one keg paperclip

Just got this email from Carolyn at The Keg. What an awesome idea:

"Kyle, love the Alice Cooper cool is that?!?! Anyhow, 3 Keg staff are cycling across Canada, stopping at Kegs ( ) along the way, and are raising money for kids. The website is at: They are great guys, and are really getting Keg staff from across North America (there are 94 locations in Canada and the US) behind them... just four days in and they have raised more than $46K if you can believe it. Between great sponsors (Giant Bikes, Helly Hansen, Molson's....) and The Keg offsetting costs for the trip, 100% of what is raised will go to charity. And a really fun part of this is that they HAVE to get back to St. John's in early August.... Jeremy, one of the riders is getting married on August 20th (his fiancée Erika is amazing and helped the guys to come up with this plan). So... how does the red paper clip come in? Well, Basics did up 10,000 4" metal red paper clips. Each store will have 100. Staff are encouraged to keep trading up, and bring their item to a silent auction at their location. All of the money raised will go to the ride. It's fun, gets everyone involved, and everybody wins. Who wouldn't want to do this one? I have put a mention about you on the site, the link is: Here's a shot of the boys from our event on Monday... have a great week-end! Cheers, Carolyn Torhjelm -Executive Director - The Keg Spirit Foundation"

If you've got any fundraising or charity projects on the go, feel free to use red paperclips! Send me the links and I'll post about it! - Have fun - Kyle

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