Frontiers of Construction Lighting

As imagined, Japan is mind-blowingly rad. And I've hardly left the hotel room yet. The first thing I saw when I flicked on the TV was an eating contest. A 100 lb girl polished off 10 pounds of steak in five minutes - the restaurant erupted in applause. I hope she got a ribbon. A blue ribbon. Eating one tenth your body weight in less time than it takes to change a spare tire is why blue ribbons were invented. Next up was an interactive 10 minute map-based breakdown of the northern movement of the cherry blossoms, orchestrated by an astute man with a long white pole with standard oversized round tip pointed at a computer graphic illustration. Strangely mesmerizing. Dom crashed hard from a deadly combination of amazement/jet lag. That's the problem with traveling across the international date line into the future. The jet lag. And the amazement.

I went out for a solo late night stroll only to stumple upon arguably the funnest construction zone in the entire universe:

So that was awesome.

Seven favorite Japanese vehicle names so far:

Fuso Fighter
Fuso Super Great
Suzuki Turbo Joy Pop
Nissan Elgrand Highway Star
Toyota Athlete
Toyota Success
Toyota Super Exceed

And you just know there's more where that came from.

Have a successful happy bright great joy day - Kyle

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