Coyle Mc Donald

In Dublin right now. Lots of Guinesses last night. Doing heaps of radio and TV interviews over here today. Gonna trade Judy on Gerry Ryan's show. The digital readout in the cab this morning said Coyle Mc Donald. So that was fun. Word around town is that yesterday a dinghy full of cocaine washed up on shore, the police confiscated it, and now Paddy Power is taking bets on the actual street value of the drugs. Kinda hard not to be excited about being in a place where that sort of thing's going on. Going to the park now to look for shamrocks.


PS - This 7-ELEVEN in Vancouver isn't the one I traded the original red paperclip at, but I grew up just down the road. Definitely my "local" sev.


hitch50 said...

I hit up that sev today. Best Squishy ever. Memories were good too.

Engrmizan said...

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