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Received this in the ol' email box yesterday:

Yesterday, in the Auditorium of Barcelona (Spain), the Catalonian Open University (UOC) delivered diplomas to the new graduates. I received my diploma of software ingeneer, with on red paper clip! Before ending the ceremony, the Rector's University explained your history and told us that from now on, everything is possible for us, we just have to beleive in our dreams, as you made. I will always keep this red paperclip with me to remember the message. Astrid.

So that ruled. Way to go Astrid!

Have fun - Kyle


Anonymous said...

I was there too... :D

Raúl said...

ola, he visitado tu blog y me a parecido muy chulo, te felicito, esta muy trabajado.

Te doy mi blog por si quieres verlo, que te lo agradeceria.

Aqui te dejo la direccion y espero que entres:

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from Poland. About your story I read in newspaper. I think the thing that you do is great! Dreams can be real. Poland is with you!

Anonymous said...

I have the llicenciatura and a red paper clip.

Your life is a good example to admire.



Anonymous said...

hahaha, they're gonna do a whole "asignatura" on your adventure before long ;P There are also a lot of "mercados del treque" (trading markets) here in Barcelona...

abaddon said...

They didn't teach you spelling in ingeneering school?