Pretty much the best party ever.


I have a mustache now:




So many more pics here:

and so many more to come after that.

Having way to much Saskatchefun - Kyle


Karen Rani said...

I read about you in the London Free Press today (London, Ontario, that is).

I wanted to write and congratulate you! Way to go!

nakil said...

Hi Kyle, it looks pretty cool! I got your invitation and the paperclip gift you sent to me. Thanks alot, man! I couldn't manage to be at your party, but I thought alot about all of you guys! Have fun at your new home!


One Green Safety Pin said...

How fun! I'm sure everyone had an awesome time!

Vancouver_gurl said...

Hey Kyle,
Just read about your story and found your blog -- what an unbelievable yet amazing story!! I'm surprised it only took 14 trades -- power of the blogosphere eh. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

We drove up on Sunday from Regina. I must say it was a blast. Thanks Kyle!

davetrader said...

Hey looks like a great PAR-TAY Kyle. Hey Maybethey can change the name of the street and your address could be 1 Red PaperClip Drive or something like that.

Mick Gordon said...

Cant say I had ever heard of Kipling until today, but the party really put the place on the map. It appears that superstar bloggers are an emerging trend. Look at all the hot ladies hanging off the paperclip.

Colin said...

absolutely amazing.
best party ever.

everyone congradulate kyle and dom, and the paperclip wedding ring, best proposal ever.

and cheers to the people of kipling saskatchewan, best town ever.

Don Muntean said...

Dear Kyle:

I would like to say that that i'm very encouraged by your awesome success in the use of Blogs to foward an idea and a project!

You have in your success captured the attention of many people - induced them to consider the possibilities through blog communications.

A great many people who didn't really otherwise know 'what' a blog is now appreciate the potential.

Kyle you are indeed a pioneer in cyber-history - in terms of bringing great attention to this very direct way of communicating with the world.

I would hope that you [everyone] might take a few minutes and look-up my blog - it's been online for 493 days and it details a protest that i have had to launch in connection to Saskatchewan Government Insurance:

I thank-you for taking time to read this posting [and my blog] may providence continue to smile good fortunes upon you and yours!

don muntean

Susan said...

Hi,it's good to hear that you definitely had a blast with your party. :) Hmm... maybe I wasn't reading well. Is this some kind of housewarming?

Steven Vande Vyvere said...


You sure know how to throw a killer party. I had a blast man, and I will definately be there for the Wedding

Rose said...

Congratulations on your engagement.

annie said...

what an awesome party. kipling is an awesome town. meeting all the traders and your an dom's family was too cool for school dude! thank you a million billion times over.

annie (trader da!)

plus the music! fireworks! killer food! and all those rad saskachuans, i'll never be the same. go canada.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

I live in Kipling, and I gotta say...that was the best thing that has ever happened to the town, and we're so greatful for all you've done for the town. Also, congratulations on your and Dom's engagement! Using the original paperclip as the ring?...SMOOTH

hope to see ya around town sometime

petter *norway said...

hi kyle your definitive the best congratulations with the trade and the sucsessive party and the engagement :)

you have got to be a genious or something :)

but I have got to ask you if there is a way to get the "I Made a Friend Today" song by Mr. Pearson because it rocks! and is there any tabs or lyrics for it that i can download?


do you have msn?
because that would have been really cool to have it :)
anyways mine is ""

youre cool

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