Big party in Kipling July 12th and weekend of 14/15!

On July 12th the town of Kipling Saskatchewan is going to reveal the largest functioning paperclip the world has ever known! That's right! Ever.

And then we're going to party all weekend!

So if you can make it, book the weekend off and be there!

...More details to come soon.



Saskboy said...

Cool, it's the weekend after the SaskBlogs BBQ in Regina. I might be able to make it. I've marked it down on my calendar anyway.

My Bowl Ad said...

Look forward to meeting you on the 12th!!!
Can't wait!

Mark Timms

Unknown said...

Another big party in Kipling? I don't know if I can resist....

Can anyone offer me a ride? (I'll contribute for gas, etc.)

Unknown said...

Another party in Kipling? I don't know if I can resist, but I don't have a vehicle!

Can anyone offer me a ride? I'll contribute $. (Probably need somewhere to sleep too)

Thanks all!

Eric Tan said...

Wow, a party not to be missed...

Too bad I'm too far away to be there, hope you can do a posting of the happenings during the events.

...preferbly with tons of photos!

Thanks & take care!