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Lotsa stuff going on over at one red paperclip this week. Why not swing on over to enjoy the fun new updates!



rallwright said...

Hi there!

Saw you tonight on Richard and Judy. I had just finished reading your book for review and clicked on the website at about 5:10pm and saw you were due on the show. Turned on the TV and there was some bloke trading things in London, so I guessed that it was your segment!

Shame you couldn't get much of a word in edgeways between the presenters but never mind, eh? At least they plugged the book.

You can find our review of it on www.soteriamag.co.uk/newsite/.

Thanks for a great read!

hugh macleod said...

Hi Kyle,

I met you randomly outside a pub in Soho the other day. You were just coming back from appearing on the Richard and Judy show. I'm the cartoonist.

Anyway, good luck with the book, and lovely meeting you.


Hugh MacLeod


sloz said...

Hi Kyle,
I just read your book - I bought it on Aug 21st in Stansted Airport (London) at about 4.30am (I had a 6.20am flight) and had never heard of you or it before so it's pretty cool that it just so happened that it had just been released.... Anyway, I loved it and came to your blog afterwards to see if there's any news - I guess you need a bit of a rest now before the blue paperclip beckons....
Enjoy! and thanks for sharing your journey which puts faith back in human nature...

Umm - I've never blogged before (is that the right verb to use? - is 'blog' a verb even? I blog, you blog, he/she/it blogs....) so I'm not sure if I've done it right or if this post is in the right place... hope you find it anyway...