The World's Largest Red Paperclip!


That'sa, biga, reda, paper-clip, huh?

Measurements were taken on the spot for the Guinness World Record bid, and Kipling is now home to a red paperclip that is:

15 feet, 2 inches long
39 inches wide
Is constructed of 5 inch diameter solid steel
Weighs just shy of 4000 pounds
And holds paper! (And mounties.)

Word on the street is that Dubai was home to the previous world's largest paperclip. I think it's probably a good idea for Kipling to instigate a paperclip-off with Dubai, seeing that Kipling could also one day turn into a burgeoning trading metropolis overseen by billionaires hellbent on breaking every standing world record ever created. One day. Maybe.

So, I guess I need to say, bring it on Dubai!

Kipling's giant red paperclip is located just behind 503 Main Street in Bell Park, and can be enjoyed by children of all ages. (And Mounties) So swing on by!

More pictures here!

Have fun



Unknown said...

Hey, Kyle!

We had a great time at the dedication ceremony!

Keep the "FUNTENTIAL" going!

Bert and Marcie Roach

Allan Wills said...

I love how you're wearing the same clothes as those you had in the UK! Oh... and nice clip. ;-)

Matt Fidler said...

The best part is the paper clip in the background behind you and the Mountie.

Sacchiel said...

All because of a paper clip? Incredible!

Mike said...

You've inspired me

Aftab said...

wow man you are doing a great job!

Keep it up!

Mobile Videos :D

Yufka said...

After I read your book, I wanted to do the same thing you did. Start of with a small object, and maybe end up with a laptop or something I will use or need at my age!

Viacomputer said...

Your site is good

Anonymous said...

That's probably the coolest thimg I've ever seen!

thepaperclipguy said...

You have spawned a breed of people trying to emulate you. Me included! Keep up the good work mate!

Anonymous said...

supper site thanks.:)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Wow! Look at that clip! That's totally cool! Awesome! If i ever get to visit your hometown, that will be one of the first things of my list to visit! And i kid you not!

By the way, I've submitted an entry to a local contest - 2007 Wika Project. It focuses on Filipino as our national language. If you have time, please vote for my article (if you like the piece, of course).

The URL is at

Much thanks!

dharma said...

wow that is BIG. Size does matters

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