hear about it. People from russia knows about your trade journey, it's very unusually :) Thanks and good luck!


Hey! I'll trade you two months tuition in the Swedish Language, along with guided tours of Australia's best skiing, hiking, wine, fishing, hangliding and horse riding country. Airfares, sadly, are not included. I am a terribly poor student.......but i can teach you how to speak Swedish, and where the best hikes are! In short, I'm offering you a holiday in sunny, sunny Oz. Good luck. If only I'd a spare house, I'd trade it! Erin, Australia.

My name is Mike Mastantuono and I am also from Montreal, I would be interested in trading with you a piece of Hockey Hall of Fame. I have an autographed stick from all of the New York Rangers from 1993- 1994 the year they won the stanley cup. It includes Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter... just to name a few. I never got the stick appraised but I am sure it is worth close to a thousand dollars, and probably a lot more to a big hockey fan.

Hello Kyle!
My offer for "One Movie Roll" is
1. 500 bottles of Chief Firewater - The original and best know Surfboard Cleaner & Wax Remover since 1987! Note: Each unit is a standard 8-oz bottle
2. Licensing rights to manufacture and sell up to 200,000 items of T-shirts, sweats, beach wear, or related soft goods such as cups & hats, etc.) each with the official Chief Firewater trademark logo.
3. 10 First Heat CDs of the Chief Firewater Surf Band! Each CD will be personally autographed by Michael Borges, (aka "Chief") the inventor of the Chief Firewater surfboard cleaner products.
4. Unlimited FREE access to Chief Firewater Surf Band MP3 music via our band's music page on SoundClick! Chief Firewater Surf Band
5. Access (by referral) to the Chief Firewater's roster of team riders friends. Note: There's enough surfers in the Chief's "Hall Of Fame" list to organize the world's largest beach or surf party!
6. One free meal with the Chief to discuss his experience as an inventor and manufacturer of products in the surfing business since his first successful sporting goods innovations in 1986.

7.Free feedback and consulting for your next "big idea", invention and/or sporting goods product concept.
Note: This is during our lunch or dinner visit. Location can be at the Chief's home in Lake Elsinore, California, or anywhere in the Southern California area, including San Diego, Orange or Riverside County. Aloha & best wishes for success!
Michael Borges


My offer for "One Movie Role" is "One Ultimate Skateboarding Package".

The offer includes :
-A weekend (Fri-Sun) stay in Park City, Utah, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and the Sundance Film Festival, for one lucky person.
-Round-trip flight and transportation to Park City from wherever you live. -Meals and accommodations in Park City.
-ONE FULL DAY of skateboarding lessons (doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or expert) from sponsored skateboarder Anthony Johnson (along with some of his sponsored skateboarding friends).
-Dinner with Anthony, some of his sponsored skateboarding friends, and actress Niki Pace (as seen in Donna on Demand!?).
-A published article in the MAJOR skateboarding magazine Concrete Wave Magazine, including a story about the weekend and photos of the skate lesson (yes, this is real).
-A year subscription to Concrete Wave Magazine.
-Products from Anthony's sponsors including:
-One complete skateboard (Including Ninja bearings and Blacksmith Skateboards ).
-One new helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads from Viking Helmets.
-A variety of skate hats from Shred Alert.
-One HUGE box of Ollie Pop bubble gum.
-One pair of Body Specs sunglasses.
-Possibly more!!!!!!!
-Autographed photos and memorabilia from Anthony and friends.
-Plenty of photos to keep from the weekend.
-Tips on becoming a sponsored skateboarder.


Anthony Johnson currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. You may have seen him in Transworld, Concrete Wave, Revolution, Resolve, Stance, and SBC magazines. He has also been in many skateboarding videos including East Meets West 2005 (a collaboration of skaters all over America). He has placed in many contests including but not limited to: 1st place at the Vans Warp Tour in 2000, 2nd place at the Vans Warp Tour in 2001, and 1st place in the Best of the West Contest in 2003. For more info about me and my offer, please visit To get more info about me and my acting career please visit my website at

