Salut Bonjour

Hey everybody around the world. I'd say it's more than likely that you're from right here in Quebec today cause I was on the front page of 'le journal de montreal' this morning.
Yeah, I was surprised too. Je 'parle' français pas trop mal, especiallement après une couple des bouteilles de Labatt Bleue, mais j'ecris en français comme un pied. And for that reason, the blog's going to be en anglais. It was really cool to meet the reporter from le journal, Patrick Lagacé. I've been a big fan of his ever since I moved to Montreal last year - when he was hitch-hiking across Canada and writing stories for the newspaper. Cool Stuff. Patrick's definitely a guy I look up to. A true reporter. The kind of guy that goes right to the source for the scoop. Yesterday, in true Lagacian fashion, he came to the source of one red paperclip: our apartment. He even brought a REAL journalist's notebook! CIMG4568 You might say with his going-right-to-the-source style, Patrick is somewhat of a Quebecois version of Al Roker. Merci Patrick! I'm getting some interest from around the world on this project now. As anyone who's followed this blog already knows, I can't resist a good pie chart. It's more than a long shot that I'll be able to write entries in another language, even French, cause running a website in one language is tough enough as it is. So, if anybody wants to write the intro page to one red paperclip in another language than English, any language, it will be greatly appreciated. I'll even post your name and a link to your site if you'd like! Here's the intro to one red paperclip: Thanks, and have a great Friday! Kyle

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