Let's make a swap!

That's right! I will send you a highly-coveted one red paperclip patch if you send me an original (on paper) newspaper/magazine article about one red paperclip to the address below! Yes, that's right, they're highly-coveted. You can send just the article, or the full newspaper, whatever works for you. Be sure to send me your full mailing address so I can send you your one red paperclip patch!

please mail all articles to:

503 Main Street
Kipling Saskatchewan
S0G 2S0

I wonder how many swaps we can make?!

Have fun - Kyle

PS - I made this offer back in April too, and well, um, I didn't exactly have any patches ready at the time and, um, they're just finally being mailed out this week.....sorry for the delay guys....BUT this time they're ready to go right away!


Anonymous said...

I think everyone at the Montreal post office just quit when they saw this post.

This is much more entertaining than the million dollar homepage. You should send Alex a box of red paper clips and some socks.

Unknown said...

I saw the article on Yahoo News:

Although I suppose this isn't exactly sending you a newspaper clipping

Anonymous said...

Your story has been posted in Norways second biggest newspaper, but so far only in the Internet edition. They have given the story a little twist, because (as you probably know by now) the paperclip is a Norwegian innovation, and during WW2 the Nazis used to confiscate paperclips, as they were commonly used by the Resistance as a anti-nazi symbol on their sleeves.

The newspaper (Dagbladet) has gotten the idea that you live in Phoenix now, and that you have reached your goal to have your house, so maybe the AP story isnt entirely accurate?

Here is the link: http://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/2006/04/17/463724.html

Keep doing your thing! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...


I found out about your blog ´cuz I read the whole story on Norway's second biggest newspaper, Dagbladet.no. I'm Guatemalan, but live in Norway. If they print the story, I'll send it to you. But, let's trade: I'd like to give you a red CD for your red paperclip. What do you think? Wanna know what kind of CD, take a look at my blog on singer and songwriter Ricardo Arjona.

Dori said...

Andy Serwer just talked about you on CNN's American Morning - the Minding Your Business segment.

Congrats on your success!

Esther Kustanowitz said...

Extraordinary...really. Saw it on CNN.com, so prepare for the influx of many readers...hope your server can handle it.

Best of luck as you pursue this American dream, made possible by the Internet...

Anonymous said...

I saw the video link on Yahoo news!!! Some reason I am really excited about this. I am buying a local paper this morning and checking!

Anonymous said...

Yo dude, if you actually can get a swap with the GENERAL LEE, you become my hero!!

Rock on!!!

Max, Italy

Anonymous said...

I have found about your incredible history in this site:


I'm really impressed! wow!!!

Joy Beagle said...

Brilliant! I just stumbled across you on Yahoo News. If my owner brings me a copy of Arizona Republic to squat on today, I'll try to find a hard copy to mail you. Wouldn't that patch look great on my doggy bed!

Thank you for your insightful creative use of time and energy... so refreshing to read about the human story of connecting with each barter (as opposed to mass marketing for millions.) Don't get me wrong, if I come across that item that everyone wants that will make me rich... I'll sell it. But your journey is inspiring!

Good luck. (If you ever make it to Phoenix, come see us in Sedona!)

Anonymous said...

this is SO cool! i cant believe you did that! thats awesome! i was really bored in school and then i saw this on charter news so i thought id see what it was... this is so cool! keep it up! :)

trytounderstand said...


This is the original paper on the main italian newspaper "La Repubblica". I would have sent this to you, but I am quite "lazy" :-)
Just an add-on: I was in Canada (Hamilton ON) for about 2 years, and I just like a lot when I can communicate with someone from that wanderful land!!!
Be Proud!

PresidenToor said...

LOL, when I got onto your site my iexplore.exe mem usuage jumped from the ##,###K to ###,###K.

Good work man....

Anonymous said...

This is a great story and great blog! I usually don't get into the whole "blog" reading, but I must admit, this site is great. I just read the fan story about your parents. It was hiliarious.

I am in Georgia and will check my Atlanta Journal when I get home to see if they printed an article.

Much luck and success!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read your story at a brazilian online news portal.

You can check it at the link below:

Folha is the biggest printed newspaper in brazil, and Folha Online is its online portal, probabbly accessed everyday by hundreds of thousands of brazilians

Good Luck DUDE

Kristina said...

