Watch My Loss

I'm constantly being bombarded with requests to link to other people's websites, but because of the mass-asking, it's something I've ruled out entirely for people I don't actually meet in person. No offence, it's never anything personal - I'd love to shoot all your links up here, and spread the good cheer, but once the flood gate is opened, I think I'll spend my entire day adding links and not giving you the action you really want, namely, trading one red paperclip for a house.

That said, I've come across something amazing I simply have to tell you about.

Sean Perkey lives in Sacramento California.
Sean Perkey weighs 527 pounds.
Sean perkey is trying to lose half his body weight.
Sean Perkey is an amazing dude.
This is his website:

That's right, he's trying to lose half his body weight, or about 250 pounds. I'm about 5'10" and weigh 162 pounds soaking wet. I simply cannot even begin to understand what it must be like to lose 250 pounds. That's almost twice my blody weight. This isn't some tacky publicity stunt inspired by "Jarod the Subway guy" or quest for vanity - this is the real deal. If you're in a situation where you can lose half your body weight and arrive at a healthier place, it's going to take more than getting roped into a fad lo-carb diet or a switch to Diet Coke. To lose half your body weight you need to change the way you think and the way you live your life. Sean Perkey is doing exactly that. He is openly baring his soul and daily life to the entire world on his ultra well-written blog, in not only an attempt to lose half his body weight, but also educate people what it's like to weigh 500+ pounds. He openly talks about what caused him to get where he is now and what potential solutions will be. Above all that, he's trying to raise $50 000 for diebetes research. I think this is an amazing look into a situation most of us will never find ourselves in, but one that has major crossovers to other psychological and physical addictions that effect many people. This is an amazing story and a totally inspiring undertaking.

Now I'm a pretty positive blue-sky kinda guy who says words like "fun" or "why not?" whenever possible and I just love it when somebody openly admits to a problem they have and then goes out and fixes it. You'll see right away when you read his blog, that it's not really about his weight, but his attitude. My mom always says "Attitude is everything", and as far as Sean Perkey goes, he's proving her very right indeed. Way to go Sean! We'll be watching you.



jeremiah said...

dude that is so awesome. i thought i weighed a lot - 300lbs. I haven't weighed 162 since i was a freshman in high school and even that was with zero fat - i was one of the healthiest kids in school.

i'm all behind this guy losing half his weight. go-go-lose-half-his-weight-guy!!

Panda said...

I read about that guy! What a challenge it must be to attempt to lose so much weight. Lots of luck to him!

Tigran said...

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