Miracle Experience! Unbelievable

That's that name of the TV show we taped today in Tokyo. "Miracle Experience! Unbelievable." It just doesn't get any better than that. Wow. Until now, "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" was the name to beat, but without the mid-title exclamation! mark, it really never stood a fighting chance to the force that is "Miracle Experience! Unbelievable". The show will be broadcast nationwide on Fuji TV in Japan on june 8th. It's highly unlikely that Fuji TV broadcasts to more than 1% of all people who read this blog, so I'll try and get my hands on a copy and release it over the internet for your viewing pleasure.
Wait'll you see the actors for the trade re-enactments! I somehow got red hair and freckles and Dom's hair went blonde and has a real Russian vibe going on. So rad. I also never thought I'd have any input whatsoever into the song "Hey Stoopid" by Alice Cooper being broadcast into millions of Japanese homes in the year 2006, but I'm more than proud to be partially held responsible for that feat. Thank you "Miracle Experience! Unbelievable", you more than lived up to your name.

You can scope out more Miracle Experience! Unbelievable pictures here.

bye for now - Kyle


annie said...

super rad kyle, you're the miracle guy! can't wait to hear more about your japan experience

Anonymous said...

I just watched the show here in Japan. I loved watching it all, it's a great idea!!
Hope you enjoyed the stay.
Well I don't have anything to trade now but wish you good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ya, Kyle!

I'm an American living in Japan and just watched your feature on Miracle Experience! Unbelievable last night. Great show, and I hope you enjoyed Japan.

Just wanted to say good luck to you & keep at it!


Ben Steiner
Tohma, Hokkaido

Claire said...

I saw the show when it aired here in Japan - I was so surprised to see you went to Yahk, since I grew up in the Kootenays, about an hour and a half from Yahk.