Yep, I'm on facebook.


I think I'll launch my next project thru myspace and facebook. Not ready to let the cat outta the bag on that quite yet, but stuff is being set up behind the scenes as you read this. If you want the early scoop, add me as a "friend" or sign up for my mailing list. Gotta say I'm a pretty huge fan of all the group functions/interactivity of facebook/myspace. Pretty darn huge fan of all that. I'll try to show equal love for myspace and facebook, but please don't be offended if I can't reply to every comment, message, IM, photo comment, or 'poke'. It's all a little bit overwhelming. I'm also writing a book right now, so the more comments I respond to, the crappier the book will be. Best way to get hold of me is at oneredpaperclip@gmail.com or come to 503 Main Street in Kipling Saskatchewan and knock on the front door.

You can download "I Made a Friend Today" by Colin Pearson on his myspace.

Oh, and to set the record straight, Corinna still has the original red paperclip. Yes, the one I bent into a ring and asked Dom to marry me with. Corinna is the 'ring keeper' and will be the ring bearer at our wedding next summer.

K, gotta go binge drink coffee and write a book - Kyle


Reese said...

Hey Kyle,

I noticed that your idea is catching on!.

Good job to you. Hope you're enjoying Kipling.

Anita said...

hello, I´d like know if you have your trueque clip for house, in some special web, or it was ony true your blog, ¡¡¡¡¡I´d like try it too¡¡¡ .

Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying Kipling. My friend Asif and I want to come visit that town soon. We are from Toronto.

pyroduck said...

Great job man! I think there is more to it, go for it! My blog is different, but lovely ^.^ Hedgehog