You're Fired

Pretty interesting evening: -We just went out for dinner. -Made final arrangements with a fellow in Queens to trade the red generator for an "instant party." -Came back to the hotel to pick up the generator from the storage locker in the basement. -Went to the front desk to call up the generator. -Kirk, the guy at the front desk replied: "Oh, the generator. Yeah...right, well, the generator, let's see, um, a few nights ago the front desk clerk smelled gas fumes and dialed 911. The Fire or Police Department came in and took the generator away." Me: "When did this happen?" "A few nights ago." "Why didn't you tell me about this a few nights ago?" "I wasn't working." "Then why didn't somebody else tell me about this a few nights ago?" "I don't know." "Where is the generator now?" "I don't know." Dom looked at me, "What are you going to do now?" Me: "I don't know." Since the potential trader needed to make the trade happen before 9pm, I had to call him up and cancel the trade. But that didn't help find the generator. Two hours of calls to every emergency responder outlet on the Southern tip of Manhattan and a ride in a FDNY Suburban with a pair of Tootsie Pop sucking veteran NYC firefighters later, we finally tracked the generator down to Ladder 20 on Lafayette Street. The firefighters were awesome. They found the generator. They gave Dom and I Tootsie Pops. They even had a dalmation. So, the generator is safely back in my hands. A few nights ago at the hotel, somebody must've stored it on its side or something, because it runs great and doesn't leak gas. Tomorrow, Wednesday Nov. 16, If you are located roughly on the route between NYC and Montreal, (I-87) give me a call on my cellphone 514-833-3980, I can come to you to make the trade! The red generator is still up for grabs! A red generator confiscated by the FDNY! talk to you soon, Kyle. Dalmation Pop


Anonymous said...

a dalmation. amazing.

Anonymous said...

Don't they abbreviate their name FDNY?