pbs_logo.gif I was asked to write a review for Antiques Roadshow by PBS. They sent me a super special pre-broadcast sneak preview DVD in the mail. I opened the package. I watched the show. I wrote about it. It was thoroughly enjoyable. You can read about it here:


Oh, and it turns out quite a few people went to Dom's blog, even though I pleasantly asked them not to go there yet. Shame, shame.



Anonymous said...

Hi, beatuful blog.

from: macedonia-history.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Kyle,
I loved your assesment of the Antiques Roadshow. I believe you nailed it.
The other day I was at my Dad's house in the middle of a movie, when a commercial came on I channel surfed.
I came upon the A.R. and ended up watching the rest of it. I just couldn't change back to the movie until I found out what this small oil painting was worth.
The lady got it out of her parents trailer and apparently had it in her home hanging by the restroom. Turns out the little painting was worth between $90 to $120. THOUSAND dollars.
That kind of green could really change your situation..
Kind Regards,
Cyndi From Mich.