Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

As if I could resist using the title of a 1990s basketball-themed sitcom for the title of this blog post to metaphorically refer to what will transpire in Fargo North Dakota next Monday. As if I could resist.

Okay, here's the skinny:

On Monday May 15th I will be in Fargo North Dakota - hanging out with Alice Cooper. I'd tell ya more myself, but there's really no way I can write anything more incredible than this:


This is going to be so unbelievably amazing. It hurts my brain to imagine the awesomeness that will transpire in Fargo next Monday.

I also totally can't believe I just wrote "transpire" twice...no, three times in one blog post. I'm also trying to wrap my brain around that as well. I need to check my head. This blog post is wild, just wild. Today, I should sleep in late man, it'll be much easier on my constitution. - See ya in Fargo - Kyle


Tilly said...

Holy Cow Batman!!
Thats bloody awesome Kyle... the article about your trip to meet with Alice is brilliant and an 8ft red paperclip on top of that!!
Do you get to keep that? i sure hope so- but what would you do with it? Maybe, you could encase it in clear perspex and use it as a dining table in your newly acquired pad (that i desperately hope you'll get thro your ORP trade ups) ...or hang it on a wall as a piece of modern, yet historical art ...or maybe you'll trade it ..who knows?
Personally, if you do get to keep that 8ft beast then i hope you do hang on to it as a reminder of 'where you started out'
Congratulations again Kyle ...and best of luck on the final legs of your quest =)

Rainypete said...

Holy crap! You get to meet Alice Cooper and get a frikkin huge paperclip from him? You are indeed on a delightfully unbalanced quet of which I am jealous. Keep up the crusade Kyle.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, but of course it's your game and your rules. By not trading Alice for something of equal or greater value, doesn't that mean, you now have nothing to trade in the chain of links from the red paper clip?