Tokyo Dance Fever

Tokyo continues to annhiliate all predicted levels of awesomeness. These videos raise the bar to a higher level of wow than I ever imagined. These two guys are at least eighty years old.

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Japan. May 6, 2006:

Start stretching - Kyle


Anonymous said...

Hi there :-) … It looks like you have changed some things since I was here last!


Anonymous said...

That it passes this people!!!! That rhythm!!!!!
every day i am surprised more the world in which we live...I wold like to also be in Tokyo...

Gaby from Chile.

JODSTER said...

Finally! Something I can encourage my Father-in-Law to try. Give up the Lawn Bowling pops, and start a career in Macarena!

Anonymous said...

What a great day for you!!

-FROM: J.Sinclair.C-