Quebec Book Release Facts ... + MORE


-The French version of the one red paperclip book is called: Un Trombone Rouge
-It is a very nice book
-This guy published it.
-He's a great guy.
-The book will be released in Quebec on Friday Aug 17.
-You can bid on a special autographed copy of Un Trombone Rouge here.
-This is the video I just made for the auction.
-All the money raised for the auction will go to L'hopital Ste Justine, Montreal's children's hospital.
-Which is really awesome.

-I spoke French in the video.
-Most people in Quebec speak French.
-This guy also speaks Hanglish.
-If you're the highest bidder for the auction, I'll guarantee to meet you in person on Monday Aug 20 and we can "trade".
-Unless you provide a private jet, then the trade-in-person guarantee only applies to the Greater Montreal Area.
-Quebec is more than twice as big as Texas.
-But most of that is probably tundra.
-Nobody knows.
-There is an "official" book release party Monday Aug 20 at 5pm at a bar called Bily Kun in Montreal.
-Bily Kun is located at 354 Mont-Royal est.
-I mispronounced Bily Kun in the video.
-Dom thought that was pretty funny.
-Here is a helpful map.
-If you can make it, you're more than invited to join the fun.
-I ate All Bran cereal for breakfast today.
-It was delicious.
-Again, here is the link to the eBay auction for the autographed book.

*Here's the + MORE:
-The book was released in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa last week.
-It will be released in Canada and the USA on Tuesday Aug 21.
-More on that shortly.



Anonymous said...


Je serai au lancement!

Ton français est superbe. J'adore ton accent québécois!

Allan Wills said...

Tres bien Kyle, tres bien!

* (asterisk) said...

I am currently reading the UK version of your book. I was hoping to save it for my beach hols, but it's proving difficult to hold off.

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I am currently reading the UK version of your book. very good :)


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..:NanaDark:.. said...

hi ^^
my name is Josephine ^^
very good your blog!

I'm italian ^^


Unknown said...

Je découvre aujourd'hui votre histoire (mieux vaut tard que jamais) que je découvre drôle et enthousiasmante. J'ai hâte de lire le livre ! Salutations de France.

Karen Olson said...

I am so totally bummed that I missed this book party in Montreal. Because even though I am in Connecticut, I was in Montreal on Aug. 20 on vacation. Of course I didn't know about you or your book until this past Saturday, when I bought a copy at my local indie bookstore. And I bought it only because of the cover. I've never done that before, and even though I'm a published author and should know that people buy books for the cover, I've never done that. But this was so kick-ass, I barely looked at what the book was about and bought it anyway. For the cover. And I finished the book last night and loved it, the whole idea behind it. I can't believe I never heard of oneredpaperclip before this.

Anyway, congrats on the book, the house, the whole thing. A great, fun read and inspiring in many ways.

Anonymous said...


Je serai au lancement!

difficult to hold off.