Saskatchewan's Bigggest Housewarming Party, Ever.

...will be held this Labor Day long weekend in Kipling Saskatchewan Canada. (Fri-Sun Sept 1,2,3)


Town of Kipling website

The "red paperclip" house is located at 503 Main Street. Open doors for the entire weekend. Everyone in the entire world is invited to drop on by!

What you need to know:

Camping, camping, and then, a little more camping:
If you want to guarantee that you stay in Kipling for the weekend, bring a tent, trailer or motorhome. To reserve a spot send your name, phone number, number of people, and date of arrival to or call 306-736-8399 and leave a message with your details.

Couch/yard surfing:
The town of Kipling has a list of people who'll let you crash on their couch or pitch a tent in their yard. If you're up for that kind of thing, email or call 306-736-8399.

Roof over your head:
The Kipling Motor Inn apparently has single rooms available, but I expect those to sell out in, oh, like five minutes ago. As for out of town accomodation, you can stay at Kenosee Lake Provincial Park (50 Kms / 30mi away). Phone number for the Kenosee Inn is 306-577-2099 and camping is available there as well. If you want a big city with all those fancy big city ammenties, you're looking at Regina, an hour and a half west of Kipling. (Please don't ask if you can stay at 503 Main Street. It's full. Like double full. Or even triple dog full. But you're more than invited to come swing by and hang out anytime!)

Wristband allows access to all activities for the weekend:
Adults (19+) $20
Youths (11-18) $10
Kids (10 and under) FREE

(All proceeds go towards Kipling's outlay to cover the cost of holding the event. Police/bands/services etc.)

Movie auditions
Auditions for Donna on Demand will be held Saturday Sept 2 from 2pm until 6pm. Fine print details: Wristband required to audition. The audition material is a short piece of material that leaves off midway and asks you to improvise the rest. Kids (<18yrs) cannot audition for Donna on Demand due to content, but there will be other auditions throughout fri-sun for further Public Media Works projects open to all ages. All 'auditioners' will be asked to make a donation to Kipling Parks and Rec as well. Auditions will be taped and are property of Public Media Works. On Saturday night the top 5 men and women will do a second, 'Pop Idol' style audition in front of a crowd. The big winner will be announced on Sunday.

Fun for all ages
Bouncy Castles
Hot air balloon
Main street "pedestrianized"
Corbin Bernsen Movies on outdoor screen (bring lawn chair or blanket!)
Labour Day Classic CFL game on big screen
+so much more!

Brad Johner (Sun)
Butterfinger (Sat)
Jody Gnant (TBA)
Colin Pearson (TBA)
Club Treehouse (TBA)
Alex Runions (TBA)
+ much more!

Local vendors will sell food on the streets and there are three restaurants in town. Kipling Motor Inn, The Den, and NG's. Sunday and Monday morning there will be a pancake breakfast. There are also three grocery stores in town.


Beer gardens Fri/Sat/Sun. Don't worry Mary-Kate and Ashley, you'll be alright. Legal drinking age in Saskatchewan is 19.

There will be fireworks. Big ones.

T-shirts from the t-shirt contest
Town of Kipling gear
+ so much more!
Local businesses in town will have oodles of good stuff for sale. And if you want to create one red paperclip stuff to sell over the weekend, you're more than welcome to bring your trusty wares to town. Just open up the back door of your van and hawk to your heart's content.

Other stuff
Kipling has all basic services. Banks, Post Office, restaurants (they might be a tad busy), grocery stores (ditto), bars (double ditto), gas station, hardware store, barber, internet cafe, Golf course, Antique home display, etc. It's all there.

What my mom wants you to bring
rain gear
warm clothing
A party hat (all parties are better with party hats.)

This is going to be the best housewarming party ever. Somebody better tip off "Webster" and let him know that he's gonna hafta update the definition of legendary for next year's dictionary.

See ya there - Kyle


Saskboy said...

I'm looking forward to it, but was hoping the events would be less than $20 for adults for just one day. But I see how much easier it is to have a weekend pass for everything at that price.

Anonymous said...

So this idol style audition, will we have to bring out own material or is there a script to follow?

Can't wait for the party!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Kipling but moved away since finishing school. Kipling has not seen this much excitement for a while. Have you thought of having a webcam at 503 Main during the housewarming?

RC said...

woa, how crazy what a fun and unique ideas for your housewarming party.

--RC Of

Anonymous said...

KIpling has an uncontrolled airport with paved runways and lights.

