Yes, a great new word. 100% credit to Bert Roach from Kipling Sask for the word. You invented it, I'll promote it. Deal? So, Dom and I are back in Montreal now after a whirlwind tour of Kipling. It was so good. Huge thanks to everyone in Kipling, and by extension the province of Saskatchewan, for the welcome you put on. The house is unbelievable. We are more than blown away by it all. We're just back in Montreal to "tie up some loose ends", eat as much poutine as humany possible, and get ready for the move to Kipling at the end of August. Yes, we're moving to Kipling. Yes, you're invited to the housewaming party.

So Sakatchewan is definitely Saskatchefun. Despite perennially getting the short end of the stick within Canada, I can hereby vouch that it is a great place to be. Dom and I are happy to add ourselves to the province's population (they want more people), and nothing will make me prouder than next July 12th when the world's largest red paperclip is unveiled in Kipling, thereby adding to the rampant prairie phenomenon of putting big things beside the road. Yes, I know there are other big things out there, but I'm stating here that Prairie Canada is the heartland of big things on the side of the road. Not sure what the wise elders who erected the giant paperclips in Norway will think of the big red paperclip in Saskatchewan, but I feel a paperclip-off coming on. That's going to be so sweet, a paperclip-off.

Anyhow, enough rambling. Kipling is awesome. I added a whole bunch of new pictures to the one red paperclip flickr set (more than one page on the link) and set up a special set for every picture we took over the last week or so. Some absolute gems in there. (again, more than one page.)

I'll regroup a bit, and tell you all about it over the next few days, but I have a real good feeling about Kipling. An especially the Labor day long weekend. This is going to be one housewarming party to remember.



Anonymous said...

KY:E....Im an AUSSIE who has followed your journey from the camp stove and i have to sat that house is awsome!!!!


Anonymous said...

So are you going to promote fun events like track dirtbiking, snowmobiling, carnivals and perhaps some spelling bees in this town?



Anonymous said...

This is one amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Kipling, and am getting homesick looking at your Flickr pictures!! Kipling is so very glad to have you and the hospitality that you have received is genuine!! Thanks for putting Kipling (and Saskatchewan) on the map--its about time that it gets the recognition that it deserves!!!! :)

Candy Minx said...

What a riot, and congratulations on making a goal and a dream and seeing it come together. I've been watching you for the past year and it really has been a treat to witness. Isn't life grand!

I look forward to seeing photos of your garden and inside the house and hope you have fun packing and moving. sounds like an amazing fun housewarming party too!

Good luck and can't wait to see what you're up to next. (is it intimidating that we all believe you will be up to something great over and over? heh heh)


lisa said...

saw your story on tv...congratulations on your ingenious and creatine endeavor!! i feel that i can predict with all certainty that whatever else you choose to pursue in the future will be equally sucessful!

Anonymous said...

well i was wondering how much did you have to pay for traveling to each place

Anonymous said...

As a resident of the fantastic province of Saskatchewan, I can vouch that it definitely is a wonderful place to be!

Welcome, and I really hope you enjoy your time here. It's a fabulous province.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

Looks like you had a great time and you deserve every bit. I congratulated you on the House last week but I'll do it again...CONGRATS!!!!

Take Care!

Chilly said...

Hey Kyle!
I am so stoked for you, I can't even get over it! Loved the 20/20 spot, it was a lot less annoying than some of them. (That CNN story with the repetition of the trades was totally grating on the nerves.)
Anyhoo, here's a little Norwegian history to explain the giant paperclips!

During World War II, Norwegians were prohibited from wearing any buttons with the likeness or initials of their king on them. In protest they started wearing paperclips, because paperclips were a Norwegian invention whose original function was to bind together. This was a protest against the Nazi occupation and wearing a paperclip could have gotten you arrested.

The only reason I know this is because my daughter learned it in school and now wears a paperclip on her clothing every day in tribute to victims of Nazi occupation and murder.

Cheers to you & Dom, and Kipling, Sask!

Anonymous said...

This is one very cool blog..


Saskboy said...

As a Saskatchewan resident [very shortly], I notice that Lance of has added your blog to the Saskblogs blogroll. Saskbloggers had their first get-together on July 22nd in Regina and 20 people showed up. Someone mentioned that you are now Saskatchewan's most famous blogger [Kate of would be second probably]. So several Saskbloggers will probably attend your party in Kipling, it sounds like fun. And if you are in Saskatoon for August 19th, you're invited to our gathering there. More details will be up at in a few days.