Yeah, I can't believe it either.

Big thanks to the combined force of a packed Fargo house and Alice Cooper for making one red paperclip rock harder than I'm sure any of us ever imagined. Tonight was insane. I could probably write all sorts of stuff about tonight, but I'll just let this video do the talking:

The balloon was filled with blood. It exploded all over the crowd. I "never saw it coming." I then got hosed off stage by a giant stream of blood. The giant red paperclip got ripped to shreds by the crowd. 20/20 from ABC caught the whole thing on tape. I then autographed pieces of giant red paperclip. None of this has ever happened before. To me at least.


Thanks Alice. You rock.


Safe to say I won't ever wash that shirt.

Sweet dreams. Or nightmares - Kyle


JCavazos said...

Fargo does rock! It was well worth the 2hr drive from South Dakota to see Alice Cooper. I then heard One Red Paper Clip and intantly knew what they were talking about. I saw you on Attack of the Show. Good luck with the trading Kyle.

prudish.feign said...

i can't believe this. you're trying to trade a paper clip for a house? that's insane. but i like it! Ü

Jesamin said...

Nightmares I think.

JODSTER said...

will you get Cintas to send you a new shirt? Or are you committed to wearing a blood soaked shirt until you trade for the house?

kristineforpresident said...

This is definitely one of my favorite photos from Fargo. Oh yah!

panda cookie said...

All I can say is DAAAAAMMMMMNNN!!!

I love the concept for your blog, by the way. You should show it off here: http://www.bloggerforum.com/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=5. The people here would really love it, trust me! :)

Draco said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro! I just wanted to say, I think what your doin is very awsome! I am happy for you! Good luck with everything Chris Kanawyer-Kansas City

Matt said...

Yep, ND is definitely the coolest place on the planet. Sweet.