40 Greatest Internet Stars

Apparently I'm one of VH1's "Web Junk's" 40 Greatest Internet Stars! Yep, right up there with "Average Homeboy" himself, Denny Blaze. So, I'm runing with some pretty hardcore web folk, and there's this voting thing. Just wondering if you'd like to, well, you know, um, click here and vote for me? Yeah, vote for "the red paperclip guy" today!? It'll be fun. I promise.

And while you're voting, why not vote again and again? Ballot stuffing is fun too, I promise!

If for some sort of extreme miracle I'm crowned "The Greatest of all 40 somewhat-randomly-selected Internet "Stars", as they term it, I promise to make an inadvertedly over-the-top rap video powerful enough to force Denny Blaze to admit defeat and give up the game.

For life.

Feel free to spread the word and get others to vote! - http://webjunk.tv/gis

Average Homeboy is going down.



Anonymous said...

Dear kyle! How are you doing??
We're Sayana, Sara, Jordan and Amparo, four fifteen-year-old girls. We live in Spain, and we are contacting you because we're meant to do a project...about YOU and your paper clip trade!
Part of our project was to pretend to interview you, and imagine your answers. But we came to the idea that perhaps, since you're such a nice dude, you wouldn't mind answering the interview youself! And as you have your blog, and that makes it quite easy to communicate, you could tell us if the idea is ok with you, and then let us send you the questions for you to answer.
Our project has a limited time, which is actually next Thursday, so if you agree, we would be very pleased to get your answers quickly.
Here are the questions:
1 How did you come up with this idea?
2 Why did you want a house? Why not a Ferrari, or something else?
3 Did you have a job before starting with the trading?
4 Did you think in the beginning that your project would work?
5 And in case you did, did you think your story would go all around the world?
6 How has your life changed after this year of trading?

We would appreciate your time and effort in answering our questions! And if you'd like, we could send you some photos of our final school project. Thank you very very much, we hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Ps: The same day we started with our project, we got home and saw the Polo advertisement!! We were thrilled to bits!!

Anonymous said...

Turns out you can vote as many times as you like... so, I voted for you a bunch. I hope you beat out Denny Blaze.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle. Did you attend a MacDonald Family Reunion in Cape Breton back in the 90's?

You look just like one of the brothers I can remember going bonkers on the dance floor at the reunions dance.


Anonymous said...


Hotel @nyware said...

It's Super Bowl week and BudLight salutes you Mr RedPaperClip Guy, Mr real man of genius!

Does what is Mr RedPaperClip guy reading these days?


cliffy said...

Right you can vote not just once but as many times you want..

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Wow top 40 not bad!

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oldman said...

WOW! Thats pretty high-tech of a blog!


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Getting into the top 40 is very commendable.


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