Beat the Censors

You're probably not in China if you're reading this blog because China censors all blogspot blogs. If you have any friends in China who want to follow along or get in on the trading action, send 'em over - the whole site is mirrored there and sneaks past those pesky censors. Big thanks to Ken from the USA for setting that up.

If that one doesn't work, you cacn check out - it's a bit out of date, but it'll give you the gist and all my current contact info is there. I think that's what it's all about really, the gist. Nothing like a good gist.

Have fun - Kyle


Sean Perkey said...

Makin' an end run with the info! Niiiiice!
Now if you could somehow get your blog read by the Amish. That'd be some clever woodo! maybe www.oneredpaperclip.butterchurn then you'd be mass communicatin'!

Sean Perkey
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indrax said...

I've started an experiment of my own. I don't know where it's going to end up, but I expect to learn alot. I'm ofering to call and interview anyone in the US or Canada. So if anybody has a story to tell, go to Skypeout Adventure.

Mellerson said...

Hi, I'm a reader from China, and was really excited to read this news! Unfortunately, I can't access the .tk site either, as it seems to be blocked as well.

Pretty much to read any blogspot page I have to use an anonymous proxy server (anonymouse in my case) which seems serviceable enough, though inconvenient.