Colin said...

oh boy oh boy

cant wait buddy

one red party it shall be!

Anonymous said...

kyle's mom and i would also like you to bring your manners! i'd hate to see kipling trashed--everyone play nice, and clean up your litter. m'kay? somebody wear 2 party hats (placement optional) because i cant make it. <:-P

Anonymous said...

I hate being in Costa Rica now. :(

The webcam idea sounds cool. You should go for it for all of those who can´t make it.

nikki said...

Oh yeah, super sweet Saskatchewan goodness - and dammit, I can't go! Boo-urns. I've been following your adventure since last year when you first traded the paperclip for the fish pen, and I have to say Kyle, the results are amazing. Have you thought about contacting the Guinness Book to see if this could qualify as the "World's Largest Housewarming Party"? Have a great weekend, I'll be toasting to you with a beer over here in Ottawa!

Saskboy said...

I third the webcam on Main St. idea. They have highspeed in Kipling I'm pretty sure, so it could be done without too much expense, and someone can get that set up in the next two weeks so it can handle a huge load since it could become popular - then sell advertising to pay for bandwidth.

Sasktel might help if they are interested in sponsoring the event.

Is there any way for an adult to get to 1 day's events for less than $20? For people coming from away, it will cost more than that in gas alone to arrive, so a family outing would be very expensive. I've spoken to other people that thought the price was too much if they can only go for one day. Perhaps an earlybird price, or two for one deal would help get more people to come?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle
Sorry I can't make it, I live in Texas, been following your trading since the recording contract, glad you got a house!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's going to be a blast!!!!!!

Anybody driving through/from Winnipeg with an extra seat and want to save some funds on gas?

Anonymous said...

I can't find a drive from Ottawa to go!!! Missing the party will be my biggest saddest moment ever! I'll have a beer or two in your honour instead. I fourth the web cam!

Anonymous said...

this is going to be fun
alot of fun
really alot of fun
got my party hat ready
to go
and have fun!!!

Arne said...

Greetings from Hong Kong! Hope you have the greatest time, Kyle. Sorry that I won't be able to make it to Canada. Since a few months your blog has been my favorite read online! If you feel like travelling, please drop by!

Anonymous said...

A few friends and I are planning to fly there on Friday is there somewhere we can leave the plane where it won't be unattended and we will be able to tie down the wings? Perhaps a nearby farmer has a spot for us?

One Green Safety Pin said...

I wish I could be there! I won't be getting my passport in time. Have a total blast!!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all!
I'd love to there anyone planning to drive from Toronto/GTA?

Anonymous said...

Hey what's up Kyle?

I currently live in Kipling and can't wait for the big weekend. It's gonna be a blast. Just a comment to "gridracer" regarding your plane...Kipling has a small airport with a paved the town office to get more info.

Anonymous said...

why is any one bitching about 20 bucks what can you do for that any more i hope to make it if not have a blast

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote: "KIpling has an uncontrolled airport with paved runways and lights."
completely rules. I concur that a webcam would be stellar action.

Anonymous said...

hey kyle,

we work at the Crowsnest Pass Travel Alberta Visitor Information Centre and your parents just stopped in on their way to your house warming party. Maybe we'll send you a card. Check your mail.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can also get rooms in Broadview, Whitewood, Kenosee Lake Mini Mart & Motel (306) 577-2264, White Bear Lake, Wawota (campsites, motel), Carlyle, Windthorst could find camp sites, etc. etc.
Hope everybody has an awesome time this weekend.
- Neighbour Girl

Andrew McAllister said...

I hear my pals from Useless Advice From Useless Men will be dropping by. Tell them Dr. Andrew says "Hi!"

Congrats on reaching your goal of a house. Yours is one of the first blogs I ever heard about, and now I have a successful relationship advice blog. So thanks!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much! The party was incredible, and you are so lucky to be in such a great town...

I never thought I'd be "punk'd" by the RCMP!

That one red paperclip generated so much for so many... being able to audition for Corbin and "nailing it" was a dream I've had for years! I can't thank you enough!!!!


So... will we be seeing "Saskatchewan's Biggest Wedding Reception" next year?

I'm sooo happy for you both, this couldn't have happened to nicer people.

You didn't come look me up after heading to the campground.... told ya you'd have a good time up there! ;)

anessa arehart said...

Hey Kyle,

I love what you have accomplished--- You are so rock and roll.

Love from Kentucky---
and congratulations, too!