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Lots of action around our apartment in Montreal the last couple of days. Did an interview with 20/20 here today. Yep, 20/20 was in our apartment. Hard to beat - but wait, it gets even better. Let me back up a sec first...

Last fall I bought a really ultra-random funny poster of a horse rearing up on it's hind legs. Like, the tackiest, cheesiest thing since Subway introduced that parmesan oregano bun, then sliced it. I mean, this is the kind of poster you see from half a mile away and immediately double over laughing because of its awesomeness. Anyhow, the poster is a major fixture upon the wall of our apartment, pretty much the centerpiece of the whole place. Today I eyed the masterpiece on the wall and realized it might be in the background in one of the camera shots. I jokingly suggested we should move it into a better, more prominent position behind myself or Don Daylor, the 20/20 segment host. Wihtout missing a beat, a crew member named Larry Carey (yep, a rhyming name) moved the horse into a position exactly over the left shoulder of the interviewer, Don Daylor. Larry Carey then upped the ante considerably when he found a light and shone it upon the horse, bringing the magnificent beast to life.


And to the attention of the millions of people who will watch the segment on 20/20 when it airs sometime in July.

Probably the best dollar I ever spent on a Mexican poster with a horse on it.


The guys from 20/20 have been great. They were in Fargo too, so it looks like the footage of Alice Cooper and I on stage with the giant red paperclip will be seen by a nationwide audience on broadcast TV. Along with the illuminated horse poster, of course.

This is Jeff Diamond. He's producing the segment. Best of all, he gets to carry around stuff in these special bags.


Don Daylor and I in-between some post-interview small talk. Don is probably the only person who's ever arrived at our apartment in a Cadillac Escalade Limousine. But then again, I haven't invited Colonel Sanders over to dinner yet, so that may change in the near future. CIMG6544

In other news, Patrick Lagacé came through huge with another article about the project in Le Journal de Montreal today as well. Merci Pat!

And if that wasn't enough, I just wrapped a super great radio interview with the Brad Bregani of 94X in Prince George BC. The interview also featured special guest personality, Colin Pearson, who added to the on-air fun by telling the entire metro Prince George area how his parents have known my parents for a few decades and how he and I were pretty much conceived either during or immediatley after party thrown by his parents or my parents. I'm pretty sure that passes as news - seeing how it's more than likely a fact, after all.

Moving right along, (I've always wanted to say that) I'm pretty stoked about the next couple of days - heading out to L.A. to meet up with Corbin Bernson to make the big trade, and best of all, scope out his 6000-strong snowglobe collection.

talk to ya soon - Kyle


Anonymous said...

It's KILLING me that I can't see the horse-poster photo...


Anonymous said...

I love opening your blog and reading about your great adventures. This is so much fun!

Sean Perkey said...

The horse is pure genius plus it sends out the subliminal message that "hey...I'll trade you this movie roll for a $1,000,000 show pony...don't be shy cowboy. I know you wanna be in pictures!" Then, *Whammo* next stop houseville

Candy Minx said...

That is really exciting, I love the horse poster and can't wait to see it on 20/20. What a great turn of events. Must have been a riot having all those cameras at your place. Congrats and continued good luck!