Nolan Hubbard


Remember that name. Nolan Hubbard. Nolan is the lucky winner of the role in Donna on Demand. You can read all about it in this week's issue of the Kipling Citizen.

other press:
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I'm not wearing a hat, but if I was, it'd go off to Nolan. Everyone who auditioned Saturday night in kipling was amazing, but he blew the field away! Keep it up dude, we can't wait to watch you light up the screen! - Kyle


Anonymous said...

Dave... you really caught the feel of the drunken retardedness we all experienced. Not putting anyone else down, but damn, those are some of the best images of the weekend in Kipling!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. I've tried searching for your site but to no avail. I stumbled upon this link that links to your blog XD I've found it!

I've read about your adventures from a local newspaper. That sounds absolutely nice... to have a paperclip transformed into a house via many transactions =)

Nothing is impossible. Nike's punchline.

How's life in Kipling? Hope you're enjoying in! I read the post about the party a few posts down. Looks and sounds very nice.

See ya. Will drop by often.