Niki Pace

How about this? I live in LA. I'm an actor. And while I really would love the chance to be in a movie I have someone else in mind. My girlfriend is a HUGE fan of Corbin Bernsen. She is strikingly beautiful, greek, the camera loves her. She is a broadcast journalist not an actor, yet she has thousands more hours of experience in front of the camera than I do. My hours have been spent giving massage. Yes, I am a certified massage technician and I offer a fantastic product. An athletic physique gives me the weight I need to give a really great deep tissue massage. Or how about a relaxing swedish? Maybe a combo of the two? 52 hours. That's one year of free outcall massage in LA. Let me help with your siatica or lower lumbar. Paraformus release anyone? It'll change your life if you're active and have tight hips/legs/low-back. This is an incredibly valuable offer. If I had to quantify it I would say this. I wouldn't sell a 52 hour package for less than $7, 800.00 as a package deal. Some clients pay weekly however. If one were to pay weekly for 52 massages it would cost $10,400.00. The thing is my girlfriends birthday is at the end of July. Our anniversary is the beginning of July. And I've been wracking my brain to think of something soap opera (she's a soap girl) related to do for her for our anniversary or her birthday being that I'm in LA and maybe can get some autographed pictures personalized to say happy birthday to her or something. She made me feel more special on my 30th birthday with all the sweet things she did for me than anyone ever has. Now I want to give her that same feeling. So I decided that this movie role is what I want to give her. Why? Not only because she's a fan of Corbin Bernsen but because she is a huge daytime tv fan too. Corbin is a soap guy. That's one of the reasons she loves him so much. Well, that and because he is producing a lot of things on his own now and loves to cast other soap stars. My girlfriend loves that about him because she knows there are some great actors in soaps that hollywood refuses to cast because they have a soap opera stigma on them. If I were able to tell my girlfriend she was going to meet Corbin Bernsen she would literally start jumping up and down and dancing around like a little girl. She's so cute when she does that. If I then told her she was going to be on set with other actors (probably soap actors) and playing a role in Corbin's movie it may literally BLOW HER MIND! That's why I am so willing to offer something so valuable. I can work for someone free for a year if it means getting to see her glow from that experience for months. So I say this to you. Accept my offer. Surely there is someone here in LA that would be willing to trade something of GREAT value to be treated to a relaxing, therapuetic massage from the comfort of their own home for an entire year. And I think it really would hopefully make her feel as special as she made me feel a few months ago. And think about this. The people with a lot of money in this town are mostly industry people. Most of them don't want a role in Corbin's film because (a) they are already film/tv stars or (b) they are producers/directors/writers/etc. with no interest in acting whatsoever. So they arent bartering with you right now. You need those people bartering with you on your next deal an my offer will take you to the bargaining table with all of them because there is one thing that every last one of them wants and that's an incredible therapuetic massage. And who knows what they have laying around in their garages and what it's worth.
Best Regards,
Jeremiah Bradshaw

Hi Kyle, It was fun watching your trade journey. I was a little prejudiced about your trade as you have stated that you will trade your items for something better and bigger. But you seemed so unpredictable and decided to trade one afternoon with Cooper for a KISS globe! And of course you happened to be true to your words - 'be creative -I'm not holding out for any offer in particular. So here is my whacky offer - I am willing to trade that movie role offer for a guidance (online or by phone if i am offered room and board too thats great) to achieve a point of null mind. Let me explain - you might have seen people obsessed with meditation - what they are trying to do is empty their mind, (some might say to be much more aware of what they think of and blah blah blah)...essentially my offer is that I will show a way to be aware of your thoughts at first, then be more vigilant of different thoughts, controlling them so as to gain moments of thoughtlessness and finally letting the one that is being aware or the I (ego) drop. A state of no mind, some call it void - still some lebel it to enlightenment. Have no doubts - this is the end of meditation as a whole - there is nothing beyond this state - how will you cruise further when the traveller is no more there. The technique is unique and I have discovered it myself, its exhaustive - (not for amateurs or weak willed ones) and it will link mind with the body. As for the proof of the trade - I will write the first step - (basically let the one who wants to swim..into the water with directions of how to swim) and seal it in an envelop. Enclosed inside the envelop will be my contact details for the further guidance of him/ her. If you have any more issues to resolve - I will do it so for you! You might be wondering - what sort of person am I? who wants to trade a spiritual lesson for a hollywood glamor. But then you do not have a slightest idea what I am after - after all I am the actor! I have a small role to play in this life. I am planning to rescue my taiwanese princess while putting my eyes on each crown so as to date the miss universe! You might be tempted to ask me what I will do for it - for the start I just need this trade, I am willing to trade my life for it! Just give me a break - and watch my acting! Last but not the least my name is Sudeep. And I am in florida, right now!

Hi Kyle. I have my own "paper-clip-for-a-house-barter" site in Brazil I've started with a blue paper clip Then I got a glass, that I bartered for a tennis racket I changed the tennis racket for a place to but a webpage Then, finaly, I've changed it for an autographed jersey of Grêmio soccer's team. If you don't know, Grêmio is the team where Ronaldinho has started his career. Ronaldinho is the BEST soccer player (he won the last 2 votation) and he's going to play the World Cup. This jersey that I have is the last official jersey of Grêmio and it's autographed by 20 players of the team. Its a very good item, because its a t-shirt of the team where the BEST soccer's player started his career. So, my offer is: I give u this official autographed jersey of Grêmio and you give me the role in Hollywood. So I will have a role in Hollywood to change in my site and you will have a jersey of Gremio (the team where Ronaldinho started his career) to offer in your city. Does it sound good for you? You can find a pic of the autographed jersey at: - Then click at "Item em oferta" - Rodrigo Policarpo


I'll offer a 2 night, 3 day weekend stay for you and a guest at my beach house in Wrightsville Beach, NC. We are on the ocean in a luxury home. Would include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a tour of Screengem Movie Studios, Historic downtown Wilmington, a trip to the Cameron Louise Wells Art Museum, and the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, as well as a fishing trip. - Nicole

