Forty Media

I just realized that I've done dozens of email interviews and never really talked about them on the site. Most are linked from the press section of this website. They're usually fun because I have a chance to write about different things than the run-of-the-mill stuff I usually get asked. Just did another email interview today with Forty Media. You can scope it out here.

If you want to interview me about one red paperclip, or anything else for that matter, I'll be more than happy to oblige and can probably score you an interview with Corbin Bernsen or any other people related to the project. My contact info is here. I'm in Montreal at the moment, so the best way to get me is on my 514 cell phone.

And in case you were wondering, Alice Cooper still isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we still don't know who these guys are.

have fun - Kyle

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