Metro Rules

I'd like to give a big shout out to Metro Newspapers, and while I'm at it, everyone in the world who gives out free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff. Keep up the good work.

For a variety of reasons, each more bizarre and over-the-top inside-joke-ladden than the last, these are the best one red paperclip newspaper articles the world has ever known:



Big ups to everybody at Metro and especially Steve McIvor, it was very nice to meet you. - Kyle

PS - If anyone at Toyota wants to re-launch the "Oh what a feeling" jump-up-with-arms-overhead-to-create-the-"Y" TV commercials we've all grown to love, you know where to find me.
PPS - I love your vehicles.
PPPS - Please make a 4 Wheel Drive Diesel/hybrid station wagon.
PPPPS - With wood panels.
PPPPPS - Thanks.


Mike Falcone said...

Word on the diesel hybrid wagon, why the heck isn't anyone making these?!?!?!?

Big J said...


beej said...

Nice to meet you steve. LOL!

Sarazann said...

I'm so glad you're getting married! Those are great pages and fun pictures. We couldn't make it all the way to Canada so we had our own housewarming party for you here in Texas. Yee Haw!

Sunny said...

Dude, your pants in the "jump picture" are awesome! Congrats on your engagement :)