one red generator

It’s gettin, It’s gettin, It’s getting kinda hectic. That’s right, like He-Man and SNAP alike, I’ve finally got the power. One thousand Watts of bona-fide elec-tric-ity. My mom and I rolled up to Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base between L.A. and San Diego, near "The Dolly Partons" on I-5 to meet David, the first Sergeant to get in on the trading game. I've never been to an U.S. Military base before, let alone to trade a stove for a generator, so needless to say, I was pretty stoked. dollypartons
Sgt. David J. was midway through moving the hard top of his Ford Bronco into his trailer in what was the first step to “move back to South Carolina.” Step two in his quest to get back to the Palmetto state involved Sgt. David J. shaking the hand of some random guy he met of the internet and doing a straight-up barter of one of his prized 1000W Honda EX generators for one coleman camp stove stove – with fuel. A win-win trade if there ever was one - I got the power I’ve always been dreaming of, and Sgt. David J can cook himself some tasty treats as he moves across the south back to South Carolina.
Sgt. David J. was keen to tell me all about how the generator worked and I understood and faked my way to an appropriate 'one of the boys' level of comprehension. There was talk about 'hertz', 'cycles', AC and DC and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. Only one thing really sticks in my mind: The one red generator fired up on the first pull of the cord - and in my mind, there ain't nuthin wrong with that.
one red generator

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CarlosDreyfus said...

In some point, do you think you will get stuck? or you are going to trade for a piece of crap/item with less value than the previos. Well thinking about it you are already winninig a lot, since your investment was a clip.
Keep Up the good work. Godspeed

Digitelle said...

His investment is not only a clip though, he must be spending a small fortune on travelling costs around North America.

I would like to see how the travel expenses add up and compare to the value of the house/island when you are done.

P.S. you should turn on anonymous comments on the blog so people don't have to register to comment.

Ookami Snow said...

Keep it up! It'll be interesting to see the path that you take with the stuff.

MusicGuynPhoenix said...

Nah - I understand the need to register. To much splogging going on - Spam bot software that prowls around looking for anonymous comments that it can exploit to push porn sites & other unwanted/unrelated stuff. I've played the bigger & better game before & always wondered what it would be like if you kept playing & moving it to the Internet neighborhood really breaks it into a new league! Way to go!

Damien said...

"I'd trade it all for just a little more" == this site

Kyle MacDonald said...

Yeah, that's sweet about the google generator ads eh?

I had a similar thing on my other blog awhile back with Orange County Choppers.

I was talking about the insanity of all the Orange County Choppers merchandising and then ads for OCC came up on the side!

Then people started to send in pictures of Orange County Choppers stuff.

Good times. Later. Kyle.

Anonymous said...

there's a blurb about this on

Kyle MacDonald said...

FarrisGoldstein said...
How about a pearl-and-gold colored 120-bass accordion signed by John Linnell?

Hey Ferris, I like the sounds of it but I have no way of contacting you. Fire me an email with your whereabouts if you're still interested !

Anonymous said...

That generator is worth a solid 4 or 5 bills. Probably the best small generator you can get.

Anonymous said...

i love your idea. i say forget the people talking about the transport costs. i think the idea is more adventure than economics. sure you can always do the accounting from a trip or adventure, but the rewards are always much more than monetary. i see your venture as more adventure than economics, but you do get a house all the best to you.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious, not sure if you remember at this late date. What did you cook for the sarge?

Miz Booty, Mtl Canada