I'm going to London!


Yep, Jolly Ole itself! July 2 - 8th...ish. And I'm bringing those pants. Maybe I'll give them to somebody in England who'll really like them. Maybe the Queen! Yes, How awesome will that be if the Queen wore those pants? Maybe for a jubilee of some sort. Yes, that's it. The Queen in Union Jack pants that have actually been to Kipling...for a jubilee!

Also (and I apologize to all Irish people for the pants), I'll be in Dublin the night of July 5 and almost all day July 6 doing fun radio and TV book promo and such.

That's right, one red paperclip, the book, will be released in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland on June 28. (It'll be out on Aug 21 in the States and Canada...and pretty much everywhere else. But you can still pre-order here too! Or just check out this picture of a horse!)

And while in England, I plan to do even more than just take my shirt off and jump in the air with my favorite pair of Union Jack pants! Yep, I'll be on Richard and Judy on July 3rd! Maybe after the show, or the following day, we can meet up in a park, or a pub, and trade stuff. Are there any good parks or pubs in London?


PS - I'll update my very public schedule with more details of the trip as they come.


Saskboy said...

Have fun over the pond.

If you land in Regina on July 8 and aren't jet lagged, be sure to stop in at the SaskBlogs BBQ beside the Science Center :-)

News Update said...

Are there any good parks or pubs in London?

Literally hundreds - my favourite is the Holly Bush Inn, Hampstead near to the Heath

Single Mom of 3 said...

I have been following your story lately and wanted to congratulate you on your new book and all that you have achieved!

Unknown said...

accidentally googled kyle mcdonald and you seem like one helluva an awesome dude. i hope to meet you one day, but til then have fun in london.

Unknown said...

The Pubs near the Parks in London are generally rather pricey and are Chains, though if you go to Regents Park you can then enjoy some of the great Pubs in Camden which has shed loads, and is just a short walk down the road. I should know I live there.

Unknown said...

Hey Kyle!

All the pubs are good, but if you are in the west end theatre district there is a GREAT little restauraunt called.... Crap! I can't remember but you'll find it easily as all the locals know it well.

Its an Operah themed place. The entire inside is covered in gold leaf and velvet. Wait.. I'll google...

Sarastro, 126 Drury Lane, London WC2 3QG.
Nearest Tube: Covent Garden

They have a wonderful brunch, and a wonderful preshow dinner. Try it out.

Also, if you get a chance... And I know how extremely dumb this sounds.... Please get Last minute theatre tickets to "Jerry Springer The Opera" I know- It sounds HORRIBLE!!! But it is a real gem, a real pondering on what has become of western culture- And the Talent in the show is well worth the ticket price.

Some of the best voices in London in a Satirical Comedy with 100 swear words a minute in the lyrics!

I know, I know.... but of the 13 shows we saw its the only one I loved.

Have fun in one of my favorite pit stops!