T-Shirt Contest Winners

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one red paperclip

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Jen from J Goode Designs
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From: samuel.frappier - at - gmail.com
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From: www.myspace.com/whodrankthepaint
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Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everybody who submitted. I probably should've chosen the top 10, or 20. Woulda made it way easier. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with my choices, but that's okay. There were so many good submissions. If you really want to order another design, flip thru the 3 pages of designs (and counting) and let me know. I'll set it up so you can buy one thru cafepress or something. There will also be other designs in Kipling as well for the housewarming party Sept 2/3. And remember, you can always buy shirts and stuff with the original red paperclip design over at CafePress.

Have fun - Kyle


Andrew said...

I must say I like the first and third designs you listed best with me leaning more favorably to the 3rd.

The first is simple and to the point with the obvious take off of the "I 'heart' New York"

I do lean more favourably to the 3rd design as it is simple, creative and has a little bit more style to it.

The others are great also, they just have too much going on for my t-shirt tastes.

aimee said...

Holy smokes!!! I just checked this - and am so happy I won a spot in the top five!! Thank you!! *HUG* I entered the "Kipling Saskatchewan" Paperclip cowboy on the horse. :D Woot!! Thanks so much!

One Green Safety Pin said...

Those are all awesome. I see why it was so hard to decide. If I had to pick my favorite? I could only narrow it down to two: the penguin, and the paperclip in writing. But it's just too hard.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys! Cool shirts.

When are they gonna be available in the market?

JGoode said...

Kyle, all I can say is OMG WOW and HOORAY... What a cool line up you have here - awesome! I can't believe the awesome designs.. so many, I'd love to see a mega collage of them all!


Thank YOU Thank YOU for The Penguin! I'm still in shock and dancing on my keyboard. :D - goode girl aka jgoode

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone who won a spot in the top five! I am myself a winner (the 3rd one) and I can't wait to see the t-shirts printed !!

And thanks for the comments about my design ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm the bonus artist. (yay! thanks!) t-shirts would be awesome, i so want one, or novelty souvenir "seed packets" containing paper clips. ya know, like the g.w. bush "beans" marketed as homegrown dope. haha... gee, i feel all part of history! ~Kt

thehealingroom said...

I'm glad that you added the funky hand done one at the end....that one caught my eye last week.
non-comercial and nice colours!
Congratulations to all the motivated artists that contributed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful design, attention magnet, fresh, fun and intricate. Very good choice.

Anonymous said...

Congrats..guys and
freedom of expression

writing_here said...

My favorite is Sam's white paper clip-shapped words on the red background. The others are cool. And I second Katie's "seed packet" of red paper clips idea.

Celia Pleete said...

I like the red word paperclip one the best. They were all good, although the second one is a bit tough to decipher!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to have a t-shirt contest. The final entries really are awesome.

Anonymous said...

i vote for the
red paper clip made of symbols of the things you traded. that one is awesome

One Green Safety Pin said...

When will we be able to buy the t-shirts?