Anyone in London want to make a trade?

And maybe appear on Richard and Judy? Read this:

I just made a deal with Richard and Judy. We're going to make a trade! My copy of one red paperclip, the book, for their Replica 1870 London Metropolitan Police Whistle.

Yes, a very sweet trade. But wait, there's more!

I'd like to trade Richard and Judy's whistle for something bigger and better! With you! The plan is to meet up in central London on Monday July 2 at 3pm. Not sure of the exact location yet, but probably somewhere like Covent Garden, or a very public place full of tourists like yours truly. Yep, I'm taking it to the streets. Richard and Judy are going to bring along cameras and tape the swaps for a segment of the show that I'm on, the following day, Tuesday July 3. Yes, I really hope they actually come themselves, not just send some camera guys and producers to do all the leg work. So here's the deal: if you want to get your hands on Richard and Judy's amazing Replica 1870 London Metropolitan Police Whistle, (and possibly appear on the show!) come meet up with me in central London with some sort of trade offer on Monday July 2 at 3pm! Once again, I'm not exactly sure of the swapping location, so check back around here over the next day or two and I'll keep you posted. And maybe even put up some pictures of the Richard and Judy's stunning Replica 1870 London Metropolitan Police Whistle! Tweet! Tweet!


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Unknown said...

Hope this doesnt duplicate - having issues with the blog entry!
Anyway, just witnessed the wicked swap for the garden Knomes! Good luck with swapping them! Not sure it was a good swap for an umbrella - it seems like we are all in need of one these days....!