Gnant Myspace Nirvan Drupal

"Gnant Myspace Nirvan Drupal". Four words that have never been strung together in the history of the universe. Here's why they are now:

Gnant Myspace:
Jody Gnant has a myspace:
Listen to her music! Be her friend!

Nirvan Drupal:
My dad and I met up with my buddy Nirvan Mullick from The 1 Second Film today in Los Angeles. We ate tacos. They were delicious. With a mouth full of pork taco, he told me that he's looking for a super good Drupal programmer to help take his project to the "next level". If you're super good with Drupal, and want to help lay the foundation for what has the potential to be a MASSIVELY popular project, give Nirvan a shout at: nirvan-at-the1secondfilm-dot-com. He'll totally hook you up with tacos.

**oh, and if you're not Drupal programmer, or have no idea what I'm talking about, but want to help produce a feature film for $1 and get your name in the IMDB like this, go to and become a producer for the shortest film of all time. Yes, you will officially become a film producer and get your name in the IMDB for one buck. It's worth sacrificing one taco to be part of this - trust me - Del Taco and El Pollo Loco will still be there for you when you scrounge up another buck.

Over and out, brussel sprout - Kyle

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