new website layout

Big thanks to a fellow ‘kmac’, Keith MacLeod, for setting up the new layout for this website. My original layout was a duct taped ball of scavenged html I left out in the rain. This is waaaaay better. I haven’t met Keith yet, but I already like him based on the description on his computer services website: “Hi, I'm Keith. I'm your friendly geek around the corner. Actually, I'm not really all that friendly, and depending on where you live, I'm probably not around the corner, either.” Luckily for me, he does literally live just around the corner. Go check out Keith's site: Another site I've come across is It's run by a guy named Eric who's attempting to quit his day job by running a blog. Most sites like this are a souless cash grab, but Eric is differnet. He tells the story about his attempt to quit his 9-5 and is doing this because he likes it - a feeling I share with him. My site has shot off in popularity recently, and it's a lot of fun, but I would still be doing this if only 10 people a day came to the site - which was the case from July to November. He continually stresses the importance of creating unique content, like a story that people can follow along with, rather than just a series of links or ramblings. I believe in my quest to turn one red paperclip into a house, and I thank you for coming here to hear my story. I hope you enjoy this site - I'm blogging about it because it's tons of fun, not because I'm trying to make money. However, things like eating and having a place to sleep at night come in handy when you're trying to up-trade, so there's a few ads on this site. If I had a day job, the content would suffer, and if I didn't have ads, I'd starve - so I hope we can live with things the way they are. If you can give me a free place to stay and feed me, I'll drop the google adsense link boxes in a second. If you want to quit your 9-5 job, for real, and create fun blog content instead, go to subnixus and do everything Eric says. His advice is free and it works. Thanks Eric.

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