Kyle, you are my hero!! Your story is about the coolest thing I've ever read. Lots of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Radar and Klinger would be so proud! LOL

GT said...

Your copy from the Tallahassee Florida newspaper is on its way to you!
It was picked up by the AP Wire Service.

Good Luck!! Cara.


Anonymous said...

Your absolutely amazing, if you ever get to Florida hub and I will have to meet you!
Deb & John

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. For real. I actually have that article. I read it today in the Toronto Star.

My friend I'm not sure if you know much about making websites, but coming up with unique and interesting ideas is how to get large amounts of traffic to them.

You have a really great idea. The moment I read it, I thought, "Wow, this can really work."

Good on ya. And I hope you do get that house. I just might enter that contest!

Anonymous said...

Your article is currently the most emailed article on Yahoo!Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job buddy. Make the hometown proud.

Jason, Vancouver BC

JoeBangla said...

Read your story on New York Post this morning. Brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

I heard about your red paperclip trade up-plan on Saturday in NJ while visiting family for Easter. This morning I saw you on GMA. I put in a call to a local real-estate friend of mine this morning to see if she can help you out. Ever consider moving to Delaware?

Lindsay said...

You made CNN's Offbeat News!

Anonymous said...

I just read this on CNN.com...sounds very cool and creative!

Good luck!

lainey said...

i just read the article on yahoo news and popped a copy of it via usps. hopefully it finds it way into your po box!

you are my new hero :-)

Chris said...

It hit the front page of the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram here in Wisconsin today. Article is on the way to you for the patch.



Anonymous said...

I just read this on CNN.com, and I think you're so cool! Keep up the chase.

Anonymous said...

Saw your story in online CNN news.


Have sent your "newswire comment" to my local newspaper. Who knows?

Brisbane, Queensland (Oz)

Neo said...

Kyle - Pure and total Genius! You give hope to the rest of us bloggers. Hope you don't mind but I posted an entry today spotlighting your plight! If you're ever in Philly look me up and I'll buy you a beer!


- Neo

Moderator said...

That's so cool. I just read the AP story today.

Emily Karin said...

Hey, I can't send you the article from the physical paper, but I read this online from my country (Norway)


They're also very happy about the paper clip, because it's a Norwegian invention. There's even the picture of a commemoration stamp.

Good luck with your swapping!

Anonymous said...

Haven't got a newspaper page, but I found your link on a Brazilian website! That's how I got here, today, for the first time... lol
ANyway, here follows the link:

Good luck man!

Anonymous said...

I just read about this on the CTV website. When I was in high school, a church youth group I went to did something similar. We'd start with a quarter or something, and knock on doors asking to trade for something bigger and better. One of the teams was offered a car once. I hadn't thought about trying to trade for a house, but I guess you're pretty close now.

Soul Hunter said...

I'm guessing you've received a few marriage proposals by now, right? Incredible story. Wish you the best. The wife and I are trying to figure out how we can afford a house in the DC area. We just may have to try your strategy!!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this story on the CTV National news (Canada)
It's very entertaining and I will definitely send you a copy of the article if it prints tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Dude, you rock so much! This totally restored my faith in humanity! (but it is Midnight, so we'll have to see if it lasts until morning...) It's really awesome to see the Interweb live up to its potential.

I'm sending you the article with an envelope and stamp because I feel bad about you having to send out all of those patches with your own stamps.

I'll choose a pretty one, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

One more for you - news about you was published on official slovenian national TV and radio web page http://www.rtvslo.si/modload.php?&c_mod=rnews&op=sections&func=read&c_menu=9&c_id=106218

I guess you can't understand it..;)

Anonymous said...

Hi again Kyle,
Man, I just bought the newspaper. Remember? Dagbladet.no? I emailed you about this yesterday. They have written 11 lines about your story, but they got it wrong. They claim that you are living in Phoenix with your girlfriend. You are not living there, right? They will probably give you a call and interview you. It was my tips.

Anonymous said...

You're on the Internet's #1 news site: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4918184.stm

Anonymous said...

Wow You have made me Stronger In Achieving My Goal to Make my Dream come True .

Send me a banner and I will put it on AmericanOnlineMall.com For 6 Months My Friend

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, your story has reached Belgium.

Here is a link to a Flemish newspaper:


Keep up the good work !!!

Anonymous said...

U are a star on the world.
U are in the "internet celebrities"
u have a housse ?

what do you want now ?


