Norway Pie Chart and one instant party videos

I just figured out a way to upload videos. Also found a green PAC MAN guy on my website traffic report. That green PAC MAN shape means that about 80 kazillion Norwegians are coming to the site. Took this opportunity to make a nice little Norway-trade-offer / eagle shirt / Montreal urban snowscape video. I'll still trade the one instant party with ANYBODY, ANYWHERE - just thought it'd be an opportune time to market the instant party to Norwegians, that's all. I don't know about you, but I've never had an opporutne time to market ANYTHING to Norwegians before. So, yeah, rock on Norway! I wish I could say some rad things in Norwegian or something, but I can't....yet. You wanna know something interesting? Not a single Norwegian has made an offer for the one instant party yet - who's going to be the first? Oh yeah, the High School my parents went to was Burnaby North - home of the Vikings....and before I moved to Montreal, I lived in Vancouver - on a fjord! Better strike while the iron's hot. Kyle


kitykity said...

What an awesome concept! :D You should really turn this into a vlog, with more videos! Check out to learn more about setting up a free video blog, and if you want help along the way feel free to let me know! :)


Morten Skogly said...

Very strange stats you've got going there. I'm norwegian but I haven't heard any news stories about your project. Can you see if the hits are coming from a specific site? Just curious!

Love your project, I'm racking my brain to find an item to start my own litte tradetrip, since I don't have anything to trade that would match a snowmobile :)

An ebay for bartering, thats what we need.