The headline reads: "Kyle and Dom invite the whole world."


The article's in french, but I'm pretty sure you can understand what it's about. This is from a pretty big daily newspaper in Trois Rivieres Quebec. I think their circulation is 100 000ish. Not sure what the standing world record for slow news day is, but I'm sure it was just broken.

Louise Plante got her facts right. The whole world is invited to Kipling Sask this weekend. The whole world is invited to hang out at 503 Main. The whole world is invited to come hang out next to the eagle on our Corolla. And you'll be happy too, I washed all the bugs off yesterday.

You know that eagle/hawk bird sound that always happens when they show the overhead shot of the nuclear power plant on The Simposons? Yeah, if I knew how to type that sound, that's what I'd put here - Kyle


MW said...

Hey Kyle,
Congrats....wish I could be there this weekend. And by the way, maybe you should wait until the spring to hitch hike to NYC..winter can be a bad time to spend waiting for a ride on the side of a highway!

reddirtroad said...

Kyle - I really truly wish I could be there. Honestly. Looking forward to pictures.

George said...

I wonder if I could have been there? Do it again, Kyle..maybe sometime in the summer of 2007.