UPDATE: swapping location on Monday in London:

If you want to make a swap for Richard and Judy's tin whistle, and possibly appear on Richard and Judy the following day, come meet me at the Swiss Bank on the corner of Leicester Square at 3pm Monday July 2. Yes, I know this sounds like I'm setting up a bank heist, but I can assure you there will be no bank heisting at that time and place...that I have anything to do with at least. Bring stuff to swap, and somebody will walk away with Richard and Judy's tin whistle! Also, my mobile number for July 2-9 will be 07901 511 561 if anyone wants to chat!

See you then!



Sarah♥ said...

I want your gnomes!!
What an excellent idea - wish i'd thought of it :)


Unknown said...

Wicked swap on the Richard and Judy show - just watched the swap. I was wondering if anyone would actually want Garden Knomes in the Richard and Judy stylie - good luck Kyle on your next swap!