PS: on the newsletter about free.fr

Anonymous said...


It's just appeared on the BBC website in the UK. You should get a lot of hit now

Anonymous said...

Oh Canada! Our own Globe and Mail posted your story yesterday! I read it on a plane ride from Toronto to Vancouver. The link to it is: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20060416.wpaperclip0416/BNStory/Technology/

I'll try to find an original copy for ya!

P.S- I'm a Geog major from UBC as well! You make me proud! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I just found the story in the web version of one of the biggest danish newspapers. (http://ekstrabladet.dk/vrangen/article190915.ece)


Take care

Anonymous said...

I saw the article in Mexico' most imortant newspaper (north) and I'm sending it to you..
Hope to receive my red peperclip soon...


Anonymous said...

It is in the Netherlands @ http://www.nu.nl/rubriek/224/50

I have been looking for it in Finland but things come here really slowly. I can read Finnish alright. I am looking for something that says Mies hanulla on punainen liinin or something like that.

-Chris Code

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kyle~ WOW! Keep the dream, and you'll have your house! I am sending you an artical, from the Kansas City Star.
Shannon from Olathe, KS, USA

Anonymous said...

Am sending the article from the Phoenix Arizona Republic today.
Great idea!! Good luck!!

Ruth in Sedona, AZ

Anonymous said...

Hey there...
Your unbelievable story got all the way to tiny Israel.
It's on the web site of one of two Israel's biggest newspapers.
although you probably can't read Hebrew :-) trust me - that's your story.


Meital, Israel

Anonymous said...

Un verdadero Monstruo...
Saludos desde Costa Rica

Anonymous said...

Just heard about this on the news on the Channel 10 evening news in Australia. Don't you love what this world can do? Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,,I just heard you this morning on Los Angeles (California) radio station KROQ and loved the sequence of events that lead you to getting your house!!! Awesome. I would love to eat Chinese food with Alice Cooper anywhere. Your journey to "Home Ownership" sounds like the best adventure anyone could have experienced. Hope that there more inspiring things to come. Kudos....


Blandine said...

Hello! I just saw it this morning in LeFigaro, a french newspaper. http://www.lefigaro.fr/people/20060711.WWW000000302_echange_trombone_contre_maison.html
Have a good time in your new house!

Blandine, Paris, France.

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw this story on one of Australia's top rating 7:30 shows! Awesomely cool story, amazed at how valuable a red paperclip can be!
Keep up the good work!

Roscoe, Australia, Melbourne. :D

Anonymous said...

You have made it in AUSTRALIA!

last night, along with millions of other people, i saw you on channel 10's late news and again today on "beyond tomorrow" on channel 7!

good job mate, your an idol!

Unknown said...

Kyle, have just read about you, the blog and the swap in The Age, the broadsheet from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Will get a copy for you to-day (it's the 13th July here while you'e still on the 12th over there) Congratulations, mate. Wonderful idea - and proves just what can happen. I hope your new home and the town of Kipling are wonderful for you. Congrats to Kipling for being so ready to take on a novel idea and get their community on the map. Love small creative towns like that! My kinda folk!

James said...

Well done,

You were written up in Todays Sydney Morning Herald - Cool!

James Schramko - Sydney - Australia

Anonymous said...

congrats on the house. You made front page news in the Saskatoon Starphoenix (not that far from kipling... but still kinda far) I don't suppose it would be wise to send things to Quebec anymore, where should we send the news articles?

Anonymous said...

haha. i love the whole story line of it! my friends and i (highschoolers) are going to soo start something like this its awesome your awesome!!

stay cool.

Anonymous said...

I found this on

Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day - Saturday, July 15, 2006

She is a computer guru from here in Phoenix. It is 115 degrees outside right now, so trading for a house up north makes a lot of sense to me


Adam Malone said...

I only heard about your story today, at work, but I think its awesome.
Was there a game plan??

Ederson Mendes said...

Kyle, i´m from SAntos, Brazil and i sent to you some articles from our newspaper, but i sent it to your older adress. Is that a problem?

I´m eager to get my patch and sew it on my backpack.

Best regards, Ederson.

Kyle MacDonald said...

no worries - I'll get it somehow!


Anonymous said...

Woot! My patch showed up in the mail today. Thanks Kyle. Just out of curiosity, what was the farthest place you sent a patch to? I got mine in Nagasaki, Japan