Super News

Man, Japan is so awesome. Dom and I rocked up to two super rad media outlets today: J-WAVE radio and Fuji TV - both of whom I did interviews with last week via telephone. Both of whom half-jokingly invited me to come on their shows, should I ever find myself in Japan. Funny how a half-joke can become a reality in less than two weeks. half-jokes are so underrated. We met up with Kanae and Jon from J-Wave in the AM and did a cool live hit on the FM airwaves. I even got to request some songs. If Frontier Psychiatrist by the Avalanches confused anybody in Tokyo today, I take all the blame.


So that was great.

After hitting up J-WAVE, we rocked up to Fuji TV.


No, we didn't broadcast from the giant, oversized, super-shiny silver ball, and I'm more than tempted to lie and embellish and say that we did...but if that giant oversized super-shiny silver ball decided to fall, it would've crushed the two guys in this next picture:


See that guy I'm talking to? That's Mr. Kimura. He's the chief fun-affairs correspondent for Japan's largest news program, Super News. Yes, that's right - Super News. Once again, a straight forward visionary name that more than aptly describes the magnitude of a news program. It's safe to assume that no other Japanese news broadcast stands a chance. Anyhow, TV program adjective riddled names aside, Super News beams into more than ten million homes a night. Last week on our phone interview, Mr. Kimura half-jokingly invited me to come visit him in Japan. I said I'd "try my best" and we left it at that. The next day, another Fuji TV program, the now-legendary "Miracle Experience! Unbelievable", called me up and asked if Dom and I wanted to come to Japan. I told Mr. Kimura about our super news and we set up a time to meet. Cut to today and there we were - looking out at the Tokyo skyline talking about one red paperclip and Alice Cooper. Who woulda thunk it? After the interview Mr. Kimura's producer Eiko showed us a video tape of Super News's "little" story about about one red paperclip from last week. Dom and I promptly had our minds blown with arguably the best one red paperclip news clip of all time. Ten minutes long, including dramatic music, Japanese subtitles, multi-lingual dubbing, head-pasted-on-cartoon-legs-map-based-trade-rundown, crazy graphic effects - much more than the whole nine. We're talking the whole ten here, perhaps the whole eleven. It was amazing. I'll try to get a copy of the tape - and I'll cross my fingers and see if I can somehow share this masterpiece with you. So good.

Arguably gooder than this:

And this:

This is totally un-related to anything else, but just imagine what this key does:

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

But wait for the light to change

Till tomorrow - Kyle


Anonymous said...

yo, i've been following your progress, and to echo everyone's sentiments, i think it's an awesome endeavor. i just went to tokyo in march. totally awesome place. i hope you get to shibuya for your 'lost in translation' moments.

Anonymous said...

Hey man! If you ever come to Oslo, Norway, we'll throw a party for you at Kristiania Bar & Café, compliments of the owner! This includes a meal, and all you can drink, all night long! :)
Keep up the pace, and make us proud!

John, and the staff of Kristiania Bar!

Anonymous said...

Oh if you are in Norway you might as well come to Helsinki and stay at my place. I am trying to get a story published in one of the major newspapers here. Like everything in Finland it is slow to come here.


annie said...

kyle, sounds like a blast. i've been in constant contact w/prudence about the super fishpen.
there's a chance i may be in montreal w/my pen, it would be great if our paths crossed before the trade. make the most of your trip.

Anonymous said...

I know what that key does. ^.^ It switches between katakana (Japanese characters for non-Japanese words), hiragana (regular Japanese characters), and romaji (non-Japanese characters, i.e., English).

Yeah, I'm a geek. Felt the need to let you know. :)