About Kyle

You ever hear the story about a guy who traded a red paperclip for a house?

Well, I'm that guy.

Hi. My name is Kyle. I grew up in Belcarra, near Vancouver. (You can read my autobiography 1979 - 1990 here: part 1, part 2.)

I'm really into projects.

Usually fun things that take on an obsessive element to some degree. Most noteworthy of these projects was the time I started with a red paperclip and traded it for bigger and better things until I wound up with a house. You may have heard about this already. In this paragraph perhaps! Anyhow, It was a silly idea and it kinda turned out to be a big deal I guess.  So big that the red paperclip has become my de-facto symbol and I'm somewhat known as "the red paperclip guy." It makes for a pleasant ice-breaker whenever the topic of "so what do you do" comes up.

But I'll let you in a little secret. I've never had a personal fetish for paperclips, even red ones. In fact, the best thing I ever did was trade that silly red paperclip away in the first place!

Such is life.

I'm continually starting out new projects to see where they lead.

I spend much of my time doing public speaking engagements.  If you're looking for an upbeat guy to tell a fun stories and connect with your audience - look no further!

All my new projects are launched at redpaperclip.com or through twitter at @oneredpaperclip