New Angle on Fargo

If you think I'm gonna milk the Alice Cooper giant red paperclip clip Fargo experience as much as I can, you're right. T-Bone from 101.9 The Box in Fargo just sent me a link to a page that's filled with all sorts of Alice Cooper/Fargo/one red paperclip assorted goodies. Check it out here.

There's also a video with another great angle of Alice and I on stage here.

Thanks T-Bone! The Box Rocks! - Kyle


not neat freak said...

This video shows you actually getting doused in blood! Too cool for words!

astronautje said...

how weird whatman will trade for a singel red paperclip!

but i still think it is fascinating!


Chuck said...

Well I have to say that you have come a long way, I found you some time ago and did not believe it would ever happen. good job.