Corbin is in Kipling


Hamming it up for the local news in Saskatchewan. Gotta love it. He's in town to do the first round of auditions for Donna on Demand. The auditions are going on all weekend, but don't fret! This is just the first round of auditions for Kipling locals, just so there'll be room for everyone else to audition come Labor day. You can scope out more Corbin at 503 Main pics right here.

And this is offically awesome:

Jillz and riley red paper clip.jpg

Yes, now that's some good merchandise sporting. The dog looks so happy. I can understand. Dogs love one red paperclip shirts. If you want to get in on this kind of t-shirt wearing fun, be sure to check out the one red paperclip merchandise up on cafepress.

So, that's the kind of picutre that just might entice me to say something along the lines of an album title from a early nineties rap group like the Dream Warriors. Yeah, something along the lines of "And Now The Legacy Begins."

Peace - Kyle


Anonymous said...

You actually signed off with 'peace'

Well done!

Next time try peace out.

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Anonymous said...

nice pic ... :)

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Elvyn said...

Wow... I'm relly amazed... been following this site for quite some time but lost it but now i've found it :)

Congrats. You got your wish!

O and btw, why is one of your comments totally unrelated?

Anonymous said...

Elle est jolie la miss ;)