one famous ski-doo update

Just got word from Kerry at SnoRiders West that he traded the snowmobile!

From Kerry:
"Kyle: I thought you may like to know what happens to past trade items that you have made. In the spirit of OneRedPaperClip we at have traded Michel Barrette's famous snowmobile to a local Cranbrook resident, Richard Wake. Richard is a database consultant who traded us his services for the sled, which he has given to his 11-year-old son Marshall. Trading isn't as easy as you make it look! I think you have made three awesome trades in the time it has taken us to make one. But we are happy to report that Marshall is absolutely thrilled to have a famous snowmobile that in his words has "been on TV."

Shown in the photo from right to left is: Richard Wake, Marshall Wake and Kerry Shellborn


Nice work boys! - Kyle

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