Music to my beers

Okay, catch your breath now, this'll be a long one.

I've blogged about him many-a-time before, but never on a day like this. Fellow Port Moody product Colin Pearson, aka the cartoonist of this cartoon, writer of this blog, singer of these songs, just released his album Torches and Pitchforks today. You can purchase his fine Compact Disc here. As Colin puts it, "the first 100 come with a free button! wowza!" Yes Colin, wowza indeed. Great stuff dude. See you in Kipling for the housewarming party. Hmm, maybe I'll sport some of this gear...

Dom and I just got back from Toronto last night. It was a rad trip. Not much sleep. I'm exhausted. Half the exhaust system from our beautiful 1990 Corolla is somwhere on the 401 now. If you find it, it's yours.

First thing we did in Toronto was meet up with Brendan and Jody at Metalworks to chill while they recorded Jody's album. It's gonna be awesome. Dom and I got in on the action too. I shook things up with a plastic container/shaker full of red paperclips and Dom was somewhow convinced to say a bunch of stuff in french about a "trombone rouge". High hopes both "sounds" make the final cut.


Super choice to hang with Jody and Brendan again, and more than ultra neat to be in the studio with Jody's producer Richard Feldman. Like Colin Pearson, Jody and Brendan'll be in Kipling to perform for the housewarming party.
In addition to posessing the cube van, Brendan's a proud member of Club Treehouse. They're looking for gigs right now, so if you're interested, scope out their myspace, all the booking info's there. They even have CDs for sale.

That night we ate Chinese food in the studio. It was delicious. My fortune cookie said "The harder you work, the luckier you get." A great fortune, and quite true, but I've had better ones before. Even truer fortunes before. I went on to tell Jody about my favorite fortune I ever had. I looked Jody straight in the eyes and actually made the bold statement that the piece of paper with the mysterious fortune "was the only thing I've lost that I regret loosing, ever." The next day Dom's friend Audrey met up with us fresh from a Chinese buffet and said she'd just got the craziest fortune ever. We of course asked what it was, and she showed us. Wouldn't you believe it was the exact same fortune I told Jody about? It was. I dare you to come up with a better fortune than this. I triple dog dare you to come up with a truer fortune than that. It's pretty much theoretically impossible to beat. It's just so true. I love every bit of it. Thanks for letting me keep your fortune Audrey. I'm so not losing it again. I should probably buy a lottery ticket with those numbers I guess.

The next morning Brendan and I went down to City TV for Breakfast Television. When it broadcasts, City TV looks like this. Isn't that gnarly? I dare you to try and fit more stuff on a TV screen. If I receieved that channel, I guess I'd never have to leave the house. Anyhow, City TV's kinda like Toronto's renegade TV channel. They're everywhere. Brendan pulled the Cube Van up on the sidewalk and leant against it like a dude while I rambled on about the one red paperclip project. The best part of the entire experience is that they scored us some cups of newsroom coffee, or as I like to call it, 'the good stuff'. Nothing's as powerful as newsroom coffee.


Later that day we were on our way to do a live satellite feed for the Dutch TV show, Editie NL, when an ambulance driver on foot motioned our taxi to the side of the road. I was worried. I thought his ambulance was broken down with a patient inside that needed to be rushed to the hospital. I thought he was going to commandeer our taxi. He looked really concerned, came up the passenger side window, but then a huge smile broke out accross his face and he said, "hey, I'll trade you my wife for your house!". Like I said, City TV is everywhere. We all laughed pretty hard, but I declined the trade offer. His wife isn't nearly as big as 503 Main.

Then I saw this on the subway.

It's always fun to take a road trip. Montreal is great, but by far the worst thing about living in Quebec is that there are no 7-ELEVENs here. So no Slurpees. And I do love a good Slurpee now and then. But most of all, I like seeing Slurpee kids. Hey Sev, if you're interested in expanding into Quebec, gimme a call, we need to talk.

We packed a lot in, but we still had time for a Zanta sighting. If you have a blog, I'd highly recommend adding a link to - As Zanta told me himself, he wants to go worldwide. And I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the entire world needs more Zanta.

Hey Zanta, I can't say I share the same love of shirtless public grandstanding or all-conditions push ups as you do, but I definitely feel your flow.



Starr said...

How bout, "You Love Fortune Cookies" ?

Saskboy said...

"You have the ability to read english." - How's that for a true fortune?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle - nothing beats your blogs.


Keep em coming, eh ; )

Sydney, Aus.

Anonymous said...

My favorite fortune cookie was, "Don't think too high of yourself, there is always god above you."

Ouch that one hurt, my fortune told me not to be a stuck up $%&*. Thanks a lot Mr. Fortune Cookie writer.

Congrats on everything Kyle.

Dima Vainberg said...

Little bit Offtopic i guess..
but there was a 5 minutes newsflash (not so much news anyway..) about you and your Papper clip project on the Israeli News Channel..

Anonymous said...

and I thought it was done when you got the house and now there are more ridiculously cool adventures...gnarly writing dude

Anonymous said...

Is the corolla going to make it to Kipling? Maybe you need to do a mini trade for a new car!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to do the same in Poland, starting today (my website is in Polish). Keep your fingers crossed :)

Skinny said...

I just heard about your deals with Random House and Dreamworks!
Big Congrats, you deserve it buddy!
Is Dreamworks going to be filiming at the party in Kipling?

~~ Melissa said...

There's a lot of synchronistic serendipity going on for you right now. Holy cow. In fact, _that_ should be your current fortune.

So, are you telling me that if I go to Toronto I can catch a subway to your new town in SK? Cool.