The Greatest 56 minutes of your life

This is the broadcast of the TV show "Unbelievable" on Fuji TV in Japan back in May. Six parts. Re-enactments. Graphics. Surprised audience. Japanese subtitling. Pretty unbelievable stuff. I officially declare this the greatest hour of television ever produced. Well, besides that episode of America's Funniest Home Videos episode where they Bob Saget gave 100 000 dollars to the outfielder who caught that home run ball and fell over the chain link fence and got hung up by his underwear. I think he was from Montana.








Gavin Purcell said...


This is amazing. I'm posting it to my blog TVinJapan as it's some truly amazing TV in Japan.

Great work on making the internet work for you.

-Gavin Purcell

Mood Indigo said...

Oh my - this is outstanding. I think the entire project was worth having this piece of t.v. history become a part of it!

Another Shade of Grey said...

Just wanted to say great idea to begin with. Way to make the rest of us think.

wailea said...

That's cool. I love it...

Livardo said...

I was going to come in here and give you a razzing for telling them that you wouldn't go to Japan! Lo and behold you were already there. Nice maneuver!

Ben Fellows said...

Saw an article somewhere locally in NZ about this. Clever idea!



Alexander said...

Thanks for this info! :)

Anonymous said...

This is Chris, I`m Australian,
which you wouldn`t have been able to tell by the Japanese overdubbing. Anyway it was fun to play your role Kyle. Honestly I was told about the gig 2 days before shooting and had no idea what it was about. They pretty much told me my lines a minute before shooting, but that didn`t matter so much because of the overdubbing. You were right about your girlfriend being Russian. I had no idea what she was saying, but it somehow worked. Anyway I hope it wasn`t too freaky seeing another person play your part and that I did half a decent reenactment for you.
Seeya Chris

Clinton said...

thats so wicked, very interesting :)

sohbet said...

After a rather long time without blog comments, I was recently able to allow them again.