Hi Kyle, I will trade six months of dog grooming for your movie role. Any size, and any breed. Steph

Starting with a clean, level, empty space, I'll trade one mixed patchwork bathroom tile job. Winner pays for tile, tilecrete, grout, necessary supplies, and any necessary carpentry, plumbing, etc. (I only tile... I don't move tubs). Winner will also be responsible for getting me to the site and paying room and board, should it be far from home. I'm not a pro, but the patchwork job means that variations in spacing etc. only add to the charm. People suck the air out of the room when they see our bathroom. Now's their chance to get one of their own! I'll also give you a bottle of 1914 Paul Masson Champagne to christen your soon to get new house, and I'll donate a portion of my earnings from the movie towards a friend's medical expenses.

Here's a sample of my tile work:




Hi! - Yes, I would like to be in your movie. I would like to trade a movie role for a kiss! That's it! Sincerely, Anna Maganini

Anna Maganini


Hey I am Mike Farrell and I am willing to trade a year's worth of competition in gaming like any tv game show or board game or video game with the winner at any time they woudl like and as long as they would like for this role. I just graduated high school and I am trying to make my way to become an actor and I just got my headshots done today. It's what I live for. Thanks for the opportunity. If you don't understand my trade it is simple- I will basically be someone's gaming partner or opponenet or competitor for a year in any game they choose at any time.


I offer my entire Barbie Doll collection. Currently it is stored under the stairs at my mother’s house in Kirkfield, Ontario. That is where I’d choose to do the trade. I have mostly collector dolls from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Some were almost impossible to find and very limited. I can get pictures and a list for you if you are interested. There are about 150 dolls, all NRFB in mint condition. I paid $10 to over $200 (closer to $200 for most (but shhh, please don’t tell my ex-husband!) They are my ‘snowglobes’. And they will be someone else’s. Also, Barbie is turning 50 (how does she keep that figure?!) in 3 years, so they will be even more valuable as Mattel will hype the birthday to the moon and back! Thanks! Karen.


Hello again, I'm back with a bigger and better trade. I'm 8 now and I wished on my cake candles to be an actress. So I asked my mom and she said I could trade away the living room chair to be in a movie. She took a picture of this chair and I am sending it to you. It looks like a chair from That 70s Show, which is my favorite show. I hope you want my chair so I can win this movie job. My mom said I could do it if I won so I know it will be okay. If I get the movie job she will come with. From Miss Ryan Tillman

PS- I said Miss so you would know I'm a girl.



Dear Kyle, What you are doing is brilliant, you had a great idea and went with it, good for you. I love checking in to see what wild adventures your paperclip has taken you on next. I am really looking forward to the book coming out to get the dish on everything. And of course it would be great to be a part of it. So here is my trade and why: For "one part in a movie" i would like to offer "one year of hair sevices for you and a person of your choice". I am a Toronto trained hair stylist, working from home in Castleton Ontario (my little ones don't take me too far from home these days). So for a year I am willing to offer up my professional services in order to get my dad this movie role. Acting is his passion in life, he has been an actor for as long as i have known about him. Most of his work is on the stage or behind it directing. But like many actors these days, the breaks are few and far between. He still persues his love on the side while working at a youth shelter to pay the bills. He is an energetic, outgoing individual who loves to perform, and i couldn't think of something better to give him for fathers day than a movie role. Who knows it could be his only one, or it could lead to a star on the Canadadian Walk of Fame, either way it would make his day. Thanks for the consideration, Jehane


Hi Kyle. I offer for trade a herd of eight, absolutely gorgeous cattle. My girls come running when they're called and can be scratched and petted. Some are already in calf to the handsome young bull next door : ))) They are awesome mothers too. I would love the fun of acting in a movie and the trip would be a bonus too! And besides, I thought it was time Australia got in on this : )))) The cattle are at Toowoomba Qld, inland by 90 mins or so from Brisbane. The cows are excellent foster mums, very gentle and good natured. There's a couple of heifers in calf (I hope) and a couple of calves, and the three foster mums are due to go into calf again now. People would say I have dramatic leanings but to be honest I am simply throwing this in the ring, just for the fun of it, to see where life takes me. I am a wife and mother of 4 aged from 10 to 18, and so it's been a while since I've done anything impulsive or adventurous, and that mischevious part of me longs for that. It would be such a fun experience! I have some recent stage and public speaking experience and consider myself outgoing and confident. However I also have one young friend who is an aspiring actor, who would grab this opportunity with both hands (and teeth) and RUN with it! Attached a photo of our Murray Grey X foster mum, with newborn back in January this year.

Hi Kyle, good to see you're back on your feet. For the acting role in "Donna on Demand", I will trade you up for an Executive Producer credit on "The 1 Second Film". Why just be in a movie when you can be the Executive Producer instead? If this trade goes through, I will pass the role on to my neighbor and friend, Rollence, who has been working his ass off for the past 4 years acting in Los Angeles. It's tough business and he deserves a break. Thanks, Jeremy Weinstein