Man it's nice to be back home in Montreal. First fresh pair of socks in a month. Great to come home, hang out and do laundry. Yes, about as far to the other end of the spectrum from hanging out on stage with a Alice Cooper and getting doused in blood, but comforting nonetheless. That's the thing about laundry - it's comforting.

Speaking of dirty laundry, I really think you should check out this auction.

Yes, that's right - Guy Pearce's washer and dryer with bonus dirty laundry included, for FREE! This auction is being held by a guy named Levi in L.A. Levi is the roommate of Nirvan from The 1 Second Film. When my dad and I were in L.A. last week, we stopped by Nirvan and Levi's place to pick them up and go out for tacos. On the way out we saw the actual washer, dryer and dirty laundry with our own eyes. Amazing. I saw Guy Pearce's actual dirty laundry! OMG! Yes, that's right, OMG! Trust me, you will not want to pass up this amazing opportunity to own a unique piece of Hollywood memorabilia. Yes, that's right, Amazing.

K, gotta go rinse - Kyle

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