I probably answer this question more than any other, so I'll just state it again for the record. My girlfriend and I will move ANYWHERE for a house. That's right, anywhere. That means anywhere you can imagine. We're not expecting the house to be in Montreal, or Canada, or anywhere in particular for that matter, and we're certainly not holding out for a place in Beverly Hills or something like that. I don't particularly expect somebody to trade a house for the role in the movie, but if you're interested in trading a house for whatever my current item is, just keep it in mind that we will re-locate anywhere for the right offer. As far as the house goes, there's pretty much only one criteria: it has to be a house. Any size/shape/dimension/style is fair game. As long as it's in decent condition, there's a place to sleep and no mortgage, we'll probably be up for the trade. The whole goal of the one red paperclip project is to see if it's possible to trade from one red paperclip to a house, and then move on in! We have no idea where we're going to live and actually can't wait to find out!



Anonymous said...

This is great. A child's game taken to new levels. It doesnt matter if this makes sense or not. People are trading, so it must make sense to someone. (actually many) I am sure many others will try the same sort of thing. It wont be the same.
Good luck on the house. It seems that there are a few plots of land in the offer jar, almost a house.

Sean Perkey said...

I can't wait to see where you end up either! You know you're gonna have to have one huge party when you move in!

Anonymous said...

What's up man, been following you, caught my interest on a radio show in Columbus, OH one day and seeing where it takes you...There is a free house in Massachusetts. Looks like a very nice house, only catch is that you have to move the house and pay for the move of the house...not a bad house for starting out with one red paperclip if you ask me.