Back from the Future

Big thanks to everyone at Fuji TV in Japan. Such an awesome few days. I really can't describe how rad it was. If you can tune in to Fuji TV wherever you are, June 8th a one hour special runs about one red paperclip on "Miracle Experience! Unbelievable"

It's so cool when you cross the International Date line. Going back in time is the best. Dom and I are back in North America. Dom's back in Monteral and I'm kinda on the go flat-out for the next little bit. I was in Vancouver yesterday, Phoenix and L.A. today, maybe Tijuana Thursday. It's been a bit of a wild ride travel-wise lately. Glad I packed an extra pair of socks a few weeks ago in Montreal. There's talk of some good fun in Phoenix on the weekend, and it looks like a good surprise for ya from Fargo North Dakota Sunday/Monday. Stay tuned for some really fun stuff coming up! I'm super excited about this week, North Dakota is the only Dakota I haven't been to!

Git yer Buffalo watching hat on - Kyle

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Jim said...

Hey, really cool site you have here. I live in Montreal too and i'm actually going to Tokyo on vacation for 2 weeks and i'll be there on the 8th so i'll try to catch your show. That will be a surreal experience to say the least!
Keep on trading...