20/20 on ABC tonight

20/20 on ABC has a report on one red paperclip tonight. 10PM Eastern (no idea about other times - check your local listings!)(There's that TV Guide-sounding-me again.....actually, I did an interview with TV guide on Tuesday, so look for that soon too!)

Still a bit overwhelmed by everything that's happened over the last couple days. Kipling put on a welcome for Dom and I that was absolutely unbelievable. Definitely worthy of a double adjective. More than 400 people showed up, there were no fewer than seven TV cameras there, and of course, being in Canada, there was a Mountie. Yep, it's not everyday you sign a title deed to a house, but it's really not every day when that very same title deed is witnessed by a Mountie. So rad. So "The Simpsons-ish". And so noble. If Kipling was in the states, I'm pretty sure an eagle would've been there to witness the deed. With all due respect to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I think we can all agree that the only thing that could come close, and perhaps surpass, having the noble, proud signature of a Mountie upon the deed would be the all-to-rare signature of an eagle. You just don't get more noble than an eagle.

Anyhoo, it's been great to finally meet and spend time with everyone from Kipling I've spoken to over the phone over the last week or two. Also been cool to spend some time with my family away from the media bonanza insanity I've been the center of as of late. I'm still very interested in doing every interview, but it's just that, well, since my cell phone doesn't have coverage here and we don't have a phone in the house (just got the power turned on yesterday), I'm slightly unreachable. If it's urgent, contact Bert Roach here in Kipling. He's got phones and stuff.

We've been busy getting things around the house ready for the move-in (taking out a wall today) but if you really need to get a hold of me today, Bert'll be a great point man. Gonna upload lots of pictures and videos over the weekend, so stay tuned for lots more good stuff coming up!

K, gotta go knock down a wall - Kyle

UPDATE 3: Best video showcasing massive mispronounciation of Saskatchewan yet, right here. Hopefully an indication of things to come!

UPDATE 2: I didn't post this, but I did link to it.

UPDATE: here's some more vids!

In a previous post, I incorrectly said that Canadian anchorman legend and Kent Brockman lookalike, Lloyd Robertson, had reported on the project. He didn't. He was off that night. But alas, tonight was THE night. Thanks Lloyd. The trifecta is complete.



Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and amazed by what you have accomplished. You are an inspiration for dreamers and believers everywhere. Congrats! If only more people in this world had your positive energy flow and put it to good use. If only. May you live long and be happy in your new soon to be red house!

Anonymous said...

I first heard your story on The Hour when George Strombosomethingorother was talking about taking the show to Yahk to witness the trade. I'm completely fascinated by your whole experience. It's an addicting story to read about, watch on TV, and stay current with. There is such crap going on in the world right now, it's a joy to see someone having so much FUN. You've inspired me to get my imaginative wheels turning.

As a former Saskatchewanian (is that a word?), hats off to Kipling for thinking outside the box. Oxbow, where were you?

Enjoy your new abode, and good luck with the wall. I'm definitely considering attending the housewarming.

Turtle said...

Just got the house and you're already breaking it up? Looking forward to seeing more pics of the One Red House.

Anonymous said...

Saw you in People Magazine today. Congrats. Are you filming the wall coming down? Is the house yours forever and you can do what you want to it?

Anonymous said...

incredible man..very nice
looking foward to see the pic and videos

Davetrader said...

Hey congrats Kyle. Maybe you will be available to come to the laying of my first log on my cabin. Maybe we can get an eagle, to sign my bill of sale :)..Really I think here in NC it would be a bigger thing to have a NASCAR driver there. May good things continue to follow you

shayla said...



Anonymous said...

Kyle, your accomplishment is truely amazing! You are an inspiration. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Aspiring Author said...

I will tune in this weekend for the photos. I wish you much happiness in your new home. Really, signing the papers is special whereever it happens. It's your house!!!!!!!!!

Your story has inspired many people, including me, to start a blog and put our own dreams out there to see what can happen. If anyone is interested, I hope they will stop by http://wishandaprayer.blogspot.com/

Thanks again for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Who need to wait for vide? its been up for 2 days.




Vivi Anna said...

Kyle, I heard about your story, and was like...KEWL!!

Good on ya!

There's nothing better than free enterprise.

Enjoy your house, I hope you have many happy days there, or you can trade it in for one of my signed books...you never know how much THAT'S going to be worth one day!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is Eric from Subnixus.com - lol... I just saw you on tv.

I have not been online in a while, but this is worth it. Congrats.

I told you that you would get a house.

Ayi :) said...

I'm amazed by your story. I loved it. I just watched 20/20. So cool!!!! Best wishes for you and your NEW house :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house! You give me hope that I too will somehow own a house someday.

Amazing and so much fun!

Anonymous said...

This is such an inspiring story. I think you are on a journey that some of us only dream of. Best wishes on the rest of the trip!

Anonymous said...

Here is the ABC 20/20 video:


Anonymous said...

just saw you on the tele. totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

im watching 20/20 right now in california. i dont remember where i heard you from, but the it was when you go the recording thing. i told like everyone i knew. haha. the other day my sister came into my room when i was sleeping and was like, "guess what! do you remember the red paperclip guy?! he got a house!" youre amazing!

Anonymous said...

kyle youre a wild man. i saw those tears come rushing out when you took your first steps. you dog you.

rumilb said...

that's amazing. you, my friend, are quite something.

Anonymous said...

Just found out about the site (and the paperclip) tonight.

I am completely serious when I say that this is utter magic. This is the kind of thing you tell your grandkids about witnessing, to show them that there's still wonder and hope in the world.

Anonymous said...

I saw you on VH1's Best Week Ever.. I was disappointed... they didnt really make this project sound as exciting as it really was. And they REALLY didn't do justice to the whole fiasco of Weekend with Alice for A Snow Globe. Still interesting to watch though.

Anonymous said...

It's official! Did you know that, according to VH1, you've had the Best Week Ever? You were their featured person on the 7/14 episode of Best Week Ever.

RGrantham said...

Hi Kyle!

Amazing and inspirational!!!!!

I love what you've done and been a part of.

I've traded my paintings before but those were simple one time trades for things like custom business stationary,and art work from other artists.

I can't stop smiling for you!!!!!!
and wish you all the very best!

ps my oldest son's name is Kyle.

Sincerely with many long distance cheers of your dream come true!