A Typical Boring Third Person Magazine Entry

[ed. note] *Since Kyle MacDonald is not currently feeling creative or funny, this blog post was written by an anonymous and generic writer. The post will be written in the third person, in a style suitable for a very boring, typical magazine aimed at middle of the road readers who enjoy neither too much sugar, not too much spice. Kyle apparently says that he hopes his regular blog readers are not upset by this change and hopes to return in the near future when he regains whatever sense of originality he may have once had.

In this picture (below) Corbin Bernsen (left) and Kyle MacDonald (right) celebrate the latest trade in the one red paperclip project. CIMG6590.JPG
Be careful Corbin! Don't drop that snow globe!

Dom, Kyle, Corbin, Jody, and 6000 snow globes. (below)
[ed. note] *picture does not actually show Corbin Bernsen's entire 6000 snow globe collection. 6000 figure is just for illustrative purposes.

Corbin has a fish that looks like Nemo from the hit animated feature length film, Finding Nemo. Can you find Nemo in the picture?! (below).
[ed. note] *Not actually Nemo in the picture. Corbin Bernson, Kyle MacDonald and one red paperclip LLC are not associated with Pixar Animation and associated parties. Picture blurred intentionally to protect fish's identity. Fish not actually named Nemo.

CTV Television from Canada tracked down Kyle MacDonald to the non-descript Van Nuys warehouse district where he made the trade with Corbin Bernsen. (below)
Word on the street says that Kyle MacDonald was confused by the somewhat sudden materialization of CTV Canadian television in a non-descript warehouse district in Van Nuys California. Apparently CTV Canadian Television does not only film news events in Canada, but also in non-descript warehouse districts in Van Nuys California. On one hand, Kyle MacDonald is now somewhat afraid that a national TV network is stalking his every move, but on the other hand he is over the moon that he has now completed the Canadian National TV Network Chief Corespondent Triple Crown: Kevin Newman (Global), Peter Mansbridge (CBC), and last but not least, CTV's own, and without a doubt the closest any living news anchor resembles Kent Brockman from the Simpsons, the man himself, Lloyd Robertson. If you're in Canada or have some sort of crazy international Satellite TV thingy, you can tune in to CTV National News on Saturday June 10th to catch all the action.

[ed. note] Unless Kyle MacDonald secures one of his dream jobs: (a) writing boring magazine articles in the third person or (b) brushing Lloyd Robertson's beautiful hair, he will return for the next blog post as scheduled.


UnholyGemini said...

Holy shit, he does look like Kent Brockman!

Sammy said...

very cool my man, just another funtastic example of why you got da best blog site this side of "Hazzard County", and Sydney (Australia). Cant wait till you get a "General Lee". Wolud you consider an Australian or New Zealand 'Chrysler Valiant' Charger.
It is every bit a charger with a Hemi 265, only the down under version?

IncognitoJoe said...

Hey Kyle...

Fellow Canuck here. Watched you with Corbin tonight. Great stuff!

I hope you real your goal and get your house. You are an inspiration to all clean-living, free-thinking, creative Canadians out here.

Props man. Keep up the good work!

Candy Minx said...

WOW!!! Way to go!!!! I am so pleased for you what fun!!!!

Spat said...

Keep it up Kyle

SLORider said...

I think a closer match to Kent Brockman is Rick Martel previously of KSBY 6, San Luis Obispo, California.