Whooooa Bayside!

My mom said she didn't like that last post about Screech, and I'm sure she's not alone in that department. I guess to fully get the absurdity/genius of the "dilmena" Mr. Diamond "faces", it helps to have been weaned on years of Saved by the Bell and know the truth behind things like the time Jerry the King Lawler "fought" Andy Kaufman on Letterman. Did you know Dustin Diamond was a comedian before today? Me neither. Genius publicity stunt. Unless he came up with the "save Dustin Diamond's house" angle, I'm pretty sure Howard Stern would've never had him on the show.

If it's for real, then the amount of free publicity he just scored to re-brand himself as a "comedian" far outweighs whatever (if any) equity he owns in the house, thus giving us every reason to cheer when he goes down in flames.

But who's to say what's real and what's not? I think we should ask Tony Clifton and Neil Hamburger what they think on the matter.

Getting back to the one red paperclip madness, which I can assure you is 100% real and continues to blow my mind, I have a few conversations going on with various parties concerning the offers for the movie role. I actually just got off the phone with a DJ from ABC Radio in Toowoomba Australia who wanted the contact info for person who offered me the cows. (near the bottom of the offers page) So maybe I'll go to Australia and trade the movie role with some cows. You never know. I can assure you that progress is happening on many other fronts as well and I'm trying my darndest to trade up to the house by July 12th. The house has to transpire this summer so we can throw a housewarming party that will re-define the term "housewarming party".

Sorry to be evasive and to hint and to generally talk about things in mysterious ways, but that's all I can really do right now, because behind the scenes that's all there is - a lot of talk. Everything could change on a dime, like for instance, Mr. Belding might call me up in five minutes and offer up a house. You never know, he could probably use the work, and I know for a fact that stranger things have happened before.



Anonymous said...

Actually, to be fair, Dustin has been a comedian for at least a few years. My old roommate interviewed him when he was headlining at Yuk Yuk's in Toronto back in 2004 (I think it was 2004). And while it's fun to make fun of him (come on, he's Screech!), he HAS done some good work with his charity, the Dustin Diamond Foundation (which has the most horrible web page EVER, and I refuse to link to it!)

MickoZ said...

Ha... a Kaufmann and Clifton fan... I see! ;-)

Great inspiration dude.